Demand More from Your Mobile Phone: Part III #moremobile

Demand moreWe’re back — between our last Demand More from your Mobile Phone post and our Teens in Tech Conference, we had some time to think about what other things you can do with your “must have” mobile.

Our conclusion? There are so many different ways to communicate. Everyone is different and everyone has different preferences on how they communicate, even with different groups of people.

It’s pretty obvious that texting is not the same as IM or a phone call. A Facebook message has a different meaning than a text message. An email has a different meaning than a chat message, and a call has a different purpose than a voice message. Having all options in one place for easy management is what we are about.

If last weeks we have discussed about making free calls with Nimbuzz and low cost international calls with NimbuzzOut, today it’s all about messaging.

Nimbuzz turns your mobile into a messaging machine and you can send unlimited text messages to your buddies for free, so you won’t be tied anymore to your operator’s charges :D. Do you want to try it now? Select a Nimbuzz contact, press options and click on Send message. Done!

A picture is worth a thousand words and we know it! With Nimbuzz you can share all your special moments with your family and friends by sending them photos, video clips or even music. You can do this no matter where you are and of course for free, no pesky MMS charges!

Of course there are times when you want your messages to be heard in every corner of the earth, when you want to shout as load as you can what’s on your mind.  For that you can use our über sophisticated Twitter functionality on your Nokia Symbian phone and Tweet  as much as you want, from anywhere in the world.

So let’s take a quick review of what we have learned: Call more, talk more with everyone you know in any online network MSN, Yahooand Google friends, for free and now message more. Next Thursday, the Demand More from Your Mobile Phone continues with a lesson on how you can Chat More. Because a mobile phone can do so much more with Nimbuzz. See ya next week!

33 thoughts on “Demand More from Your Mobile Phone: Part III #moremobile

  1. From this blogpost, you said nimbuzz can send pix,videos & music. How can i do that on nokia e63? Cos wen i choose to send a file, i get d option of sending only pix. Also, i’ve not been able to sign into skype from nimbuzz for about 2 weeks now. I get d message ;”capacity not currently available”. I’ll appreciate ur assistance.Hey! Nimbuzz rocks.

  2. I like nimbuzz. I used it daily.but for this last two days me and my friends cant accsess any thing. Pls solve the problem. We can’t connect with the surver.

  3. i have a question to ask if i send pic to my friends to faceb they cannot open there probleme that.thants

  4. @Yahzadaz
    There is a limitation on the size of files you can send, probably the music file you want to send is too large.
    In regards of Skype, which error message do you receive when trying to register?
    Which device are you using?
    Please be more specific on your query?
    Do you get any error message when trying to login?Which one?
    When does it exactly appear?
    Which nimbuzz version and device are you running?
    Have you applied any changes on your network or connection settings?
    Let us know!
    Sending files to your FB contacts via Nimbuzz is currently not possible.

  5. Why i can’t connect 2 skype and neither i can use nimbuzz voip also can any1 help me i am using nokia 6630 with aircel gprs please advice

  6. Hi there!good day!my device is nokia x3,how can call my online buddies?(skype,yahoo.facebook) it possible?..and before i can add my phonebook contact number in my nimbuzz account but now i can’t do it anymore,.
    Hoping for your reply,thank you!

  7. What needs to happen is you guys get the skype feature working on the pre 2.1 phones. I have a motorola backflip that is less than 6 months old and can do almost everything i want on it. With nimbuzz allowing me to save space on my instant messangers i have deleted all the rest (i.e. aim, yahoo). But without the skype app working I am forced to look elsewhere like Iskoot. I would rather not but until you guys figure out the issue and fix it, then i will have to. So fix it.

  8. @Cory
    Thanks for your feedback.
    We understand your concern, and our team is working in order to fix this issue as soon as possible.
    Kind Regards

  9. @ramjan
    Sorry, could you be more descriptive on your issue?
    What exactly are you experiencing?
    Which device and Nimbuzz version do you use?
    @jheng de jesus
    Could you please describe the issue with some more detail?
    Are you not able to register your Yahoo account on Nimbuzz?
    Are you not able to login into Nimbuzz?
    Do you get any error message? Which one? when does it exactly appear?
    Let us know

  10. I’m using Nokia 5130 xm phone. I was used nimbuzz fastely a days before 5 days. I used the updated version. But for the last 5 days we can’t (with my friends) access it. We can’t enter to rooms, can’t search rooms,it says’nimbuzz can’t connect with the surver’. So we cant access any file from the surver. Zer is no change in network. What’s z problem?
    We keep a new version soon. Hurry!

  11. Hi,

    I see that we can send text messages for free but can users respond to those messages?
    Most people like to text back and forth and theres no way to even know if someone read your text unless they can reply.


  12. Friends im using nimbuzz for one and a half months now bt for last 5 days im not able to use it coz it does not get connected . I retry many times , change acesspoints also bt all in vain .Im using airtel network and my phone is nokia 6630.. Plz help me f
    Im not getting connected to nimbuzz for past 5 days through airtel network … Plz help me

  13. hi, i would like to say thanks 4 this software. I just like to if i m calling to using yahoo id jedha its showing free call but it charging from other side. Its free 4 me bt didecting money frm caller to whom calling. Y?? And also i m frm dubai bt i cant call india ?? Could u guide me plz??

  14. @Cheri
    Could you please confirm you are just facing issues when searching for chatrooms?
    You can send Invite SMS to invite other friends to use Nimbuzz.
    Your contacts/friends won’t be able to reply to that message.
    The most compatible version for your device is the Java (the one on our site) you cannot download any other cause it is meant to be for another Operating System.
    Did you apply any changes on your network or connection settings?
    Which exact error message do you receive?
    Which nimbuzz version do you run?
    We are not charging the other side, ask your friend or person who is calling you to check their network provider, this might be charging them for the data cosnumption.

  15. @yatin
    Thanks for reporting, in order to help you to solve this issue, we need to know the folloing:
    -Device & Nimbuzz version in use
    -Type of connection and Network provider
    -Error message you receive when trying to connect
    -Since when do you face this issue.

  16. Hi iv got nkia 3600s,nimbuz id like u 2 hear me out,mesaging is da way 2keep in touch,bt only wen u only,bsides safety cums 1st,iv gt ths idea,we must….u shud consider dat anyting,anytime.anywher sumtin mite go rong,frend or family may b in trouble.nt getin hold wen u cal or replying 2u.a app dat can locate loved 1 on ther point wich they r.tink bout like ur feedbck.a.s.a.p.

  17. @yatin
    When do you exactly receive that error message?
    What exactly does it say?
    Your comment is a bit confusing. Do you have any comment/suggestion or complain you would like to share with us?
    Let us know!
    @Priscilla makwasha
    You can send files to your nimbuzz contacts:
    Select contact> Options> Send file

  18. I use Nokia E63, and Mtn Nigeria is my mobile provider. I keep getting the message that there is an issue with my Skype and facebook, and that they are working on them each time I log on. These has been on for months, and the above features don’t work at all.
    Please can you help me out?

  19. @Dum Syl
    Which exact error message do you receive?
    We recommend you to introduce your account credentials again, and let us know if the issue persist.

  20. @Veron
    Are you still facing this issue?
    If yes, please be more specific, let us know which device and Nimbuzz version you are using.
    Do you get any error message? Which one? When does it appear?
    Let us know

  21. I can’t send any file.i received error.this error : unknown server error
    plz help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. @mohamad
    Which device and Nimbuzz version do you use?
    When does it happen? When denisng a file to a Nimbuzz contact or from another community?
    Let us know

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