What the Skype/Nimbuzz Breakup Means To You

Nimbuzz Skype Switch Off

Yes, it’s true. Skype will no longer be accessible via Nimbuzz starting October 31, 2010. Why? Skype asked us to remove support for their service.

In 2008 we started working on creating a free mobile communications service for the way you live in the online and mobile world, today and in the future. A service used by everyone, no matter what handset, where they were located, or how they wanted to communicate. All your friends in one place, combined with free mobile calls, chat/IM or SMS/texting.

Read on for more on Skype’s decision.

We want to give you the freedom to choose and control every aspect of how you stay in touch with friends, family, and co-workers. Social Networks and IM communities are important to today’s online lifestyle, so we made sure you could connect to your friends on Nimbuzz, Facebook, Skype, Yahoo, Windows Live Messenger (MSN), AIM, GoogleTalk, ICQ and many more – after all, they’re your contacts. Communicate your way, not someone else’s.

With NimbuzzOut (launched November 2009), we took it one step further. Connect with the world saving money on international calls to mobile phones and landlines at much lower rates than traditional mobile operators, even Skype.

The folks at GigaOm agree: “Nimbuzz is on par with Skype.  Bottom line: If you are looking for a well-designed, easy-to-use, all-in-one messaging client that also makes cheap long-distance calls, then you don’t need to look any further than Nimbuzz. I have no qualms in recommending NimbuzzOut.”

Skype’s decision to ask us to stop supporting their service seems to be part of a strategy to disconnect all open third party support. So it doesn’t come as a surprise, but it is certainly unfortunate. Instead of locking you in, we will continue to let your mobile do more for you for less, and offer the same quality of free and low cost communications services. It’s your Phone. They’re your contacts. Communicate your way, not someone else’s.

For us at Nimbuzz, this news confirms our belief that we have taken the next step in the evolution of mobile communication. We created a universal communications service that lets you Demand More from your Mobile Phone.

30 million of you already agree with us and the fact that we serve over 3.65 billion mobile voice minutes per year makes us want to continue to improve and evolve Nimbuzz, the way you want to see it.

Since we were asked to remove support for Skype and SkypeOut, we figured you might appreciate it if we make our already cheaper NimbuzzOut service even more attractive!

So here is what we are doing to make things even better for you:

  • We’re offering you a 15% bonus credit to use on NimbuzzOut. That’s 15% extra on top of the credits you want to purchase. To access the 15% bonus credit, go to http://www.nimbuzzout.com and once logged-in, use this code NIMBUZZ15 (valid until end of November 2010).
  • NimbuzzOut now lets you call mobile phones and landlines in 45 countries for only 2 cents per minute!
  • NimbuzzOut is supported on more than 115 Symbian devices, all iPhone / iPod Touch, and all of the Android handsets.

So no matter who you need to reach or how you need to reach them, you can do it with Nimbuzz.

What does the Skype/Nimbuzz breakup mean to you? Please let us know in the comment section below.

299 thoughts on “What the Skype/Nimbuzz Breakup Means To You

  1. the only reason i am using nimbuzz is to use skype om my blackberry. if no more skype then no reason of wasting memoey on my blackberry for installing of nimbuzz. Worst of all, nimbuzz does not even support nimbuzzout on blackberry.

  2. No matter…. I found Nimbuzz the best app when i was using a s40 phone… And nw i use s60 phone and still i find Nimbuzz THE BEST…… And speaking about skype… I think its strategy ‘coz they stopped their support on fring also… Maybe they are onto something…

  3. Skype leaving Nimbuzz really doesn’t surprise me. Seem like they’ve been pulling from third party for a while now. Skype a good protocol to have, however running a single app that doesn’t have multi purpose is silly. This, (for me anyway) is where Nimbuzz becomes so important to me. One social app for all social needs. That’s hot, and that’s how you stay social all day long. Running Numbuzz in the background of your Sybian phone. The creators or makers of Skype making me choose is uncool! I’ll choose Nimbuzz overall, the same way I did against Fring. Nimbuzz today is really a hard act to follow. So guys and gals at Nimbuzz keep reinventing yourself and the rest will follow.

  4. This is not acceptable. Skype is not supporting any mobile platform PROPERLY! So, they shouldn’t have done this, without asking the millions of us Nimbuzz users.

  5. I have used skype just once on nimbuzz. anyway i think it woulda made more sense if i can access all from one place

  6. not really cool… the only reason for having nimbuzz on cheap phones (that use GPRS/EDGE networks) is because it combines multi messaging. Mostly been using it for simultaneous online messaging in two or three protocols (including skype). Now that it is not going to be supported… not really cool at all

  7. this is a very bad news to me, cause using nimbuz and call to skype contact gives me a very clear voice without any disconection. though i have skype directly installed but calling from that sucks.. a very bad news..

  8. Not surprising but annoyed on it! Not the first time that Skype does that (I remember it happened on Fring too).
    Sure I use Nimbuzz mainly for messaging, so losing Skype will mean losing a lot of contacts inside Nimbuzz.
    At this step should we install both Nimbuzz and Skype into the same phone? But with a problem: Skype into Symbian is good, but not yet right into Android phones (and I use alternatively, Nokia and HTC Android…).

    P.S. About Nimbuzzout? I did not try it yet, for two reasons: 1) Not a geographic fixed number for incoming calls, and 2) Not so cheap calls to Italian mobile phones…

    In any case, Nimbuzz remains a very good social networking app (not only Skype exists for messaging!!) and I’ll continue to use!

