New Nimbuzz update for iOS 4 [special release]

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To keep up with Apple’s new iOS4 we have just released a brand new Nimbuzz 2.0.2 version iOS 4 compatible that takes advantages of  all its new features. [Download Nimbuzz for iOS 4]

Here is what you can expect from the new update:

  • Be online 24×7 - so all your friends can get in contact with you at any moment … for free ;)
  • Multitasking – run Nimbuzz in the background while listening music, watching a movie or checking your email
  • Answer the calls you get on Nimbuzz while it runs in background
  • Continue the call – while navigating through other apps :D
  • Hide call screen - to continue chatting
  • Super fast app switching – only 2 clicks to access Nimbuzz, whatever you do!
  • Very fast push notifications - no more reconnecting

Nimbuzz on iPhone 4 -multitasking- 2.0.1 versionNimbuzz call one iPhone 4 - 2.0.1 version

Another cool thing about the new app is a new feature in the keypad tab. If you dial a number it will automatically show the NimbuzzOut calling rate so you know how much will you pay per minute before you hit call ;).  More on NimbuzzOut.

Nimbuzz for iPhone-2.0.1-dialpad

Download now Nimbuzz for iPhone and let us know what you think in the comment section below! Feedback is always welcome.

140 thoughts on “New Nimbuzz update for iOS 4 [special release]

  1. Nimbuz is d best application so far i like it, i think is only me is use nimbuz in nigeria becos any time i want to chat on nimbuz i only see myself n other india citizen i did not c any nigeria re, re was a day i creat a room 4 nigeria citizen but could not come in, i suggest if u can includ website on d nimbuz could ve d best thank

  2. Awesome update! There are still some fixes that could improve it like:
    -Ringtone plays for the duration of the notification keeping it vibrating. (Helps distinguish between a notification and a call.)
    -Use the iPhone ringer volume (The iPod volume is always different because of the app when I ser the ringer for notifications.)
    -The message box hides or turns into the bubble (This is fine but it should slide above the keyboard once you start typing.)
    -Hold call (Mutes /both/ sides and can be used for when on a call and one comes in.)

  3. nice update……….already waiting a couple of month for such android update!!!!!!! wtf the ihone gets it??

  4. is there any Skype problem with the others other than me ? as it disconnects me on iOS4 after a while. the message it gives is “sorry we had to disconnect you please try again later when look into the matter”

    i wonder if Skype on Nimbuzz also supported for multitasking to keep me online.

  5. Pls try make available nimbuzz for Black Berry T&T or any other Version of Phone, Just like the Iphones

  6. @Tom
    We are constantly working on new updates and releases, there will be an android release soon, stay tuned to our Blog.
    we will announce it as soon as it is available.
    @Pasquale Francesco
    Could you please explain how to reproduce this issue?
    In regards of Facebook Connect, we are working in order to implement it soon.
    we do have a Nimbuzz version for BlackBerry devices.
    Try download the app directly from the BlackBerry app worl.
    How often does the app disconnect you from Skype?
    Are you able to connect again after you get disconnected?
    Let us know!

  7. @Ahmed busari
    Thanks for your suggestion, we will consider it to be implement it.

  8. @queralt escrich
    today i faced this problem 3 times. i had to remove skype account and re-add to be online. however since hour i am online and praying god not to be disconnected again.

  9. MSN and SKYPE have connection problem. although they show me online i am not reachable. i can be reachable after i run the app but definitely not in background. it is better to wait for other users to see if they face such problem.

  10. Hello To Nimbuzz Team,
    It has been quite a long time i have mentioned about “very long room name”. Nowadays there are more and more room with names that looks like garbages. Its takes a lots of space in the screen. Its look boring and somehow discouraging too, as nothing has been done with it yet. I understand developers are working very hard on multiple platforms. But what i have mentioned, is a regular problem, which we users are forced to face. Its an unavoidable issue. Previously i have mentioned if developers could put a “room character limititation”. I hope developers can see to it.

  11. One thing really bugs me! When getting a call, it rings only once! that is really stupid, sorry! please make it so that it rings until the call is picked up, or the caller hangs up!


  12. And I hate saying this … but Fring is stealing all the limelight with the Video Chat thing … any plans of this getting implemented on Nimbuzz.
    I love Nimbuzz and believe me I have converted lots of my friends using other apps to Nimbuzz, and truly believe Nimbuzz is a better product in terms of functionality and specially when it comes to good call quality over VOIP.

