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SNAG-0373It’s Friday! Which means a quick trip around the world to check out the best from the Nimbuzz local blogs this week:

See the titles after the JUMP:

Nimbuzz Argentina
Mercado de Smartphones en Argentina 2010

Nimbuzz Brazil
LG lança sua loja de aplicativos em 23 países

Nimbuzz Deutschland
Umfrage: So nutzt Deutschland das mobile Internet

Nimbuzz Espana
Las mejores aplicaciones para Sony Ericson Xperia X10

Nimbuzz France
5 téléphones portables pas chers de qualité en France

Nimbuzz India
Tata DoCoMo Prepaid GPRS Plans details and cost

Nimbuzz Indonesia
Nimbuzz: App pertama yang di instal pada HTC Dream Android saya!

Nimbuzz Iran
سیم کارتهای اپراتور سوم با پیش شماره ۰۹۲۰ و به احتمال زیاد رایگان

Nimbuzz Italia
Tariffe iPad: ecco le novità da parte di Vodafone, 3 e TIM

Nimbuzz Russia
Вышла бета-версия OVI Browser для Nokia 3120, Nokia 5220, Nokia 5610 и других

Nimbuzz Turkey
Turkiye’deki 3G yaz kampanyaları, hangisi daha avantajlı?

Nimbuzz USA
Download Nimbuzz on your T-Mobile TAP phone! And IM for Free!

10 thoughts on “The Best of Nimbuzz

  1. @Divakarla Srinivas
    We do not support Bada Operating System, we will consider developing a compatible version in the future.

  2. i hv downdloaded ninbuzz java in my samsung s5200.i hv problem to connect nimbuzz.if it is connect bt again break its connectivity..i am using docomo service provider.othr sites r nt facing any problem.solve my problem as soon as possible

  3. @anusha
    Could you please be more specific?
    What do you exactly mean by “break connectivity”? Do you mean losing connection?
    When does it exactly happening? when using an specific feature? which one?
    Which exact error message do you receive? When does it appear?
    Let us know!

  4. @mehul
    Thanks for your suggestion :) we will forward it to our team so they can consider it to be implemented.
    Would you like to have the opytion to change the skins or to have customized Nimbuzz skins?

  5. I think my nimbuzz has been hacked. I have typed my user details in and password many times and it says it’s incorrect but i know my details are right. I used a forgot password link so that my password could be emailed to me and I got an error message saying my id ‘xhelzx’ was not found in our database. When I tried to recreate the id I got a error message saying ‘this user exists’ so clearly it should be in your database. The only other option was to get my details sent to me by SMS but that wouldn’t work either. I would like to have my xhelzx id back. Please help me get it back.

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