ICQ not working on Nimbuzz?

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ICQ not working on Nimbuzz? We are aware of that but unfortunately there is not much we can do.

Over the last two weeks we have been chatting with the guys from ICQ about an agreement to continue support for the ICQ community on Nimbuzz.  The final offer was to enter a licensing agreement that would see Nimbuzz pay for every person wishing to use ICQ on Nimbuzz.

This would mean that we’d have to pass the cost on to our users, which would be against our principle of making Nimbuzz available to anyone for free.  We are sorry to let you know that we have officially switched off support of ICQ on Nimbuzz.

However, we will continue to offer Nimbuzz and all of our services free of charge to everyone in the world.  What that means is that you can continue to use your existing Nimbuzz account to stay connected to your friends, make free calls and chat as much as humanely possible.  :)

Because we understand your frustration we  have an open discussion running on our forum, where all your questions and concerns will be addressed.  Make sure to visit the forum to find updates.

Stay buzzing, and we hope that our brand new Nimbuzz for Nokia Symbian phones (combined with a little bonus ;) ) will make up for some of the disappointment.

The Nimbuzz Team

39 thoughts on “ICQ not working on Nimbuzz?

  1. Hello,

    I think it is big pitty that Nimbuzz has to leave ICQ. ICQ uses a lot of people and besides some technical details it is not so bad protocol. But ok, i think i can understand that Nimbuzz will not support ICQ.

    But next protocols please try to keep. To leave MSN, GADU GADU, YAHOO or others it could affect to uninstall this application once for ever, because it will be useless.

    I would recommend to concetrate on jabber/gtalk and other free protocols which is (or maybe) possible exist.

    Also other functionals has to be done :
    Nimbuzz needs profiles (work, home, custom) where I can have different accounts (see miranda startup profiler for example)
    Nimbuzz definitely needs separate statuses (online on MSN, offline on GTALK) without forgeting account (and typing login/passw. back again)
    Also add other statuses (basic 4 statutes are really not enaught).
    Also auto-away (after 5 mins, or define, or when nimbuzz on background).
    Dont forget gtalk video calls has to be implemented.
    Also some design additions should be good to make (for example thumbnails of pictures in chat which sb sent to me and vice versa), or for example tell me whos clever head decided to hide nimbuzz icon in the list of online/offline contacts ? (thats maybe some joke I think).. or in chat menu i dont know status of user with whom i am talking. imagine that i am typing typing and overlooked that Somebody wend offline or so, some better notification would be perfect)

    i believe there is big potential in Nimbuzz but some better reading of suggestions/ideas would be very perfect. I noticed in forums here very good ideas..

    Please accept that every single detail can decide in the future if users will use Nimbuzz or not. Ignoring it, could be then fatal.

    ok, see you soon


  2. icq isn’t much good, so i hope it won’t affect anything.
    Nimbuzz is good & best on its OWN.

    Nimbuzz 3.0 have a error called
    that error comes while invite in Groupchat

    Hope that will be fix in Nimbuzz 3.0.1 version

    and am glad to see the liitle bonus offered ;)

    lets rock with Nimbuzz worldwide

  3. Funny is ICQ does NOT have symbian client and even funnier, I suspect users who didn’t give a heck to open protocol/xmpp are massively switching to gtalk facebook and nimbuzz which are xmpp at core.
    year 2010 came to IM World finally.

  4. ICQ used to be popular in the past.
    But now most of it’s user already moved on to msn/yahoo/google, because:
    1. most of them also had msn/yahoo/google email
    2. It’s not easy to remember own ID and others ID. For example, I might had around 5 ICQ ID, because whenever I had a chaos (hard drive dead, virus, etc) I can’t remember ICQ ID. It’s a wrong kind of ID (just like the BB ID).
    3. Not supported on the phone (was not, until nimbuz… and…. not now, without nimbuz).

    it’s their lost…
    we don’t need to cry on the bad decision by ICQ.

  5. ICQ just uses the AIM protocol, if you log into AIM with your ICQ number and password I think it will work.

  6. @masterki
    Thanks for sharing this info, however we cannot garantee that this will work uncondionally.

  7. who cares … the important ppl i had in icq … i have also in windows live or especially facebook … icq is going to die … just because of there politik … no icq pro since 2003 … no open protocol … icq is only “important” for germany and russian spammers … all other countrys in the world dont care anymore about icq …

  8. Here is the mystery. ICQ is huge in Russia and Germany. Also Symbian is huge in these markets (especially .ru) and there is absolutely no official Symbian client.
    No Russians to wake up the now russian owned ICQ? They actually undermined their own market&users. Unbeliavable really.

  9. ICQ gone? Nevermind… I don’t think it is gonna affect nimbuzz that much. Unless users who have lots of ICQ friends. I understand nimbuzz strain towards ICQ licensing. As nimbuzz grow popular other companies eyes would pop out! O_o. Giving users freedom along with unique chat experience, that’s why i love nimbuzz.

  10. @kev

    mobile user is now bigger than computer user. I believe I read somewhere in the internet that there were 5x-7x more people who connect to internet with phone compare to computer.

    So, with ICQ not being accessible by phone user, it’s their lost. that nimbux/icq user can told their friend to download the nimbuzz, and once all his friend use nimbuzz, icq is history.

  11. @xiang
    When does this error message appear?
    Always or just sometimes when starting a group chat?
    Do you add just Nimbuz contacts to the group chat?
    Thanks for reporting, we will try to reproduce it.

  12. @rzme
    You can remove your ICQ accounta s soon as we release a new version for your device.
    Our team is working in order to have this issue solved as soon as possible.
    Thanks & Regards

  13. I know this is a little unrelated, but on the topic of things not working why won’t nimbuzz log into my Facebook account

  14. Shame. I mostly installed Nimbuzz to stay in touch with everyone I know regardless of which client/protocol they’re using. If ICQ won’t work anymore, Nimbuzz loses its meaning for me. Guess I’ll look for a replacement app. :(

  15. @Catherine
    Which device and Nimbuzz version are you using?
    Have you already tried to login on my.nimbuzz.com and register your FB account? once this is done logout and login again on Nimbuzz for Mobile.
    Let us know if it worked.
    thanks for your comment and suggestion, we will take it into account, however does nt seem possible to implement, since we have been requested by ICQ directly to remove this integration.

  16. ICQ is supported by Fring, which is available for all mobile platforms. I’m using Fring as it supports video calls and any file transfer, not only multimedia. ICQ is not of much interest, though I still have a lot of ICQ buddies. Unfortunately, Fring has no a PC client, so I have to use Nimbuzz when I need to call PC buddies. If Nimbuzz supported any file transfer and video calls, I would reject using Fring and switch to Nimbuzz only. If Fring releases a PC client, I will turn to use Fring only. So, which one will be the first? :)

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