The Best of Nimbuzz

Best of Nimbuzz

It’s weekend again everybody :D , so let’s take a quick trip around the world to check out the best articles from the Nimbuzz local blogs published in the last week.

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Demand More from Your Mobile Phone #moremobile

Nimbuzz More Mobile

Remember when you first discovered Skype? It was almost unbelievable! Cheap and free calls over the Internet? Where do I sign up? It was something amazing to recommend to all your friends and family.

Nimbuzz then came along and we pumped up the volume by bringing that innovation and excitement to the mobile world. But we also thought you could (and should) do more with your mobile phone. After all, it wasn’t designed to be simply an ultra-cool accessory or just to make calls, but should allow you to do more.

We went a few steps further and imagined a world with the freedom to communicate from your mobile to anyone in the world, on any network, in any social community, on any device, at any time, in any way. Talking. Chatting. Messaging. Sharing photos and files. All for free!

As the lazy days of summer come to an end and a busy fall approaches, we know you have friends and family all around the world you want to keep in touch with. So here it is, the Demand More from Your Mobile Phone blog series – the first in a series of posts that recap how much you can do with Nimbuzz on your mobile phone. Yes, you have the right to declare your mobile freedom with Nimbuzz – connect and communicate anyway you want to.

Check out Part 1 after the jump. And then stay tuned each week as we highlight another way Nimbuzz is outsmarting all the others and making you feel like a genius.


Call the World for 2 cents! #almostfree

Call The World with Nimbuzz

You can now use NimbuzzOut to call 33 countries worldwide for only 2 cents ($) per minute!

Just to put this in perspective with these rates you can call for 50 minutes spending only $1!

These almost free rates apply when calling to landlines in the following countries: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Chile, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Guam, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Israel,  Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Malaysia,  Netherlands,  New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, United Kingdom, USA.

The same rates of 2 cents ($) per minute also apply when calling to mobile phones in the following countries Canada, China, Guam, Hong Kong, Puerto Rico, Singapore and US or to landlines in the following cities Buenos Aires  and Cordoba (Argentina),  Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo (Brazil), Guadalajara and Mexico City (Mexico),  Moscow and St. Petersburgh (Russia)


The Best of Nimbuzz

SNAG-0000Friday again everybody! That means it’s time for a quick spin around the world to see what were the best news published on our local blogs!

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