  9. That’s BS. I used Nimbuzz because I was able to connect to skype. I don’t know if I can make phone calls to my country now (Venezuela) using nimbuzzout

  10. Skype is self destructing in slow motion but I think it’s fairly safe to say it’s over for Skype long term.

  11. really it means to me much , because i like to use skype all time , and also i think that Nimbuzz is one of most important social programmers ( all in one ) , but whatever happened , i’ll still use Nimbuzz, but i wish if your stuff will try to fix that problem, also when Skype was broke up from Frings , really i didn’t use it so much after that , i think it’s important to keep it

  12. What this means is that Skype is cutting everyone off and they feel they can go it on their own. What they don’t realize is that they are creating ill will and people can and will go elsewhere. They did this with Fring a few months ago and the result for me was that I cut off all subscriptions that I had with Skype and use them only in emergencies.

  13. @Joao Luis
    @Jayant Raj
    Thanks for your support ! :)
    @Сибин Майналовски
    You can still use calling and chat messaging via Nimbuzz.
    Nice comment, Thanks for sharing your thoughts :)

  14. Though Skype is going to pull out from nimbuzz, it does not mean that end of era. We clearly understand that any Company does protect of their business interest but they should have to think for those customers using Nimbuzz after all customer is King.I hope if any solution comes, would welcome.

  15. I could see this coming. It happened to fring a few months back.

    I dont know who’s behind these decisions at skype. Skype is not supported on most earlier symbian phones and other handsets and nimbuzz gave that great option.

    If they think their stopping of nimbuzz would drive people to forcibly install their unstable app, then sorry for them.

    Nimbuzz any day, all day !!!!

  16. i love nimbuzz ,it is the best app ever. i helped to make it famous in my country as i was from the Libyan used this , we really do nt care if Skype with us or not , am loving it , for three years and it still the best , keep it up dears management , and i will always be your hand in my country and i will share this on my pages. Love <3

  17. It means nothing much. Only this makes me to run simultaneously Skype and Nimbuzz on my phone. More energy consuming from battery but loosing cross-talks between apps. It’s not an elegant move, anyway.

  18. I have been a loyal user of Nimbuzz for a very long time, have used it on my various symbian devices & works perfectly for me. No skype through nimbuzz doesn’t hurt me much as i wasnt using it..I use skype through my desktop/laptop so no worries, however i would like to thank ppl at Nimbuzz for making a kicka$$ application, which is stable & lets me connect to almost every community i am using.

  19. No matter. Everyone uses Skype, anyways. Much more important to have that app loaded than this. I’ll leave this for the kids.

  20. Well looks like Fring’s story rings truer in the whole Fring vs Skype spatt. One thing made me jump ship from Fring was the lack of a PC client. Nimbuzz doesn’t have this problem, so I’ll be asking my friends and family to install the Nimbuzz client. Skype might be staying for work, but a lot of the people I would with overseas like having their Skype account on their phones, so Skype really needs to sort out more then just booting third party clients off their network.

  21. i love nimbuzz since the moment i got it. I use skype on my laptop but nimbuzz on my fone. But i realised that i ended up using nimbuzz even more than i use skype infact,i use nimbuzzout every single day! So gradually skype is starting to sink… Nimbuzz is more clear wen callin and its much much cheaper. Screw skype, go nimbuzz!!

  22. anstatt die sachen einfacher zu machen……sie komplizierter zu gestalten, das gibt einen unkorrekt von mir für skype

  23. @Roby
    We aim to support it in the future.
    In order to gather your feedback and comment could you write to us in English?
    Sad to hear that. We will still provide free voip calling to Nimbuzz,MSN,Gtalk & Yahoo as well as cheap rates using NimbuzzOut.

  24. @queralt escrich: I need the §%§&%/ Skype cause some of my friends use Skype only as IM, sad but true…

  25. Well Skype, also is a communication company. Seeing nimbuzz gaining more and more market share, Skype would react, of course. It’s just business. Yet, nimbuzz offer value for money. With great chat experience, IM Support, free text and we should not forget that nimbuzz is a social networking app. So all these elements make nimbuzz a solid reactor. If nimbuzz market its product like it should, there’s no doubt, it’s gonna overtake Skype. Furthermore, nimbuzz hit the right platform, which is mobile phones. Those fools who think nimbuzz is useless without Skype, let them think whatever they want.

  26. I dont even use skype anyway nor I like it nor I care abt it, and they can break off nimbuzz and I wont give a damn shit abt that. nimbuzz in itself is good.

  27. I had been using Nimbuzz because it used to combine Yahoo! Messenger with Skype, using very few resources. And I need every single byte of RAM on my Nokia device. Once there’s no further support for Skype in Nimbuzz, I won’t use it as much as I did before.

  28. This is sad news to be losing Skype on the Nimbuzz app because the Skype app for Symbian phones is a total waste of phone resources. It uses too much battery, RAM and doesn’t even work smoothly, good way to go Skype :roll: I’ll just give up on my Skype contacts and hopefully I can encourage them to join me as a happy Nimbuzz customer.

  29. very very bad news , now i can’nt know who is online from my family who are using skype , i mainly use skype for chating so pls can you at least keep CHAT feature for skype work please.

  30. Well Skype you suck, it seems that I will be asking for msn contacts from now on so I can keep all my contacts in one application.
    You guys at skype are a disgrace to your customers.
    You have just created a mentality of being unreliable, inconsiderate and selfish towards the end user.

  31. Very bad news. The real losers however will be Skype, not Nimbuzz. What Skype fail to realise is that their own application gets more not less promotion by being used in other apps. Removing it from nimbuzz will almost certainly mean more people dumping Skype altogether. As very stupid decision indeed.

  32. if you’re really against this, delete your skype accounts. Not gonna’ arouse their interest by anything less.

  33. This is a real shame. I have used nimbuzz on most of my symbian phones, and now on my Android phone. I first used the app for facebook chat and found that skype actually works quite a lot better on nimbizz then their own client and my Android phone has no decent client for skype at all. I have never found the need to use Nimbuzz out, but when skype goes I will give it a try and get my friends and family to move away from skype and move on to a much better app, Nimbuzz. Thanks guys for making such a great all in one chat client, I have already convinced many people to use Nimbuzz, now I have even more reason to do so.