  13. awesone update!
    finally multitasking :)

    one think doesnt work (dunno if it did before, because i never tested it) but i cant be called through skype, calling someone works.
    any ideads?


  14. Another thing i would mentioned, a common problem. Suppose with the Nimbuzz S60v3, i enter a chatroom with up to 15 with very active users. It would be very difficult for me to type my text. Because of high amount of active users chattings. It becomes very hard and slow to type. It is a painful process. Compare to the java version, whenever you have to type a chat, its goes onto another screen where you can type your text without any problem. The symbian version, has in text chat and it is very difficult to use. Its been years it like this and it won’t change. Therefore i would recommend developers to use the text type of java. I dunno how we call it, but i guess you got an idea. Just like that java, where you type in another screen and send. You can see everything you type. There is no slowdown. You feel comfortable. Whereas in symbian in text type, its hard to type, if you have long text, in order to see or edit it you must go back, it doesn’t feel safe and uncomfortable. Another thing, in the java text type, you can copy and paste your text. Whereas in symbian the copy and paste features rarely works. I hope this will be taken into considerations. If you guys having lunch then “Bon appétit”

  15. I’ve got a 3g with ios4 and jailbrake for multitasking. And i’ve read that there are some problems with msn and skype. I have similar problems with Gtalk. If the app is not running and i’m using the phone i don’t recieave notifications. And when I switch off the screen and the app is in background I am automatically disconnected…

    Please fix this because otherwise it’s a really useful application and a great update!

  16. Hi guys,

    Thanks for the update. I’ve finding that I’m not receiving messages from MSN. I’m tried some testing with my wife and send her a message, but it appears I only receive the message if I’m in “Chats” area, but if I’m in the Contacts page or let Nimbuzz run in the background the messages to me arn’t coming through.


  17. Guys, thanks for the update.

    I have a doubt. How do I do to log off from my accounts when I live Nimbuzz? For now every time I leave the application I am still logged on all the communities, even if I don’t want to. What can I do?

  18. Just complementing my last post. I think is missing a way to loggoff before exit Nimbuzz. Like you have on Symbian version for example.

    Thank you

  19. Push notifications cant be turned off on iPhone 4. I have tried every combination of restarting nimbuzz and restarting. nothing seems to work.

  20. Comment is awaiting moderation…
    Since 3days… Huff
    I wonder if developers are busy with world cup…
    By the way Andi, I’m sure you’ve heard that the iPhone 4 Antenna has poor reception. Therefore it would be nice to inform users before their purchased.
    What it means poor reception?
    Simple if you don’t get good network, you won’t be able to use nimbuzz properly. Then you’ll see a bulk of complaints about disconnection! Network problems! Nimbuzz can’t connect! VOIP Doesn’t work properly, stuff like that. So let users knows. Because apples fan eat apples only not oranges.

  21. @Alex
    We are aware of issues with FB connection and we are working on Facebook Connect to solve these problems
    @Akeem A. A
    Which kind of help/guidance do you need?
    Could you please be more specific?
    Thanks for reporting, we will investigate the issue and act accordingly
    Could you describe the issue more precisely? When does that exactly happen? when receiving a call from an IM contact or from a SIP contact?
    Let us know
    Stay tuned to our Blog, we will announce the next update as soon as it is available
    In regards of video chat, we aim to support it in the future.

  22. @Mr.Kevinz
    Very interesting report, could you please send your comments directly to our SUpport Team
    Or to the Ambassadors team

    Could you please be more specific?
    Are you not receiving any push notifications? Or just not notifications from Gtalk contacts?
    @John Clem
    Thanks for your feedback and support :)
    Thanks for reporting, could you let us know which device and nimbuzz version are you using?
    Is your wife using Nimbuzz or MSN directly?
    In any case, which version is she using?
    Which status are you displaying when this happens?
    Let us know so we can try to reproduce the issue
    Thanks for your suggestion, we aim to support it in the future.
    You can also Turn off the Push notifications, then you won’t be notifiable anymore on the rest of IM networks.

