Mobile communication in 2010 and beyond!

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Here is something to think about: How do you define mobile communication in 2010 and where should it go form here?

Is it calling, text messaging, leaving a post on a wall, sharing or viewing some pictures or … maybe  a little bit of everything?

There is a lot of noise around mobile VoIP and openness, meaning the ability to make internet calls on the mobile and the fact that there are many solutions in this space, some of which are not compatible with each other.  Following is our take on the situation and where we see ourselves in creating the future of mobile VoIP and next generation mobile communications.

Let’s start with the basics!

What is Mobile VOIP and where is it going?

It all started on the PC when people could make calls over the Internet (VoIP). Today, because of mobile Internet accessibility, people can make calls over the Internet from their mobile phones (mobile VoIP), instead of via your mobile operator’s network.

To Nimbuzz, Mobile VOIP is just a piece of the puzzle, which makes up the future of mobile communications. The future of mobile communications is a unified communications platform that gives users the freedom to have free and mobile calls, IM and all your friends as well as social networks in one place. And that means from any provider, anywhere in the world. This puts, YOU in charge of how you connect and communicate.

Openness, choice and creating next generation mobile communications

We believe that Mobile VoIP is the start of something much bigger in mobile communications – and openness and choice are key components of this. Nimbuzz sees mobile VoIP as an entry vehicle to create the next generation of mobile communications. Delivering a unified communications solution to the mass market through the convergence of all the ways that users communicate today – chat/IM, social and online communities, mobile voice and SMS/text – for free.

We currently see companies battling for market share around features, but the future of mobile VOIP is not about SDKs, unlimited data plans, video or other individual features. It’s about building Value Added Services (VAS) around the user’s contacts or address book. Mobile VoIP is a true VAS. Nimbuzz believes in a global mobile community across all platforms, communities, devices and operators that gives users the ability to choose how they communicate. Calls will be free. Revenue will be generated from enriched mobile communications for all industry players, including users and operators. Simply put, it will become as ubiquitous as talking face-to-face at the same cost, free.

As a pioneer in mobile VoIP, this is our take.  Our contributions to the mobile (VoIP) industry are being enjoyed by

  • 23 million Nimbuzz users worldwide
  • 55,000 new Nimbuzz user per day
  • Nimbuzz users making 500 million VoIP calls per year
  • people from 220 countries in the world
  • users on the most popular operating systems: iOS (iPhone/iPod touch/iPad), Android, Symbian, J2ME (Java), Blackberry, PC and Mac, as well as inside your internet browser.
  • our operator partners: Google/Gizmo5, Vyke, DoCoMo, Virgin Mobile, Telkomsel, Aircel, IPS, GulfSIP, Sipgate, ActionVoIP, TPad, Spikom, Mweb, Voipax, Xeloq and more.

What’s your take on the situation?

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42 thoughts on “Mobile communication in 2010 and beyond!

  1. hw can i recharge my voip balance..?
    Can i make veideo cal frm nim..?
    Hw can i make a ved call…?
    Hw can i access a wifi..?
    My serviece provi s not suppor 3g, so wt shall i do, to make a ved call..?

  2. Indeed it’s great! I believe that there are still many golden opportunities for the nimbuzz team to be much more efficient in the future and that includes video calls! I expect that nimbuzz is still peaking-up to its best and is determined to be the best! Cheers nimbuzz team!

  3. @Denny
    If you want to buy NimbuzzOut credits you can do it directly from our site:
    If you want to buy credit from another SIP provider, please check directly with your SIP provider.
    In regards of video calling, we aim to support it in the future, stay tuned to our Blog for more information and news about new features.
    Use of Nimbuzz via Wi-fi is possible, if your device supports it.

  4. @lovish
    Could you inform us which exact issue are you facing?
    Do you get nay error message? Which one?
    Which device and nimbuzz version do you use?
    In regards of video calling, we aim to support this feature in the future.

  5. Hi,
    I am disappointed that Nimbuzz cannot operate on the Nokia N900 which was meant to be a high end computer/mobile gadget. And to make it worse Nimbuzz is affiliated to Nokia. What is the Tech Dept at Nokia/Nimbuzz up to. More apps(that work) are needed on the N900

  6. @Vincent
    Thanks for your comment.
    We are considering implementing a compatible version of Nimbuzz for Maemo devices in the future.