  34. Dnt give a f*** about skype,as long as i an call and chat with my nimbuzz and yahoo contacts…im good!
    go nimbuzz…u’r the best!

  35. @all
    Thanks for your comments and feedback.
    We are glad to read most of you are happy to stay using Nimbuzz, for those who will not, it is sad for us, but we will keep providing calling to Nimbuzz, MSN, Yahoo & Gtalk contacts as well as cheap calling rates using NimbuzzOut.
    Kind Regards,

  36. Don’t worry about that much. Skype have also disconnected from fring. I guess they are ready to release a usable client on Android and Symbian.

  37. I think this is a move that Skype had to make as they can’t compete with leading SIP providers, such as Tpad, who have SIP settings pre-loaded onto Nimbuzz and worldwide call rates 30% cheaper than Skype.

    Many SIP providers work exactly like Skype in terms of calling but come with added benefits such as Free Incoming DID Numbers, free voicemail, PBX features and also compatible with any VoIP / SIP devices.

    If any Nimbuzz users want to try a SIP provider instead of Skype then try out Tpad @ http://www.tpad.com/at-home

    How to Make Free / Low Cost Calls using a SIP Provider e.g. Tpad:
    1. Create a Free Tpad Account – https://secure.tpad.com/signup/
    2. You will then receive your Tpad VoIP / SIP Details including your very own Internet Telephone Number. e.g. 1700012
    3. Enter your Tpad account details into your Nimbuzz Software (Settings – SIP Provider – Tpad)
    Username = YourTpadNumber@sip.tpad.com (e.g. 1700012@sip.tpad.com)
    Password = Your Tpad Password
    Call in full international format, e.g. 00+CountryCode+AreaCode+Number

    Special Tpad Call Rates for Nimbuzz Users:

  38. i tried to install their app on my nokia 6720c and guess what, a message pops up saying -your device is not supported – they are liers they do not support all symbian devices -SKYPE YOU ARE LOSER – VIVA NIMBUZZ

  39. I have official Skype installed but I use Nimbuzz for Skype because I don’t have an unlimited data plan and Skype app consumes more data(in fact double) than Nimbuzz so I have to pay more. Skype really should not have done this. Now I’ll tell my contacts to move on with Nimbuzz. Boo Skype for this movement. Same thing happened with Fring too, what are Skype up to anyway by cutting of loyalty to its own consumers, even they are from 3rd party applications; they are their consumers too anyway!!

  40. Skype want all the mobile users on their own apps.
    Simple as that. Expect more 3rd party developers to lose Skype support. Also Skype and Facebook are coming together, its part of a master plan.
    Don’t use either of them !
    Fight on Nimbuzz , find another Voip partner and do your own thing. Good luck !!!!

  41. skype breakup with nimbuzz lol for safety reason..skype want service user as best as they can do(maybe they dont trust nimbuzz or they wanna make chatroom to in their app xD we can say it jelous because nimbuzz most better) and as we know the best of skype is just their video call xD but my emotional and deep questions :D is what if nimbuzz add video calling features? isnt it would be more and more cool than skype? we can think about it together :D

  42. Skype on the desktop is phenomenal, however mobile is another story. Both Iphone and Android apps stink for calling.

    How on earth Nimbuzz made Skype mobile calling work so well yet Skype themselves can’t is beyond me.

    For my mobile needs I’ll definitely give Nimbuzz out a try.

  43. Not surprisd at all,been xpecting dat…bt hey! Who cares? I stil hv twitter,facebook,yahoo,aim,nimbuzzout. Am OK!

  44. Skype sucks. I’m boycotting Skype completely. They’re not geting any more of my money and Skype on my computer has been deleted. I’ve not used NimbuzzOut before, but I will give it a go.

    I guess this was coming. Skype want to play nice and do deals with the mobile telcos, and I guess using Nimbuzz to connect to Skype doesn’t fit their revenue model.

  45. Skype may have a reason for disconnecting 3rd party companies but this is disrespectful of their users. I cannot understand why they would want to earn less money either (skype out). The Skype company should at least leave some presence and chatting support in other applications.

  46. It’s a shame. Unfortunately, it also means that I have to delete Nimbuzz because I was only using Skype via Nimbuzz.

  47. Well, thats really unfortunate!!!
    Unlike Skype, Nimbuzz is always having issues!!Like, everyday im using the service, it jst disconnects all of a sudden… Disconnection issues!! be it on my Phone or PC!!!
    Despite having more services than Skype,i like the Nimbuzz Call quality but the service should include some enhancers like those of yahoo messenger…change of window colour,theme,size… and later features like Video conferencing.

  48. @all
    Thanks for your honest comments.
    We are glad to see that some of you will stay using Nimbuzz, and is also good to know which are the reasons of seeing some users leave.
    In regards of the Feature suggestions you have suggested, yes, we aim to support Video calling in the future, stay tuned to our Blog, more news about it will be announced here!
    Kind Regards

  49. well, skype will for sure loose some customers. They will probably never bring Google, Yahoo and all other service into their application. Have they forgot live is about sharing these days.

  50. I’m using Nimbuz for Chat purposes manly and as an integrated application for all my accounts (skype inluded)..
    At this point, without Skype support for chat i think i will migrate to another application (for example IM+)

  51. I think someone felt competition around the corner and decided to act right-away and NOT understanding the implication, I don’t think Nimbuzz had the intention to take Skype’s people, but Skype felt that way, I have always connected with my Skype people via Nimbuzz and was not a problem, I bought Skype credits didn’t care if I was connected via another app to get all of my people in one house, I love Skype and Nimbuzz for different reasons and to see them divorce is a pity..

    I am thinking of closing one account and continue with the other, since my feeling and love was not respected, fate has decided that I stay with one… Nimbuzz & Skype will know soon which one of them I am staying with… wish you good luck in your divorce…

  52. It is only war of names.
    None of the new functionality is added and nothing is lost
    It is absolutely true that skype supports more devices than nimbuzz.
    Users has to give additional memory to run skype application.(this is a minor alteration)

    Enjoy Nimbuzz It is great for social Networking & calling too . . .

