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Nokia e72

It’s been a while since I started using the Nokia E72 as may primary phone. Sometimes I try other mobiles to test Nimbuzz but I keep coming back to the E72. Testing a vast amount of apps over time, and after reading dedicated Nokia blogs, I ended up with 5 apps that I use most on my E72.  Now I would like to share this top with you in case you are looking for some useful apps for your own Nokia mobile.

So here it goes, my top 5 E72 apps:

  1. Sport Tracker – fitness app for Nokia! (free) For my routine runs I like to keep track of my performances so I can improve over time. This app is perfect for that. It uses GPS to calculate the speed, the distance and the altitude. It also  calculates how many calories you have burned, how many steps I made and the average number of steps per minute.  If you want you can also set your self previous training as a target and you info while you are running if you are ahead or behind the target and if you are prepared to spend some extra money you can get your self a “Polar for Nokia” hear rate belt so you can track your pulse. In a way this is very similar to Nike+ solution for iPod and iPhones, only it’s cheaper and you need anything else than a phone to use it :D.
  2. Nokia Sport Tracker app - screenshot

  3. Qik – streaming app!(free) These days it’s all about real time. It’s not about “I will” or “I was”, no it’s about here and now and Qik lets me share that with all my friends via video streaming. Sometimes I just turn it on while on the train, to share the nice landscape that goes by, sometimes during urban events like marathons or at concerts to capture the atmosphere :D. And the cool part is that I can share the video on Twitter and Facebook so all my friends can see it in the same time.  Pretty awesome I would say.
  4. Qik Screenshot on e72

  5. Spotify -for my music!(paid) Spotify for your desktop is nice but it’s way nicer for your mobile. With it you can listen to your favorite music on the go, download the playlists and subscribe to lists your friends made. I like it because it’s really organized and I can discover a lot of new great music. Another good alternative is Grooveshark (paid) but it’s not as organized as Spotify, yet you can find tracks that are not on Spotify.  Both apps come with a monthly subscription that can be terminated at any time: Spotify is  € 9,99/month and Grooveshark 3$/month.
  6. Spotify mobile - e72 screenshot

  7. Nimbuzz – for free calling, chatting and Twitter! (free) Since I am an expat, a lot of my friends are back home and if I would have to call them via my mobile operator I would some serious costs at the end of the month. With Nimbuzz I can call them for free via Internet (VoIP) calls and still have some money for a brew at the end of the month :P. Really useful I would say. Also sometimes I like to share moments just with my closest friends not with everybody on Facebook and the way I do it is with Nimbuzz via chat, by sending them pictures or videos or even send them direct messages on Twitter :D . This app helps me stay close to everybody even while miles away. I strongly recommend it for social networking and communication.
  8. Nimbuzz screenshot on Nokia e72

  9. Nokia OviMaps – finding my way home (free). This app is better than Google Maps due to it’s accurate instructions, rotating screen and the voice over,  which was a surprise for me. I simply love it and use it all the time while walking. OviMaps helps me find my way to new stores, touristic attractions in other cities even give direction to people on the street that are looking for a certain place. I might not know it but the this apps always give me the right directions… turn by turn :D.

Nokia Ovi Maps screenshot

Even though I made this top for my Nokia E72 the applications are also available for other Nokia model so worth looking into it;). And now that you know my top 5 apps for Nokia eE2, what are your favorite apps? What can you recommend me :P ?

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The above apps are available for any Symbian S60 phone, so you can use these apps for Nokia E73 and E71 and also touch screen mobiles like  Nokia 5228, Nokia 5230, Nokia 5233, Nokia 5235, Nokia 5250, Nokia 5530, Nokia 5800, Nokia C3-01,Nokia  C5-03, Nokia C6-00. Nokia C6-01, Nokia c7-00, Nokia N8-00, Nokia N97, Nokia N97 Mini, Nokia X3, Nokia X6.

I hope you enjoy these free apps for Nokia.

32 thoughts on “Top Apps for Nokia E72

  1. 1. X-plore (paid)
    2. Email (push service)
    3. Nimbuzz
    4. Opera Mini 5
    5. Ovi Map
    thanx to S60 efficient multitasking and E72′ great battery/cpu/keyboard the 4 first apps are always open in background (at least 16h a day)

    other great applications are:
    6. JBakTaskMan
    7. cClalcPro (superb calculator)
    8. QuickOffice (spreadsheet editor)
    9. Sports Tracker
    10. Internet Radio

  2. Youtube- you cn watch indian soaps.
    snaptu is amazing application with al bookmarks like yahoo,gmail,twitter,wikIpedia,google search,weather,movies n many more..
    Joikuspot- use ur cellphone internet on ur pc or lap.
    Shazam- If you dont knw any songs name then you need this application.
    Fring If you like to video call over your 3g network or wifi network for free.

  3. my fav apps in Nokia E72

    1. Nimbuzz.
    2. Gravity.
    3. Screensnap.
    4. X-plore
    5. Handy Taskman.
    6. Furtiv photo upload pugins.
    7. News hunt ( Indian News paper apps)
    8. Google Maps
    9. Youtube
    10. Opera Mobile.

  4. 1,nibuzz
    2,news hunt
    4,you tube
    6,furtive uploder
    7,ovi map
    8,push mail

  5. Whatsapp! (Paid + trial)
    Simply stunning. Just like blackberry messenger but available on more platforms. Costs only 2 dollars a year

  6. 1.ovi maps
    2.nimbuzz movie v4.15
    4.opera mobile 10
    5.internet radio
    ………..;) e72 rockz huh?

  7. Guyz any browser for E72 to view streaming sites in my mobile.Currently it supports only youtube.Other sites say flash 10 required.flashlite pre installed doesnot support flash10 video streaming.
    skyfire doesn’t work in my country.

  8. help me guys! i dont know how to use all the apps in my nokia e72 can someone help me to fix my problem thank you guys!

  9. @joey jack
    You can download Nimbuzz for your mobile from Nokia Ovi Store or from our site going to

  10. My apps:

    Socially (fb, twitter, linkedin, foursquare, block ph. numbers, shows callers location & service,..)

    Youlu address book (sms preview*, online contacts backup)

    Nimbuzz (one of the best IM app)

    MSN Messenger (if you use msn chat, use only this app, other IMs are not fully compatible with msn)

    Waze (good navigation app. live updates on traffic, police traps,…)

    JoikuSpot (turn ur mobile into WiFi router)

    Adaptxt – (paid) (typing assistant)

    * sms preview doesn’t work with all sms on my mobile.

    Install Ovi store app on ur mobile. u may get some paid apps for free. (I got JoikuHotspot premium, Adaptxt, Need4speed, Skyforce, Marketwatch, TuneWikiPlayer,..)

  11. its the best device ever,it makes thing easy,Multiscanner,presentation via bluetooth,portable,GPS,enough eternal memory &support up 16GB

  12. nimbuzz is not working perfectly on my device … it keeps hanging up and the voice is delayed .. what should i do about that
    i downloaded my version from ovi store and from another website and its not working perfectly plzzzzz help

  13. @asmaa – We request you to send your query directly to with your device details since, this issue requires further follow ups. We will respond to your query within 48 business hours.

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