  23. @Gagi
    Do your friends see you as notifiable on other networks once you have turned off the Push option?
    Could you specify in which networks?
    Let us know

  24. Hi again,

    > Thanks for reporting, could you let us know which device and nimbuzz version are you using?

    I’m using an iPhone 3GS, iOS 4 (of course) and your latest Nimbuzz 2.0.1 (2781)

    > Is your wife using Nimbuzz or MSN directly?

    MSN directly – Version 2009 Build 14.0.8117.416 on Win7 (latest updates)

    > Which status are you displaying when this happens?

    I’m displaying that I’m online

    I just did some more testing and it appears it works better if I don’t connect my iPhone to my wifi at home (which is a very fast ADSL 2+ service) but leave it connected to my phone’s standard 3G service. For some strange reason Nimbuzz’s push option isn’t always getting through when WiFi connected. I don’t have a firewall on my router so I’ll have to see if it’s an iPhone prob or something else…

    When I then connected to wifi, the messages are arriving to my phone…mmmm


  25. @queralt escrich

    I am using iPhone 4 32GB. I am connecting to AIM an GChat accounts. When I background Nimbuzz all push notifications work across both services. However when I go into the settings and choose to turn of push notifications it takes no effect even after restarting the app (force close) or restarting the phone.

    It would be perfect to have the phone beep or vibrate when a new message is received but not to interrupt other actions while in background.

    Also when you go back to a chat and click to type the text field is covered by the keyboard and you are required to scroll down.

    Nimbuzz is still the best! : )

  26. Okay, pretty happy with this update. Multi-tasks nicely, stays connected most of the time. Like most people, Skype seems to be a bit of an issue. I don’t really have a problem with it disconnecting, since it’s probably more Skype’s fault than Nimbuzz’s.

    However, it does expose a feature that would be worthwhile adding: disconnect and reconnect of individual accounts. At the moment you have to make it “forget” the account (ie: delete it) and then re-add it. Or, and this is necessary sometimes, since I have had Skype refuse to actually delete properly, sign out of Nimbuzz itself entirely (thereby disconnecting all the accounts) and then sign in again.

    If we acknowledge that sometimes individual accounts disconnect, because, well, sh*t happens, wouldn’t it make sense to have a “Sign Out of Account” button sitting with the “Remove Account” button?

  27. @Gagi
    Could you please clarify this, are you saying you still receive Push notifications even after turning this option Off?
    In regards of the text field and the keyboard, we are aware of this and expect to have it solved soon.

  28. Just downloaded and so far I like it better than Fring! Good and accurate push notifications and badges is a big plus for me! The only problem/bug I notice is Skype account not working properly. I don’t receive all chat messages and the other person doesn’t receive all of mine. The calls don’t seem b working properly either. I had one successful call out of 10 and it even messed with my speaker/click sounds on my iPhone 4, I could only hear it through the ear speaker and not the loud speaker; of course I hadn’t changed any of the settings. With the exception of the skype issues, it’s a great app!

  29. @peter
    thanks for reporting, could you please be more specific on your query?
    Which exact issue are you experiencing?
    Which Nimbuzz version are you using?
    Since when do you face this issue?
    When was the last time (please inform of approximate date and time) that you experienced this issue?
    Thanks & Regards

  30. Hi, I have noticed a very poor Skype compatibility, your program says that my wifi could block the voip, although I am only connected to 3G and with skype app or fring I have never had such issues.. I have to say I am now in love with nimbuzz and cannot wait until you implement the followin…

    1. Twitter compatibility to seal off the love affair.
    2. Bluetooth integration…
    3. MSN voice chat
    4. Google Voice chat that works.
    5. Skype/Google/MSN Video chat for PC/MAC and if possible for Iphone over wifi? … even 3g if possible without ruining quality…

    Oh, and warning about IP security issue with facebook so we all dont freak out.. thanks heaps… and keep up the extrodinary work guys… Well done…


  31. I have Nimbuzz on iPhone3GS using iOS4. It says I am online on Skype but when I check using my other Skype account on my computer I am actually offline. Happened so many times! I have to restart my phone to get it working again. The app should say if Skype was logged off. Or the app should have a way to reboot by itself (like a Logout button) so I wouldn’t have to reboot the phone. SIP works great. I hope Skype will too.