  53. well, perhaps skype is changing the way they’ll offer services, maybe it’ll no longer be free. Or perhaps they are jealous people are not using the official skype app. And they want nimbuzz out of their ‘bidness’. Oh well. Good app-nimbuzz- anyways.

  54. i am sad for the discontinuation of skype from nimbuzz, but i am sure this separation will be harmfull for skype and not nimbuzz. I love nimbuzz and support nimbuzz for all its decisions, step forward nimbuzz, we are with you always.

  55. Those guys (skype) are fools…
    The only way they’d have marketed their product was partnering with many other similar organisations… Now the fools partnered with with facebook and left Nimbuzz and fring.
    I didn’t know even big organisations like skype can ever think of such funny/poor marketing strategies!

  56. You guys are well and truly on your way to becoming the best “connecting factor” on this planet. I just hope you don’t focus too much on nimbuzzout and forget about the text chat abilities. I also hop you don’t join the global band-wagon in forgetting that Symbian is an OS also and the most used at that and developing apps for iphone only

  57. never cared for skype,
    not before, not now, not even later, they have the most stupid client on pc, worst in commuincatons
    keep the good work nimbuzz, u r the best

  58. Just support caller id please!
    your rates are good
    but when i need to call with my number i switch to skype

    good day

  59. This is bad. Skype voice calls thru Nimbuzzz was acceptable thru my Satellite Internet connection. It was the only reason I used Nimbuzzz. Skype thru PC and other connections are very choppy. It worked ok thru Nimbuzzz. Now I have no VoIP options.

  60. This feature matters for some and not for other. To me its a great loss, NimBuzz is a nice client and gives my access to several service options.

    To those that it matters please let skype know (you can reach them via e-mail at contactus@skype.net)

  61. Nimbuzz is best in all aspects. I’m using it through cell phone & PC to communicate & keep-in-touch w/family. Lacking of Skype is NO matter.
    Good Luck Nimbuzz & Keep always on TOP.

  62. I am using nimbuzz out credit . But calling monthly package to india is very cheap in skype . Let nimbuzz give same offer to india calling . See in fring after break up with skype they started fring out and to india only one cent . Nimbuzz out is still costly for india

  63. It is a pity to lose a connecion with skype on nimbuzz. But more important for me is that in Nimbuzz you can never add more than one jabber account at the same time!

  64. The same recently happened to Fring.
    So I discovered NimbuzzOut and found a superior phone call quality, much more than with Skype.
    I’ll never go with skype again.
    The only pity is that I will lose the ability to chat with friends that use skype only.

  65. Well about 300 of my coworkers were introduced to Nibuzz last week especially the feature for Skype. every one was ecstatic to see and hear that they no longer have to sit at their desks to communicate on Skype which is or main source of communication. In my case I made a strong point that even when Skype stopped working on my desktop I could still get it on me Nokia 3120 classic and I did not have to wait on the technician to come an fix it (usually required formating the HDD in the case the annoying Skype lie “disk full” error)Well I can say every one will be happy till Sunday night then on Monday I have no job out of shame and disgrace. How can I face my coworkers who praised me so much last week?

  66. I have been using Nimbuzz since 2 years and never ever had a problem.

    Can’t believe that someone can provide such an excellent.

    I always recommend Nimbuzz to my friends and often get it loaded on their cellphone and computers ;)

    Looking forward for excellent Call quality and rate so that ‘I really can use Nimbuzz for my Long Distance Calling Service’

  67. its really bad :( already they removed support for FRING, now NIMBUZZ :( no one likes to have two apps skype & numbuzz installed in mobile cz it ll reduce speed of older S60 mobiles. so every1 like to have only nimbuzz there4 it ll be a loss to skype..!!!! X(

  68. I really shock to heard this news and don’t understand why skype doing this. may be there some good reason, but from my side i want to say Nimbuz is a best friend of skype. we hope skype will again shake his hand with its old friend…

    Here at my organization skype is so much popular bcz of Nimbuz. im at IT section and i personally introduce Nimbuz to everyone. everyone so much happy to see skype with Nimbuzz but i dont know what will happened now…

    may be both side will be lost their reputation or not… but once again i want to say Nimbuzz is grate!

  69. Why? Skype have not offered an alternative for us Blackberry users (BOLD 9700). I am very disappointed, Skype have let us down AGAIN. They keep updating their app for the iphone, why can’t they make an app for all Blackberries? The BOLD 9700 was recently voted in the top 3 smart phones yet STILL Skype drag their heels.
    Nimbuzz obviously had a good thing but perhaps didn’t try hard enough to save their relationship with skype and now just like every other half decent skype app, they have been switched off. Complete disappointment all round.

  70. What a shame of Skype!
    I discovered Nimbuzz as skype stopped being part of Fring’s service and as Mobile skype is a crap!
    I don’t really use other IMs than Shitpe as they vehicle so much spam and I also consider them being teenager’s toys and no real communication tool.
    I did appreciate so much being able to do video calls from my Nokia to show my thai girlfriend the nice places I did visit around my $wiss home…
    I know, Nimbuzz did not offer video calls to skype but still, skype is doing great efforts to become a “niche” market!
    Janus Fries, please take skype back in your hands, make it light as it had originally been and open it to other Multi-IM services as Fring and Nimbuzz.
    Skype has become so heavy it is even able to freeze my PC and it’s a shit to use on my N95.
    Thank you Nimbuzz for your efforts

  71. Reallybad news for me because I was using Nimbuzz daily really great app. I was in contact with my family in Europe every day so now that will not be possible. Skype app has a terible reception and via 3G is not posible to talk… For me really bad news… Please tell me what options do I have???


