Demand More from Your Mobile Phone: Part IV #moremobile

Nimbuzz Demand More Mobile

Last week in our Demand More from your Mobile Phone blog series, we talked about how Nimbuzz transforms your mobile into a messaging machine by allowing you to send unlimited text messages or SMS to your Nimbuzz friends for free and escape those pesky operator charges.

That’s a lot of pennies saved considering the 4.1 billion, yes billion!, messages sent every day in the first half of 2009 in the U.S. alone.

Believe it or not, it gets even better! In addition to texting/SMS, you can push your mobile messaging abilities even further on Nimbuzz with instant messaging and chat conversations. Also for free!

We know it can be crazy keeping up with which friends are on what chat and IM services. Not to mention trying to remember your own usernames and passwords. Don’t fret about managing multiple accounts on the myriad of services. With Nimbuzz, you have them all in one place!

That’s right; all of the most popular IM and chat services are free and easy to manage with your ONE Nimbuzz account. You can IM with Irina on AIM while chatting with Idina on ICQ. Or Facebook chat with Steve at the same time as you’re on MSN with Matt. Nimbuzz covers them all.

While this blog focuses on chatting and IM on your mobile phone, we can’t resist telling you all about Nimbuzz Webchat. It keeps the conversation going anywhere in the world your browser can take you.

If your mobile battery is out of juice or you are stuck in class or a computer lab where mobile phones are banned, Nimbuzz Webchat comes to your rescue! Login anywhere because there’s no download. All you need is a Web browser and a Nimbuzz account and your chat goes on and on and on…

It’s clear that there’s literally no place, device or platform that can keep you from doing more messaging with the people who matter to you most. Just keep those thumbs in shape. Nimbuzz does the rest!

Speaking of the rest, there’s even more fun and functionality you can squeeze out of your mobile phone coming up next week! We’ll lay out the Nimbuzz vision of universal communications and show how our universal address book helps you Be More Connected.

Until then…keep Nimbuzzing!

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40 thoughts on “Demand More from Your Mobile Phone: Part IV #moremobile

  1. This is my 5 th msg i am unable 2 connect 2 skype and nimbuzz voip am using nokia 6630 with aircel gprs what should i do 2 get get connect with skype please advice

  2. @Rafi
    As answered to you previously.
    Your device is Symbian S60 2nd generation, and the calling feature is supported on Symbian S60 3rd and 5th generation.
    Since you do not fill the requirements, the calling feature is not included.
    In regards of Skype, we recommend you to unregister your account credentials and try to register them back again.

  3. @anu lahan
    No, your device uses a Java version of Nimbuzz which does not include the calling feature.

  4. My nimbuzz never allow me to login. Whenever do that it says wrong password or username but when i login with a different phone it does. An using sony ericsson k700i any help please

  5. @ernest
    Make sure you are introducing your correct username/password
    Note that passwords are case sensitive and differentiates between upper and lower case characters.

  6. @Winnie
    Your device uses a Java version of Nimbuzz which does not include the calling feature.
    You can however chat with your Skype friends.

  7. @manjur
    You are using a Java version of Nimbuzz which does not include the calling feature.

  8. @ Peacemaker
    Could you be more specific on your query?
    What exactly does not work?
    Which Nimbuzz version do you use?
    Do you get any error message? Which one? When does it appear?
    Let us know!

  9. ..i press the button to download a “Nimbuzz v 1.8.0″(from my mobile browser,because hi tell my that is compitable from my phone “,and next process it is fine, BUT in the end of download progress, than tall my “INSTALL ERROR”.I dont know what tu do next.??

  10. the and of this 100times download, i realy meen that for this app its a not compitable with samsung sgh java phones..i need a bigest HELP!???

  11. yes! every version of Nimbuzz have error mess. in the end of download pr. for my samsung sgh d600..

  12. in the end of download proces it s say: INSTALL ERROR.This it s like error for install.. I download nimbuzz from site’s kind of problem it’s that?

  13. @bando
    Could you be more specific on your query?
    Are you not able to register your Skype account?
    Do you get any error message? Which one?
    Let us know!

  14. @Peacemaker
    We are trying to reproduce your issue in order to provide you with a solution or explanation of it.
    Are you able to register successfully your FB account but your contacts do not load?
    Which Nimbuzz version are you using? In which device?
    Let us know!

  15. Am usin nokia n73, anytime am usin nimbuzz 2 chat it always disconnect in almost 2 min,it alwy give a message says network is lost n try 2 reconnect thereafter it will go back 2 sign- in page.Wat can i do

  16. @Kumsy
    Which type of connection are you using?
    When does the application loose connection?
    Does it happen randomly or in a specific situation?
    Does the application get disconnected or you loose complete connection?
    Let us know

  17. I use an htc hd2. I am logged in to all of my communities just fine. but I am unable to send text messages. every time I click send message it takes me to a box where I am asked to select a contact, but there are no contacts to choose from. any help on how to fix this problem?

  18. @nika
    This is the normal behavior when you want to send an Inbox message to your Nimbuzz contacts.
    Do you have Nimbuzz contacts on your contact list?
    It is not possible to send Inbox messages to non Nimbuzz contacts.

  19. i use mobile network operator (MTN),it lost connection after one minute during chating,it happens randomly,i loose complete connection, i mean connection fail, and after all this if i try to reconnect it will not.

  20. @kumsy
    Please check with your network provider, if you loose connection at all (completely on your device) not just the application, there might be an issue with the network.

  21. my phone is samsung 5230 and i have been finding it difficult to register nn nimbuzz and also to chat

  22. @Hardeyphunke
    Could you be more specific on your query?
    Which exact issue are you facing? Do you have trouble registering a new nimbuzz account or registering your communities into Nimbuzz?
    Let us know

  23. Every time i try to log in to the 1.8 nimbuzz It gives me a wrong username or password msg and i am 100% sure of the pass and username because when i try it on the 1.5 version there’s no trouble at all i am using 9300 nokia and does my mobile support voice calls
    Advanced thanks

  24. @Saliatuisodje
    If you get “not enough memory” as an error, this might be cause some devices like yours sometimes do not have enough memory to run or support Nimbuzz application.

    That’s why we have the wap version for some devices in which you can chat with your buddies but the chatroom feature the call feature are not available.

    We suggest you to try the wap version just pointing your mobile browser to

    Let us know if you have more questions!


  25. i am using nokia n73. Nimbuzz is working very well. But cant operate the skype in nokia n73. What is the reason.

  26. @Sajith – We have removed Skype. However, we will continue to support Facebook, Gtalk, Yahoo and twitter on Nimbuzz. Thanks!!

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