  32. @Laurence
    The message you receive that your voip could be blocking the voip services it is just a warning, we cannot state that for sure.
    The application warns you that this could happen, so in case you have sound/voice issues you are aware already which could be the cause if it.
    In regards of your suggestions, we are working in order to improve the voice quality with the rest of the IM clients.
    About Facebook, we are working on Facebook connect which will provide a more safe login.
    Let us know if you have more questions.
    If you go to your Community settings you can disconnect and reconnect your Skype account, there is no need to reboot the device, have you tried?
    Let us know

  33. Can someone please speak to what is going on with Skype and Nimbuzz? I downloaded Nimbuzz last Tuesday night, tested it with Skype and it was great. The next day not a single call worked and it hasn’t worked since, not even to the Skype test call. Efforts to get an answer on the help forum have been met with silence. Has Skype blocked you?

    Im using an iPhone 3GS, iOS4, and whatever version of Nimbuzz was available for download last week. I’d really appreciate some information! Thanks!

  34. @Annalivia
    Thanks for reporting, could you please let us know the following via mail to ?
    -Device model and brand
    -Nimbuzz version in use
    -Issue experienced when placing a call (no sound, call immediately ended… )
    -Approximate date & time you faced this issue.
    Thanks for your time

  35. @Rudi
    In order to gather your feedback and comments, please do write to us in English.

  36. @Peppe
    We currently do not support login as Invisible on the iPhone version of Nimbuzz.
    could you let us know which kind of help/guidance do you need about the 3rd party sip support?
    Thanks & Regards

  37. hi to nimbuzz team, iam ankit and using nimbuzz from a long time 1st on samsung star and now on nokia 5800, just want to ask do you have any plans to realese nimbuzz with video call service?

  38. I don’t see my friends on windows Live too, and when I log into Nimbuzz(i use a acc) my avatar is removed from Live Messenger on PC(i use the 2010 beta).

  39. @Everton Favretto
    Could you please be more specific?
    Are you not able to see your MSN contact’s avatar? Or is it the other way around?
    Note that Nimbuzz does not overwrite your avatar in other communities, which means that you won’t be displaying your Nimbuzz avatar on MSN.
    You should be showing your MSN avatar.
    Let us know if you have more questions.

  40. Hi thx for the nice app.
    I am on 3GS ios 4.0 having same issues with Skype. In about 1 hour some times less Skype seems to signe out. However the nimbuzz screen will keep showing as if you are signed in to Skype while you are not. Nacre had an issue with aim or msn they work just fine for days.
    The only way to fix Skype is to totally exit nimbuzz and start it again. I do not want ro use the new Skype app I’d rather stick to nimbuzz please try and fix. Thx

  41. Does the new nimbuzz still feature push updates?

    Id like to not have nimbuzz running all the time using up battery power.

    So can I have nimbuzz closed completely and still receive push alerts?

  42. I don’t see my friends avatars on MSN and some of Facebook, and when I log int Nimbuzz, my avatar disappear from MSN on PC.My friends in MSN dont see any avatar of me…

  43. @MAz
    Thanks for reporting.
    Did you receive an error message when you get disconnected from Skype? Which one?
    After receiving this message, do you still show up as online?
    Let us know
    Please be more specific when reporting this type of issues.
    You don’t receive push notifications at all? Which type of issues do you face?
    Let us know
    @AL Turner
    To be able to receive push notifications you need to have the app running on the background.
    Nimbuzz does not overwrite your avatar on other communities.
    Your friends on MSN should be able to see your MSN avatar.
    Please report this issue directly to our support Team via mail


  44. It seems like this Nimbuzz folks are a joke. I have been using Nimbuzz and Fring for the past year and since the first time i used Nimbuzz and researched online folks have been screaming for video calling. It sure doesn’t look like they have the capacity to implement it.. all i hear is “we are working on other stuff”.. while your users are screaming “Video Calling”.

    But I guess on the flip side.. it is free so why must one complain?

    just reminds me of those corrupt leaders that say “Pay no attention to the youth, ’cause it’s not like the future depends on it’

  45. @oridodi
    We did not mention we are working on Video calling, we did say we aim to support it in the future.
    We will inform you as soon as there is any update about this feature.

  46. isn’t it just normal messaging and not push service if you have the client open/logged in in the background all the time?