  73. Every thing is right. But when i connect nimbuzz it always shows server busy and i am not able to use nimbuzz first of all from my mobile phone

  74. if you want to solve this issue,and to not loose all your customer, it very easy just create a pc version of nimbuzz and that all

  75. The worst is the skype POS software made for Android is BLOATWARE, about 10 times larger footprint than any other software on my Android phone. BOO @ Skype!!

  76. It is a shame and unfortunatly i will have to stick with skype as nimbuzzout credit can not be obtained using paypal or any other payment method for people without creditcard….

  77. Skype software STINKS. On my E71, you cannot leave the Skype app running like Nimbuzz. So when you get a phone call or want to do anything else, Skype app closes rather than run in the background. Too bad.

  78. It’s Sad that a large company like skype, compete by stopping others’ support, not by reducing their rates.
    Afterall, I only care for the Rate not for the company name. And Nimbuzz is the Lowest rates I ever saw.

    One little thing Nimbuzz have consider, ADD other payment options , Moneybookers, Paypal, Webmoney .

  79. For a long time now, watching Skype do what Skype does, is like watching a car accident in slow motion…
    Compared to SIP, Skype really sucks..

    NimBuzzes connection quality to Skype users is far superior than Skype’s own app..

    As we’ve seen for other companies, the bigger they think they get the more likely they are to fall (apart)…

    Skype’s own desire to monopolize itself, may be it’s own un-doing…

  80. The only reason i am using Nimbuzz is to use Skype om my blackberry. Worst of all, nimbuzz does not even support nimbuzzout on blackberry. Also it takes lot of time to start nimbuss on blackberry.

  81. What you guys at Nimbuzz should do is:

    1. Make your NimbuzzOut and Nimbuzz-to-Nimbuzz voice quality BETTER than Skype – which you should be able to, since you guys are also using the same voice codec;
    2. Allow NimbuzzOut Subscriptions (ie. Unlimited World calling) – this is the strongest advantage of SkypeOut today;
    3. Provide Local Numbers in more countries than Skype aka SkypeIn Numbers – this is the biggest weakness of SkypeOut; and
    4. Interoperate with Fring (the enemy of my enemy is my friend);
    5. Make sure you have clients for BOTH Desktop and Mobiles AND all OSes (ie. Windows, Linux, Mac etc.) – this is a strength of Skype as well.

    I hope you take my comment seriously and may you become a formidable alternative to Skype… sadly, competitors such as Google Voice and SIP are nowhere near to Skype at the moment.

  82. @Ultimate Choice: ask them to be “friends” on Nimbuzz network and you will be able to be on mobile and also use Nimbuzz PC client and do free voice and IM with them! :-) isn’t that cool?

  83. yes, it is a shame. Skype’s aggressive strategy is going to cost them clients. They are abusing their power in the market. I’ll be moving away from them.

  84. Its obvious that skype will loose customers…But i really dont understand what they think of by doing this… Do they think that we will buy other mobile phones to get to use skype? Thats non-sense! From now on skype is not a voip service to be used! Nimbuzz i thank you for your support and letting us to use all applications in one! You really do great job! Keep it up!

  85. to me being able to fulfill ur social needs on one platform is about the best thing that could happen to social networking.so thumbs up to nimbuzz and skype could go to hell.i dont use the application anyway.

  86. Who cares about Skype! – Nimbuzz does everything I need (and better than any other App I’ve found).

    My experience is that users don’t like it when large organizations try to control how people can use their software

  87. @psalmsninetyone

    Definately try Nimbuzzout – I use it on my android phone to make 1p/min calls from abroad to landlines in the UK. VERY good call quality (for VOIP).

    I actually have skype (I’m on 3 the only network to be allowed to run it on mobiles now) but they disable it when you’re outside of the UK

  88. I think you will need videocall support and international sms that you can find in skype app, i love nimbuzz but it does not have jabber(XMPP) support that i need for other IM like the Ovi Chat, and others

  89. How to delete Skype from my list of Accounts to stop the annoying ‘Oops’ message? Frankly I never found Nimbuzz worked very well with Skype, and it always logged out by itself after a few minutes and gave me the ‘Oops’ message.
    I’ll still continue to use Nimbuzz for my other IM accounts, because even though it’s a bit flaky it’s better than the MSN and Yahoo clients for Symbian.

  90. I Like Nimbuzz! Its a great multi-messenger with nice usability…
    The most important decision to start using nimbuzz was the skype support. Skype is a must-have for my business an its really important to use it on my blackberry.
    In the new version for Blackberry Skype has gone and facebook doesnt work.
    Bad for me but I dont see a reason anymore to use Nimbuzz.
    I’m very sorry because i liked nimbuzz so much before last changes! i’m out…

  91. First, you failed in supporting Windows for mobile for the future.
    Second, now you do not connect to skype anymore.
    I am curious what bad news you have next, probably another reason not to use nimbuzz anymore.

  92. no Skype means I’ll be dropping Nimbuzz – Skype on my phone was the only reason for me to use it I’m afraid.

  93. Hi Nimbuzz,

    I love openness, and i hate protectionism. So i loathe Skype. But tell me, Nimbuzz, if you are so open, why is there no voip connectivity with the likes of Fring?

    Regards, Vincent

  94. Shame… I used nimbuzz a lot with my E71 as the skype via NB worked so much better than the Skype app installed… Plus having all my IMs on one app… Haven’t used NB since moving to iPhone though. NB will grow even more w/o Skype… What r they really up to over at Skyle????

  95. really great product gets cut-off. now i have got a problem not only connecting to skype (evidently has to be) but also to icq – and i don’t know why. in any of the two cases the same message appears. and i can’t delete the skype account because “service unavailable” message blocks it. so please give us some update.

    nokia c5-00 user

  96. Its very very bad news that skype breakup with nimbuzz.I can’t imagine my life without skype. its very bad for nimbuzz. no more with nimbuzz

  97. Skype login uses >500KB of trafic on my Symbian phone.
    Nimbuzz takes <50kb …

    Using skype on 3G/GPRS network is just unacceptable.

