Alternative to Skype on the mobile

Nimbuzz on Mobile

If you are looking for an alternative to Skype on your mobile phone we strongly recommend you Nimbuzz ;) .

Here is what do you get with Nimbuzz:

  • Free Nimbuzz to Nimbuzz international calls
  • Cheap calls to mobile phones and landlines worldwide with NimbuzzOut (similar to SkypeOut, but cheaper :D )
  • Chat for free with all your friends
  • Send and receive files (music, photos and doc) on your mobile
  • Connect to your friends on Facebook, MSN, Yahoo,  Gtalk, MySpace and more.

With a growing community of over 30 million users across the most popular mobile operating systems (iPhone, Nokia Symbian, Android, Blackberry), PC and Mac there is a big chance that  your friends are already using Nimbuzz ;).

Curious if it works on your mobile? Probably yes :D , since we support over 3000 devices but to be sure you can check it here.

Nimbuzz strongly believes that you should demand more from your mobile phone and as new-generation mobile service, designed for the online age, Nimbuzz is the perfect tool to make you more mobile.

PS:  Skype not working on Nimbuzz? Yes, Skype was available on Nimbuzz until the 31 of October 2010,  but they asked us to remove the connection. If you want to find out more about it please read our previous post: What the Skype/Nimbuzz Breakup Means To You

69 thoughts on “Alternative to Skype on the mobile

  1. how can I make Free Nimbuzz to Nimbuzz international calls ??? I dont understand that!!! I guess it’s technically imposible. Plz help me.

  2. @Amir
    We aim to support video calling in the future.
    To make a call:

    Select an IM buddy from your contact list (Yahoo, MSN, Gtalk, and Nimbuzz) and choose the Call option.

    Nimbuzz will connect you to your IM buddy instantly and for free.

    Let us know if you have some more questions,
    Due to technical reasons and limited usage we have disabled the XMPP/Jabber gateways. We will continue to focus on providing Nimbuzz users access to the highest quality gateways and networks.
    As always, we’re keen to receive feedback, please feel free to contact us if you have any more questions or comments.
    Thanks & Regards.

  3. I have installed both Skype and Nimbuzz on my Iphone. I am a big user of Skyout for international calls. I used to use Skyout on both Skype and Nimbuzz. Nimbuzz offers by far a better call quality, both in sound and reliability. It is a pity Skype has been removed. But I am willing to switch to Nimbuzz when you have an equivalent monthly subscription scheme… any development plan ?

  4. @D
    Yep, I’ve received the same official response about XMPP. It’s quite sad actually, as it is an amaaazing protocol.

  5. queralt escrich

    I don’t have any Call option in my Nimbuzz program. When I choose the buddy according to ur advice, it offers followings: Continue chat, Send (Text message, File, Take photo, Voice message, Contacts), Profile. Maybe it’s all because my mobile? Ive got Nokia x6. Thnx

  6. @abdullah
    We do not have plans in the near future to implement Chatrooms on Blackberry, we will consider it.
    We will consider it to be implemented, thanks for your suggestion
    As mentioned previously on this blog we no longer support Skype via Nimbuzz, you can find more info here:
    We are considering offering this type of monthly subscriptions in the future.
    Stay tuned to our blog for more related news
    The sending inbox messages has been removed from the Symbian 3.0 version
    However you can still see your received files on your chat tab> options> received files
    Which device and Nimbuzz version are you using?
    Remember we do not support calling on Java and BlackBerry devices.

  7. the new 3.0 version is refusing to install on my E71, keeps sayin not compatible with ur device. Y? Even tho it was said to be for s60 v 3. Any ideas y?

  8. if i call from ecuador to the USA,which is cheaper, skype or nimbuzzout? (in skype the minute cost 2 cents i think)

  9. jeez, will you at least fix WLM contacts’ profile pics on android? ebuddy and both works fine but I prefer nimbuzz. but if nimbuzz won’t fix it, I wouldn’t bother to use its calling features at all.

  10. @ldwllms
    From which site are you downloading the app?
    When does this exact error message appear?
    Let us know
    You can check NimbuzzOut rates here:
    We are working on that.
    Thanks for your interest.
    Our team is looking into that issue, loading MSN avatars.
    Yes, Nimbuzz does work on your device.
    You can download the compatible version of Nimbuzz for it, directly from the Android Market.
    We do not support calling on BB yet, we will inform you as soon as we do and we include NimbuzzOut.
    Currently we cannot provide you an estimate date for that.
    Maximum size is 5MB.

  11. Hello,
    I have Sony Ericsson K790i First time i installed nimbuzz skype is worked, i don’t know which version once i uninstalled the nimbuzz then i installed there is no skype option on that, I need skype i am using very much.

    Please …….. any one knows.