  47. About the Skype issue there are no error messages that pops. If you open nimbuzz it will appear as if you are still connected to Skype with some Skype contacts still showing online while in reality they are not. Even if someone calls or send you a message on Skype you do not get it. So in other words Skype kick us out in about an hour of inactivity while nimbuzz thinks we are still signed in.

    Another issue is that sometime when you background nimbuzz it disconnect everything when you open it again it reconnects all again.

    I know there was an update couple of hours ago, I will test it hope it works

  48. I am using Nimbuzz from my iPod Touch. To call outside the country I have stored in my contacts the ‘+’sign followed by the country code for dialing an international number (or even for local numbers). These contact were uploaded from my MS Oulook contacts which is the main repository for my contacts. I sometimes use the SIP functionality to start a ‘regular’ phone call. It appears that when a call is started with the ‘+’ sign it doesn’t work as expected; you need to start with 00 followed my the country code. (according to my SIP provider)

    Can you tell me if there is away to get around this problem? Obviously I don’t want to change all the numbers in my contacts and I looking for a way to convert the ‘+’sign for ‘00’.

    Thanks and regards,

  49. @Carlo
    Could you let us know which SIP provider are you using?
    As per your comment, I understand that your SIP provider specifically mentioned that a call won’t get trough if the country code is noted with +country code instead of 00country, right?
    If so, please check directly with your SIP provider since this service should be provided by them.

  50. @Maz
    Could you please inform us about the issue reported “someone calls or send you a message on Skype you do not get it” with some more details:
    -When did you faced this issue for the last time (please indicate approx. time/date)
    -How did you notice of that fact?
    -Which status were you displaying when that happened?
    Let us know

  51. Hi,

    I might have missed this info somewhere else but I seem to remember being able to configure the time-out on the Push notifications. Now I cannot seem to find this feature.

    Contrary to most I suppose, I liked to be able to choose for how long I receive these notifications. I like them when I’ve been chatting with someone on my phone and I receive another message shortly after but I have no desire to be online 24/7 or get push notifications when I am already logged on on a PC as well.

  52. @queralt,

    I already checked this with my provider XeloQ; they can’t change this. Your understanding is right I need to use eg 0031 instead of +31.

    So it would be great if this could be arranged in Nimbuz via setup.


  53. @Carlo
    Sorry, we do not have an option to change your contacts phone number via Nimbuzz.
    Note if you use NimbuzzOut you can call using both notations +31 or 0031, we understand this is a limitation from the SIP provider itself and we cannot change it.

  54. @dpgol88
    We do not support that functionality yet, we expect to do so in future releases.

  55. @Pedro_BE
    It is possible change the timing if you go to Settings> Push Notifications> ON
    Sign out Im accounts> there you can choose the time frame to be logged out.
    Let us know if you have more questions.

  56. @queralt,

    Thanks for your reply sofar.

    Just a small remark related to your last answer, if you say you can’t change it (convert + to ’00’) you meant actually you don’t want to change it. It looks to me a very small enhancement. I do understand that you want to promote NimbuzzOut.

    Are you aware of any other SIP providers (other than XeloQ) which has this limitation ?


  57. @queralt

    Thans for the reply. Thing is, that is where is WAS. It may be related to using IOS4 on my 3gs but it’s just not there. I only have on/off and the alerts configuration. No time settings to be seen anywhere.

  58. Hi again,
    With the new update now Skype works like a charm for a couple of hours and then it disconnects and here is the error:

    Oops the Skype service is not working now we are looking into it

    Please note the following:
    -I only have wifi no data plan
    -phone is jailbrokean 3gs but with official carrier.
    – msn or yahoo are always connected no errors the problem is only Skype
    -to fix the Skype error o have to totally exit nimbuzz and start it again

  59. well i have a jailbroken iphone 3g 8gb and i’ve just recently updated it to iphone iOS 4.0.1 but i did multitasking on nimbuzz it was running on background recieving sms n calls, but sometime when i open nimbuzz and go back that orange bar at the top naming nimbuzz do not appear and sometime it do … is this what u guyz r talking that it wont work ( but sometime it does work :P ) ??? please clearify

  60. hi,
    my friends see me as online/notifiable on all my networks (skype, gmail, facebook), no matter if push is turned on or off or nimbuzz is open or closed on my iphone.
    calling a friend with nimbuzz/skype didn’t work even though we both were online (wifi) and also shown as being online.