  98. The simple facts… No-one wants to sign up to yet another small time communication service like Nimbuzz just to make the app work on their phones. Most of us used Nimbuzz to access our established accounts on other much bigger and widely used services like Skype. Skype is brilliant and without access to my Skype account, i’m afraid Nimbuzz is simply useless and I have already deleted it from my phone.
    It was a great app but was only great because of its integration with Skype.
    Good luck in the future. If you find a way to bring FULL Skype access (including true VOIP over DATA connections including WiFi) to the Blackberry in the UK, you will be the FIRST to do so and will be HUGELY in demand.

    Best wishes

  99. was gonna start using nimbuzz, but probably wont any longer.

    damn skype idiots – cant even video call with skype using their software for nokia!


  101. I had a real headache of a day looking for something better than Nimbuzz for my E63 and in the end there is none better than Nimbuzz I think. God bless you folks. Pat

  102. I first tried the NimbuzzOut service after the breakup with Skype. I actually liked it better than Skype and the costs in some cases are even lower! Congrats for the service.
    The problem is just that the client for my device (HTC’s Tattoo) is still not as good as I expected. It has some bad interface choices and seemed a little buggy to me.
    I’m sure that it will be improved soon and when it happens, Nimbuzz will probably be my most used tool for overseas communication!

  103. Nimbuzz is one of the best (and only) useful application I currently have on my Symbian phone, there are better alternatives then Skype … Nimbuzz already replaced it.

  104. Only skypeOut is better than nimbuzzOut because I can pay money and i gat it for 180 days.At this time I got to make one out call to keep my balans ON. Make it at nimbuzz and you’ll be the best. other thing is alredy better

  105. @Ilija
    You can use your NimbuzzOut credits for at least 6 months (which is more than 180days).

  106. @David Byrne
    We have discontinued the Skype integration, we are aware some user still receive this error message when login to Nimbuzz.
    We are working in order to have this removed as soon as possible
    Thanks for your understanding.

  107. nimbuzz iz exelent app.
    I am sure that skype will be back om nimbuzz.
    Nimbuzz iz fast, have clear sound, cheap, .
    Go nimbuzz.
    Cheers from Serbia !

  108. Honestly, this is just plain stupid. It is utterly inconvenient! The only reason I use nimbuzz at ALL is to communicate with my skype contacts. If I can no longer reach them via nimbuzz, I’m just going to stop using this application. This is truely inconsiderate of both parties, instead of keeping your users in mind you are too busy trying to outdo each other. This is truely weak!!

  109. bad news realy because of banning skype in iran nimbuzz had been a alternative solution accessing Skype specially on mobiles phones.

  110. damn, now i need both skype and nimbuzz to stay turned on??? already ring2skype wasnt working with nimbuzz i was hoping it would get sorted but not this way, anyways, nimbuzz is good and i will continue to use it . but i miss fring because of the video calls i used to get with fring. i am hoping nimbuzz gets video sooooooon..

  111. i do wish the rates get down further. because now skype has introduced subscription services to asia (i checked india) which would cost even half the cost of what nimbuzzout costs but still i would call this is good enough to compete and win.

  112. I just realized that skype is no more available on Nimbuzz, really bad. I use it on an old Nokia N70 and it works flawlessy, talking on 3G networks with it works really good, and I’m planning to buy NimbuzzOut credit. I already used Nimbuzz to talk to other Nimbuzz clients, avoiding using skype, I think you guys are doing a very good work. Just focus a little more on webcam support, and personally I’ll get rid of skype. ;-)

  113. Nimbuzz is really cool application which make the communication easier and cheaper….
    don’t know what is wrong with skype…
    i think both should negotiate and continue the service in a better way

  114. I used nimbuzz mainly for skype and msn access at the same time with one app on my android phone.
    the fact that i cant use skype anymore is a big disadvantage…and its an even worse because the skype app for android is very bad….the nimbuzz app was perfect… damn!


  116. Just ! I would like to say to SKYPE to rejoin the Nimbuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. For all of skype fan

  117. Too unfortunate for Skype, they were very popular among my friends. Anyway, life must continue, i shall continue using Nimbuzz for my effective communication.

  118. Thatz bulshit for skype acting that way. I stopped using skype for more than 2 years now. Only started using it again cuz i saw in in Nimbuzz. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than using Nimbuzz, and I have been asking/ inviting all my friends to Nimbuzz since I started using it. There is one thing though…in ur next update, pls try to include option to delete some friends one no longer need.

  119. Skype is still able to be used on mobile phones via IM+, as that is what i turned to after the disconnection from Nimbuzz. But I would much prefer for Skype to rejoin Nimbuzz.

  120. Please ..! Try to reach an agreement with skype … a reason of because to download Nimbuzz was to have Skype and all my integrated contacts.

  121. Very very bad news
    What the hell skype think about its self, american g.bush
    Soon every body will quit skype, time will decide itself,

  122. What a shame, will miss it. Still waiting for that push message service. I started using nimbuzz for the buzz feature and drew all my friends. Then buzz went and many left.

  123. Does anybody have a link to download an older version of Nimbuzz which does include Skype compatibility (2.4?)?

  124. @Quinn
    We do not support SKype anymore, so not even using the old version you would be able to use it.

  125. This is ridiculous, First because skype app is 5 MB size and second it’s pain in the ass coz it keeps getting disconnected while Nimbuzz holds connection forever.
    Skype sucks also when calling through GPRS as it consumes a lot of bandwidth and sometimes even freezes. But the problem is I have all my friends and partners on SKYPE. :( which means I have to leave Nimbuzz.