  7. i am using nokia e61i and also on my pc.
    it always showing connecting for skype on my mobile and for pc it shows skype not available for nimbuzz on pc.
    i always use latest version as soon its available.
    thx for previous reply.

  8. Great article, i feel that nimbuzz should add a feature like Nimbuzz Answers or Surveys. Just like yahoo answers. Where users can ask questions. And other will answers. Another opportunity to make new friends.

  9. @nikki
    Could you please be more specific on your query?
    Which Nimbuzz version do you use?
    Do you get any error message? which one?
    Let us know

  10. Dear sir/madaam,my name is john.i would like to know about how i can get the deal of a local mobile phone company so that they can get a go ahead to download nimbuzz on their customers phone and the agreement.they are willing but i cant get your contacts.hope to hear from you soon thanks.

  11. Im using SEk610i. And im facing this difficulties in my phone. When my friends trying to call me on my nimbuzz, why i cant received they’re calls. And i cant make a call too. Please do response bout my query. Thanks nimbuzz team

  12. @Leigh
    Your device is using a Java version of Nimbuzz which does not include the calling feature, so receiving or making calls via Nimbuzz won’t be possible with your device.

  13. Awww im a bit dissapointed. So theres no chance for me then to enjoy the free calls. Is there any version for my device that has calling features?
    And thanks so much for the quick reply queralt :D

  14. What i ment is.the mobile company dont know anything about nimbuzz and this goes to its i approached them and they agreed.but since they will be advitising about nimbuzz to its subsriber.they must be an agreement between the two company.yours company and the local mobile phone company i am talking could you direct me on this.who to contact and all that.thanks

  15. to nimbuzz…

    hey sometimes i call and cal goes to voicemail why?
    mainly in evening and night
    but if we exit nimbuzz and log in again……
    than ok?

    why is it so……….
    i am using nokia e61i. and latest version of nimbuzz avavilable on nimbuzz website..
    i think this nw latest version of nimbuzz got some pbm..
    plz rectify it soon………
    thanking u

  16. why everytime i send mesage it suddenly hang my f0ne and after a few mins its ok f0ne it always hang every 10 mins everytime i use nimbuzz

  17. @nerissa1986
    Could you let us know the following, so we can try to reproduce the issue?
    Which device & Nimbuzz version do you use?
    Which type of connection do you use?
    since when do you face this issue?
    When does it exactly happen? when using an specific feature? which one?
    Which steps can we follow to reproduce it?
    Let us know!

  18. @lovish
    Could you let us know a bit more about it so we can reproduce this issue?
    Are you calling to a Nimbuzz contact? or from another IM community?
    Which status is your contact displaying when the voicemail goes ON?
    Let us know.

  19. i just use the old versi0n of nimbuzz and use the gprs here in china f0r c0necti0n.i experiece dis after 2 weks ago but wen it my 1st time to use the nimbuz 1 m0nth ago everything s wonderful .my f0ne s n82 (sambians).

  20. Hi! My phone is not listed when i try to download nimbuzz mobile jar file.
    My mobile is: Samsung GT-B3210 Corby txt.

    And Can i make international call to a mobile which doesn’t have nimbuzz?

    plz help me with the issue.

  21. @nerissa1986
    we recommend you to install the latest update available on our website and try again,.
    Let us know if you still face this issue.
    We do support other Croby models, have you tried downloading a similar one? like B3410?
    The samsung corby uses a Java version of Nimbuzz which does not include the calling feature.
    We are working in order to implement Facebook Connect, as soon as it is implemented you will experience a more stable login. we will announce it as soon as it is available.
    We recommend you for the moment, to try again to register your FB account on Nimbuzz.
    We currently just accept payments using Credit cards.
    We will support PayPal in the future.
    Thanks for your interest.

  22. i have gt problem in nimbuzz i gt contact request when i sign in bt i cant see that contact id when i try to see profile of that request that disapear its anoying me plz some body help me i m fade up by this.

  23. @sandeep – Currently we do not have a native Bada Operating System version. Some Bada devices are compatible with our Nimbuzz Java version, we encourage you to try it out and download directly from Stay tuned to our Blog, for more related news:

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