  61. @maruxdeluxe
    The application logs you out after the push notification timing is over.
    In regards of the calling feature, were you calling to a Nimbuzz contact or from another IM community? If yes, which one?
    Did you receive any error message when trying to place a call? If yes, which one?
    Did you have audio issues while in a call? Please be more descriptive.

  62. @Shamyil
    Could you please describe your issue with some more detail?
    It is unclear which issue are you facing.

  63. Hi Nimbuzz. Been pretty happy with your iPhone app. Was at a loss after the breakup of fring and skype. Then I found you! Just upgraded to Iphone4 and now I am immediately signed out of all my accounts as soon as I close the program. Sure I stay connected if the app is backgrounding but it kills the battery and aren’t you supposed to stay connected “24/7″ as advertised? It’s a great app. Being able to get a push notification from skype when nimbuzz is totally shut down is a key feature. Having to have it running all the time kinda defeats the pourpose! I’ll just use the skype app. It used to work fine on the last version on my 3G. Not sure what’s changed? Hope a fix is in the works. Thanks again.

  64. i Have update my i phone OS to 4.0 from 3.1.2 it was working on previous version but for this OS4 its not opening.Its just closed without any notification when i click on icon nimbuzz on my i phone

  65. @Gman
    If you have the push notifications enabled you will be available/notifiable for you friends 24/7 for your Nimbuzz contacts and a maximum of 4hours for the rest of IM communities.

  66. @allision
    Did you download the latest version available on the App Store?
    Coudl you describe a bit more which exact issue are you facing?
    Thanks & Regards

  67. @queralt

    I have a 3GS running IOS4. Under Push notifications I only have on/off. No time settings at all.

  68. HI There Nimbuzz thanks for a really fantastic app. any plans to add a twitter feed sometime soon? would make it really perfect with this ..thanks again Graham

  69. I have version 2.0.2 on iphone 3gs ios4 Running and no matter if I have push notification on or off I always show online for other nimbuzz contacts…


  70. Everytime I sign off nimbuzz it still shows I’m still signed on. For example, When I sign in facebook I’d have missed chat messages. I don’t know why nimbuzz won’t sign off. I would restate my phone but I don’t think it makes a difference.

    Would you please also e-mail me the answer to my question just incase I don’t get the chance to recheck this web sight for the answer.


  71. Hello, I am using iPhone 4 OS V4.1 and I can’t sign into Nimbuzz!

    Any help will be appreciated! :-)

    Thank you.

  72. @Adham
    Are you not able to login?
    Do you get any error message when trying to do so?
    Have you tryed your same credentials (username&password) on another Nimbuzz client? does it work?
    Let us know

  73. @Nouman
    Your device is using a Java version of Nimbuzz which doesn’t include the calling feature.

  74. Hi nimbuzz ive been waiting for iphone chatrooms for a year now what about signing in as invisible its not that hard u already did it on other devices thank you

  75. @sanjaya
    Sorry but we do not have plans to implement Chatroom son iPhone in the near future.
    Kind Regards

  76. I cant log in with my windows live account, with my facebook account works perfectly but windows live doesn’t, it just freeses loading, I wait an hour and nothing happens, could somebody told me what to do…

  77. I cant see my Windows Live friend’s pictures and at nights i log off and What I want is to keep logued 24/7, does anybody know What happends or What can i do ??

  78. @david
    We are aware of issues displaying the MSN avatars. Our team is already looking into this matter.

  79. @Christian
    Please try again to register your MSN account on Nimbuzz.
    Make sure you are introducing the correct account details.

  80. Hi,

    Can any1 plz guide me.. I ve been using nimbuzz for more then a year and usually at home through my WiFi connection, but these dayz i am facing too much disturbance!! Nimbuzz disconnects itself and starts reconnecting automatically and this thing irritating me during call..!! does any1 else is facing the same issue?? WiFi is working perfectly.. as i have checked WiFi on my laptop… My cell is Nokia E71 Plzz helpp!!

  81. @Khalid
    Which deviec and Nimbuzz version are you using?
    Since when do you face this issue?
    Which network provider do you use?
    Let us know

  82. Calling while on mobile data works, but too much noise to hear anything
    Calling on wifi means INSTANT disconnect from nimbuzz (wifi is working perfectly)

    iPad 3G/wifi iOS 4.2.1 – latest nimbuzz
    iPhone 3GS iOS 4.2.1 – latest nimbuzz

    Only got nimbuzz yesterday, and hasn’t worked yet!