  126. I find this unacceptable from Skype. I have never really Liked Skype but now it’s even worse. I think Nimbuzz is doing a great job, but guys seriously update yourselves AND PUT RETINA DISPLAY SUPPORT for your app, it looks so cheap currently

  127. Real shame about Skype, now there is no reason for me to continue to use Nimbuzz. Since there is no Skype for the Blackberry (at least in UK & Europe) I had to rely on Nimbuzz, for at least IM. But now even that has gone, so will Nimbuzz from my phone. Because _none_ of my relations or friends use Nimbuzz, but Skype…..

  128. TOO BAD…
    last time FRING now NImbuzz..
    I use skype to connect with my family and my friends..
    but fortunately i have skype menu that i download from ovi store so i still can useskype with my mobile :D

  129. Its so bad,nimbuzz thinks for people & gave app for free,while skype should not have to do that.bcoz nimbuzz is app that plays all IM to the world for free.

  130. skypes loss…I was paying them for VoIP and using nimbuzz. Now I am using nimbuzz and not paying skype, I’ll pay nimbuzz. Nimbuzz wins because they have better software. I just wish Nimbuzz would give an unlimited use subscription like skype. $2.99 a month for unlimited US & Canada was great.

  131. I had it for skype on my blackberry…That means i ll never again use it….Thats really too bad!!!!!No Nimbuzz anymore!Im off!!!!

  132. I will also be deleting Nimbuzz because of this.
    Get skype back Nimbuzz, or you’ll continue to lose subscribers.

  133. YES I ALSO AGREE WITH SHANE…i just use nimbuzz for skype,,if it not available in future,, then i may no longer with nimbuzz

  134. I’m out.

    Sadly there is now NO way for me to make wifi or 3G calls on the skype network on my android phone.

    The Official Skype for android is a VERY buggy app. It crashes if I click a name.

    Fring = gone

    Nimbuzz = gone

    So I guess I have to look into other voip providers.

    Are nimbuzz’s nimbuzz to nimbuzz calls free?

    If not… well…. fuck.

  135. Sadly Skype app is not usable on many mobile phones (my htc Tattoo for example). For now, Nimbuzz is the best option for VOIP via Wi-Fi.

  136. Nimbuzz was the only way, i was able to use Skype through my university’s wifi network working with proxy. Skype app for my Nokia e63 doesnt work through wifi & proxy. Too bad, in this world which is getting more and more interconnected, Skype has chosen to shut itself out.

  137. Hello
    I’m a user Nimbuzz and I have an arabic nimbuzz account Thus (الصاروخ@nimbuzz.com) and I forgot my password and knowing I entered the Yahoo email account information within the Nimbuzz account … The problem I entered this page (http://www.nimbuzz.com/en/forgot_password)
    and entered the account name but the page does not support the Arabic name
    Please help me how to return the password to my account which I forgot my password
    pleas Find me a solution

  138. nimbuzz was the only way me too able to use skype through ma mobile,really it’s very sad to hear that skype was not there.

  139. yahoo calls via nimbuzz is much better. but hard to connect. still it is gud because i can call any country using my 6630 without any cost. thanks

  140. no skype fir our companies symbian mobiles.. and that was for texting only! guess we will have to ask clients and friends to stop using skype as their primary im.

  141. the only reason i installed nimbuzz was to have facebook, yahoo messenger and skype in the same application. my friends wont install nimbuzzout.
    im going to have to find another app.
    pitty skype did this to nimbuzz, it is a great little application

  142. @assassins
    We do not support creating new accounts using arabic characters, but if you have registered an arabic username, you should be able to use it.
    If you have registered your email on that account you should be able to retrieve your password.
    Please contact support@nimbuzz.com if you have issues with the retrieval.

  143. im really disapointed. Most of my chat contacts, work and personal, are on skype.and whilst i still find nimbuzz usefull, especially being able to connect to everything at once,its not the same without skype. Maybe if nimbuzz was marketed better, convince people to download

  144. Ok improve the version of pc ,support video call add friends online notification so we can not miss them like msn meesnger and skype ,add sharing screen feature and conference call like skype do then we will move with my friends into nimbuzz ground without coming back to skype. what is your opinion queralt escrich ?

  145. me dolio mucho ya no tener skype en mi celular ya que gracias a ustedes podia tener funcionalidad en mi pais donde no la aplicacion de skype en mi celular no es funcional solo sirve de chat y en nimbuzz era la mejor manera de explotar este servicio que tengo pagado por una año antes de que saliera de su servicio
    pues que mal tendre que esperar todo un año para poder mudarme con ustedes ya que aun no tienen planes como skype de mexico sin limites que es el que tengo ahora


  146. I like nimbuzzzzzzzzzzzz but hare is one problem with skype that everybody knows & my problem is that sometimes facebook also disconected what is de problem with facebook why we couldn’t use properly ???????? But anyway thanku nimbuzz for free chat,calls any where ………….

  147. why is nimbuzz does not have intention to improve nimbuzz version for pc it is weak in options compared to skype or compared to feeling of new difference in update if there is updates like nimbuzz for mobile phones.

  148. Nimbuzz is a great and will definately keep using it. I keep in chat with all my friends with messaging using Nimbuzz and have recently installed Yahoo messenger for video-calling/chat/messaging which works flawlessly. Yahoo Messenger has my complete respect for the availability this service and WILL NOT go back to skype when they are forced to offer same and as for ‘skype’….silly fools, digging your own grave….to think, ebay wasted 1.9 billion on it. Somebody’s making wild decisions. Bye skype.

  149. It´s a very evil step from Skype. I´m really disappointed. I bought Nimbuzz credits only for Skype. But the worst of all is that there is no a properly working Skype client program for Symbian at least. I´m on countryside now, and I really needed Skype, and I HAVE Skype for Symbian installed on my mobile, but it was quitting all the time w/o asking, the IM loading is extremely slow and incomplete, the changing between IM´s is… A terrible experience.
    Skype first should´ve released a correct application before asking others (who made a decent job) to take out their program, in this case from Nimbuzz. :(((

  150. Can I ask what would have happened if you refused to remove support? Was it a legal threat or a polite request, because quite frankly, I just uninstalled nimbuzz because you removed support for Skype ..which is a pity because it was the best Skype software available

  151. @Chris
    Thanks for your interest, we got a polite request from Skype and we thought the best option was to remove Skype services from our side.

