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SNAG-0000Friday again everybody! That means it’s time for a quick spin around the world to see what were the best news published on our local blogs!

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Nimbuzz Argentina
BlackBerry Pearl 3G llega a Argentina – Características técnicas

Nimbuzz Brazil
Próxima versão do OS Android pode se chamar Honeycomb

Nimbuzz Deutschland
Mobil Surfen jetzt NOCH billiger

Nimbuzz Espana
Facebook para Blackberry

Nimbuzz France
Les applications mobiles pour le Ramadan 2010 en France pour Nokia, iPhone, Android

Nimbuzz India
Cheap Android phones in India! Less than 15.000!

Nimbuzz Indonesia
Aplikasi Terbaik untuk Ramadhan

Nimbuzz Italia
Cellulari economici di qualità in Italia

Nimbuzz Russia
Выгодный домашний интернет

Nimbuzz Turkey
Turkcell’den Nokia X6 kampanyası

Nimbuzz USA
AT&T: iPhone 4, HTC Aria, Samsung Captivate, BlackBerry 9700 some of the best phones in the US!

23 thoughts on “The Best of Nimbuzz

  1. why we cant log to many accounts on msn or yahoo or any othe service
    what i mean here if i have 2 msn account why i can log in the 2 accounts in the same time

  2. Admin :) , Push feature not an alternative at all. Wat is use of it if we still online. We don’t want remain online for 24X7 . Why can’t u simply say that u removed the feature to be notified when we are offline?? And why nimbuz did it?? It was the awesome feature.. plz nimbuzz answer me and return the buzz feature.. :(

  3. I will consider calling with you – and I would like to since it is straightforward and simple. However, in comparison with the Betamax network, the prices are really really high. You cannot beat free calls for 60 or 90 or even 120 days.

  4. @Samer Zeina
    We just provide the possibility to login in 1 account per protocol at the time.
    Our team will consider implementing more than one account per protocol in the future.
    Could you please be more specific on your query?
    Which type of issue are you facing?
    Since when?
    Which device & Nimbuzz version do you use?
    Let us know!
    Thanks for your feedback.
    We do not have plans to enable the Buzz feature back, but we will forward your suggestion to our Team so they can consider it.
    We base our prices on quality of our services.
    We still offer competitive prices and cheap rates to many destinations/countries!

  5. I m having problem in nimbuzz, im using 3 accounts, msn yahoo and face book, but problem is that my msn and yahoo accounts are working awesome, but facebook is having problem, im registerd in nimbuzz in facebook account but my contacts are now showhng, whats the reason if im doing renew my account same problem presist, reply admin plz, if possible then tell me that solution through via email,

  6. why xml console and schript runner in bombus application is still can use,user nimbuzz can’t enjoy chatting when that console is still can use because many new n old trick can use with that console.please admin block that console for more enjoy chatting,thanks a lot admin .nimbuzz is still number 1

  7. @Sami.ur.Rehman
    We are aware of some issues regarding the Facebook connectivity.
    We are working, in order to implement Facebook Connect which will provide a much safer and stable login.

    @peace maker
    Thanks for your comment.
    Our Team is working in order to improve the chatting experience.
    Thanks for your patience and understanding.

  8. @hector
    We currently do not support VoIP calling on Samsung Symbian based devices cause we use a Nokia library which is not available on your device.

  9. Hello there! Am using nimbuzz more than 2 years now. Am so happy with it. I tried several other chat clients, bt nt satisfied. i hv encounterd a problem with current version. It takes more time to open d application on my device. Am using nokia N80 and i downloaded application from ovi store. And i miss d buzz feature also. Am so glad if u enable it back.
    regards. Suranjana.

  10. @Ainy
    Could you be more specific on your query?
    What is exactly not working for you?
    Let us know so we can improve.

  11. My voice feature is not functional!
    I can not use my alert sound notification.
    ” the sound is disabled by the profile you choose, the sound can not be tested here”. That is the message!

  12. @multiben_74
    Could you be more specific on your query?
    Which feature is not working?
    Which device and Nimbuzz version are you using?
    Please describe how to reproduce this issue.

  13. @soumya ray
    Make sure you allow the use of third party apps on FB Privacy settings itself.

  14. The applications is good, but the main thing it says it does, don’t work with the same im! I have 2 msn accounts and can’t connect both at the same time! For now, I will continue using Addium!!! There I can really have all my accounts! When you finally fix this, let me know and I will try it again, thanks…

  15. @Julio
    We currently only support the registration of one account per protocol.

    Our Team is studying the possibility of adding this in the future.

    We will keep you updated.

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