  83. @Henning Pedersen
    Thanks for your feedback!
    Could you report this to our support team?
    Indicate if those issues happen when calling via NimbuzzOut or calling IM contacts.


  85. @Pawandeep Khurana
    Thanks for reproting, Coudl you let us know if this happen when the app is running on the background?
    Or while you are on a regular GSM call?
    Which type of connection do you use?
    Let us know.

  86. My I phone 4 hangs when I receive call from a contact on nimbuzz please help me with this issue

  87. @alba
    Does this happen when you are receiving a normal GSM call and loged on Nimbuzz?
    Could you be more descriptive? Which Nimbuzz version are you running?

  88. @ queralt,

    My iphone 4 hangs when i recieve a call from other nimbuzz user and as soon i answer d call it gets hanged with 00.00 seconds call and after 10 seconds it shows 00.10 seconds of call and then it jus go to death as no buttons work, neither can i turn off the phone by continuosuly pressing the power off button, so i jus have to wait and wait and wait until it automatically restart my iphone.

  89. it gets hanged on both way also when it is on background also while i am using the application, and i am using a wifi connection when this happend… also happens on the 3g network..

  90. @Pawandeep
    Are you using a jailbreaked iPhone? Which iPhone OS version are you using? (please indicate exact number)
    Which Nimbuzz version are you running?
    Does this happen when running the app in the background? or when using airplane mode?
    Have you tried to uninstall the app and re-install it again?

  91. @ queralt,

    No i am not using jailbreak.. I am using iphone 4 ios 4.3 (8F190)with modem firmware : 04.10.01 , the nimbuzz version is d lates one which is 2.1.0(4021), i am using the normal gsm mode, havnt tried it in d airplane mode… and yes i tried to restore my iphone and reinstall the application but the outcome was still the same

  92. Hi

    I will report the problem about avatar at my iPhone 4 with 4.1.2. No avatar at all in my nimbuzz. Is there something wrong with my nimbuzz?

    Why my nimbuzz can not do copy-paste? I really need this feature.

  93. I am using up to date verision of nimbuzz if I ring the contact then it wrks fine tried reinstalling as well but still hangs when I receive call :(

  94. welll i believe @ alba nd i are facing the same problem!! and i hope d people at nimbuzz technical team do lssn to it and try resolvin it with a new update..!!

  95. @h2arr
    Sometimes the avatars of your contacts take a bit longer to update.

    If you are sure your contact is online and is not displaying their
    avatar, try interacting with your contact, send them a chat mesage and
    the application will refresh and show their avatar in few seconds.

    We are aware of some issues loading MSN avatars and our team is
    working in order to fix that.


  96. @Alba
    I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue, but it has been forwarded to our devleopment team so they can investigate further.
    Thanks for your collaboration.

  97. With OS 4.2.1 in Iphone 3G, Nimbuzz freezez and closes on its own. I have reinstalled it over several times, any solution. Thanks

  98. @Brain
    Thanks for reporting, we will try to reproduce the issue and have it fixed in upcoming release.

  99. Push notification not working on nimbuz. I am using jailbroken iPhone 3G. I have the pushfix and it works for the other apps

  100. Hey i am nimbuzz user from a long time,now i am using iphone 3g,i am unable to find chat room of different contries,pls help me out

  101. @shrikant – Chatroom facility is only available on Java, Symbian, Android and PC. Chatrooms are not supported on iphone as of now. However, we are working on adding this feature on other platforms in future.Thanks!!

  102. @kiran – You can follow these steps to signout of your account:

  103. Nimbuzz got connected only once after installing and making payment for callout service. Then when I call US telephone number no ring tone is heard. Instead I am hearing engaged tone. I have tried to call both from my iphone 4 and pc.

  104. @Sebastian Koylerian – It always gives a digi tone which you call it an engage tone however, its rings.


  106. @dhairya – You require iOS 4.3 or later in order to install the application on your device.

  107. I have an iPod touch i.O.S 4.2. If there is a version of nimbuzz that supports my iPod touch then please give me the link of it.. Thanks !

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