  152. who cares, I just use skype to dial… I’ll use nimbuzzouyt instead. give competitive tariffs and you win. =)

  153. Doesn’t matter, skype isn’t the best one, at least there is nimbuzz!! Evolve the era, and make nimbuzz community. Third party sip is cool for traveller. If it include nimbuzz out in bb, that would be perfect, head up, up did right, great job

  154. I think that as long as the 3rd party sip remains usable in Nimbuzz, it stays a very appealing application.
    As to your rates, almost any Betamax service offers cheaper rates, with free days even. They do give sip service with crystal quality too.

  155. I have contacts that are only on skype, and rarely use a computer but my phone, this is a draw back for me honestly. I was enjoying having everyone under one roof.

  156. Why i can not log in my yahoo messenger..it keep saying “user or password entered are not valid, please verify” i did it right….

  157. @hadi
    WhichNimbuzz version are you using?
    Since when is this happening? when was the last time (appox date&time) you faced this?
    Does your username/password contain non alphanumerical characters?
    Which domain does your yahoo account have? yahoo.com or a localized domain like yahoo.in ?
    Let us know

  158. Hello,

    Why not looking facebook Communities in my Micromax Q5 Mobile. It not working properly and make showing some blank space in my contact list but numbers of my total contacts showing same in my mobile. The details of Nimbuzz Showing in my phone- Size:349457 Bytes, Version:1.5.0, Vendor:Nimbuzz, Webside:N/A, Authorized:N/A. and when I trying to update software a massage shown that game not uploading.


  159. @Anupam
    if you are using an older version of Nimbuzz (not the latest one) the Facebook community might not show up on the list, if this is teh case, we strongly recommend you to update to the latest version available on get.nimbuzz.com and try again.

    Kind Regards

  160. hi,Im darush from damn iran! its been 2 weeks that nimbuzz to nimbuzz free calls doesnt work here! when i call another user they accpet the call but no voice can be heard! as far as i can remeber ive been using nimbuzz calls for 2 years ! now i am too UPSET. PLZ sb help

  161. @Darush
    Please do report this type of issues to our support team via support@nimbuzz.com
    Make sure you inform of device and nimbuzz version in use, type of call you are placing, type of connection and approx date and time you faced this issue for the last time.

  162. Sir,

    I am still enjoy with my nimbuzz in my mobile. I must say that it is still looking blank when I try to chat in my facebook community and I have no option to solve it.

    Thanks you once again.


  163. thanks alot for that amazing app its the best but i wish you could help me with my problem
    i can’t send or recive any masseges or even see the chat talk with my contacts
    it always show me an error massege
    i deleted alot of times and installed it again but with no better and i always download it’s new version
    my mobile is nokia 6120 classic
    i hope for you the best wishes and my thanks to you

  164. @semo
    Which exact error message do you get?When does it appear?
    Make sure you are using the latest version available on get.nimbuzz.com

  165. Helo,why i cnt l0g.in my ac0unt.i d0wnl0aded the nimbuzz app fr0m one of my friends in faceb0ok,what sh0uld i do 2 use nimbuz,im using n0kia 5230,wil u help me pls.in regstrati0n of my ac0unt.thanks and m0re p0wer.

  166. @Faye
    You can register yourself after downloading, pressing on the link that says “get a new account” or at our website http://www.nimbuzz.com/en/web/login

    Once you have created your account and you are logged in, you can go to Communities and register your accounts.

  167. i have noki3230 and i downloaded nimbuzz tu use skype beacuse i can’t download skype from any other site …only nimbuzz could help me with this…if someone knows where i can download skype for nokia 3230 tell me plz

  168. Ya I got enjoyed to use skype and nimbuzz in my s60.but suddenly stopped to worked the skype in my nimbuzz….I look ahead by google that what the reason..so now got the reason….ufffffffffff
    I’m worried..pls accept or arrange the system to worked with nimbuzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Thank you!

  169. i use corby s3650. and i can’t use skype on my mobile. because my phone doesn’t support for skype. So, i hv to use nimbuzz, to use skype through nimbuzz. but now it is impossible. OMG…

  170. @giundat18
    As mentioned on the blogpost above we no longer support Skype, we do not have plans to enable Skype back.

  171. Dear Nimbuzz,

    Now that Microsoft Skype has announced its API release. Atleast now it should be possible for you to again include Skype text, voice calls, video calls in Nimbuzz.

    Hope you do it at the earliest.

  172. @Sooraj Kumar
    Thanks for your comment, please read carefull the blogpost above.
    It is not a technical problem why we have removed Skype integartion but a request by Skype itself; and we cannot re-enable this feature without their agreement.

  173. Dear Nimbuzz,

    Thanks for the reply. But the break up happened because of Skype old management. But now its in Microsoft hands and If you are interested to join them and ask they will definitely agree.

  174. @Sooraj
    Thanks for your interest, but as mentioned above, it is not in our hands to enable this feature.

  175. Nimbizz continues to be the best chatting application on the internet and all mobile phones that use it no matter what the official rankings are! Nimbuzz is easy to use and really user friendly! I wish Nimbuzz all the best and it doesn’t really matter if there is no Skype on Nimbuzz because I have Skype as application installed on my phone anyway after this breakup! Updated it yesterday and it’s awesome :D

  176. can i call nimbuzz users free?how can i do it?
    please help me….
    please enable video call between nimbuzz users.

  177. @dinesh – Calling feature is only available on Symbian, Android, iPhone and PC. You can make free calls from Nimbuzz to Nimbuzz. if you wish to make mobile and landline calls then you can subscribe to our NimbuzzOut service which is available on discounted rates.


    Video Calling – Video calling is only available on iPhone and PC version for now.

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