  12. I would love if I could change the theme of my nimbuzz.
    Add the type directly on screen feature as well as receiving files via yahoo messenger on your next update for java phones.
    Thanks. :-)

  13. I found that old nimbuzz symbian version was more friendly, better connectivity was available in last version. One thing more i noticed that new version do not have features like, text messege and voice message player in application. Overview of last version was quite better. The feature i would like to have in nimbuzz are Notification when someone came online, friend request ignore option (without informing him) i.e. (when i had online, and someone sent me request but i did not like to accept, then i’d reject that time, then it would also have sent my presene info to my freind, i dislike this) and also as i’m a great fan of nimbuzz and i have been using it from last three years so this is my heartly request please remove advertisements from personal chat window you can push it to main window or chatroom but remove it from personal chat window..

  14. i have the e71 and i got credit for intertional call from the USA to israel. but no luck so far! i dont no what to do.
    what and how to setting SIP? thanks

  15. @talosh
    Are you using NimbuzzOut or another SIP provider to place those calls?
    We do not proxy SIP Voice Streams, which means that Nimbuzz just connects you to the SIP servers and the audio and voice portion of the call, is managed by your SIP provider.

    For assistance on this issue please contact your SIP Support Team and let them know.

  16. Hey, its me again… Could you please add more smileys. Please do make it 3D to add more ‘class’ to it.
    Any luck for the n900 users?. ;-)

  17. Am using samsung corby n i wish to be making kals frm nimbuzz and av tried it so many times am nt gettin and also i was meant 2 undastand nimbuzz now has a new version were can i get 2 download dat for my samsung corby

  18. @Him
    We have removed the Inbox message on the current Symbian version, but you can still open your received files on the tab chat> options> received files.
    We will take into account your suggestions about notifications.
    Kind Regards
    We are cosnidering adding mor emeoticons in the future.
    We do not have plans for 3D ones yet, but we will add this to our to-do list!
    In regards of Maemo devices, no changes on that yet, still considering to develop a version for it.
    As announced previously on this Blog, we no longer support Skype.
    You can find more info about it here:
    Your device is using a Java version which does not support calling.

  19. i clicked on forget account on my nimbuzz.since then i cannot connect to my facebook contact.error message:unable to connect to friens.please i am frustrated and almost quitting nimbuzz pls help.

  20. @david adedokun
    Have you forgotten yoru Nimbuzz or your FB account credentials?
    If you have forgotten your FB password, we recommend you to contact FB directly since we cannot provide you with that info,

  21. 1. pls is dat possible to use GSM or landline to call nimbuzzout person? If possible how can i get my nimbuzzout number?
    2. Why is nimbuzzout call to gsm or landlines is showing ‘restricted number’ or sometime 88888 or 8040003 etc. pls i wnt kwn my nimbuzzout no. My username is saniubah75. If possible.
    3. Is that possible tranfer my nimbuzzout credit to another person.
    4. Im using nokia e72, but nimbuzz is talking more of my battery, is makin ma set hot. Why?
    5. Is that possible to use nimbuzz to connect to my office IM?
    Thanks, i love nimbuzzers!!!

  22. For some days now,i cant access FB on Nimbuzz. I changed my pword on FB and den returnd to Nimbuzz,to forget d old one and then re login. Wht i get is COULD NOT CONNECT TO NIMBUZZ SERVER. I nid my FB.Pls do somtin.thanks

  23. @dotun
    Have you already tried to register your FB account on Nimbuzz via or using the Nimbuzz PC version?
    please do and let us know if it works.

  24. @aniubah
    In regards of your questions:
    1. No, we do not provide a NimbuzzIn number in order to people reach you directly there.
    2.When calling a phonebook contact or dialing a phone number, your own phone number will not be visible. “Unknown” or “Blank” will be shown on the phone screen of the call receiver.
    In some cases it is even possible that a random number may be shown, depending on the operator and country you are calling.
    3. No, we do not offer this possibility.
    4. We are not aware of this issue, we will try to reproduce it.
    5. No, we do not provide this option.
    Kind Regards

  25. To become alternative to skype
    First: You should look into skype features especially on pc like friend online notification.(this option is not available on nimbuzz).
    second:block contact feature (It is embarrased to find this feature on ebuddy you are advanced programe)
    Third:import contacts that using nimbuzz from hotmail,facebook,yahoo and gmail so we can reach them easily so nimbuzz become poular like skype.
    Fourth:adding group conversation (conference call) like skype do.
    Fifth:sending sms message like skype has.
    Six: supporting proxy setting so we can access on restricted network inside connection setting like skype has on skype for windows.
    sventh:The important one is video calling (not available on pc also,i will not complete i am waiting from nimbuzz).
    eigth :sharing screen during call like skype do you can find this important feature on call menu -video-share your screen on pc
    ninth:skype is supporting voice call on blackberry why nimbuzz not.
    I found in nimbuzz feature in its superb sound from nimbuzz to nimbuzz.
    and nimbuzz only similar to skype in nimbuzzout
    i suggest also to add feature of being online on nimbuzz and invisible on windows live or yahoo messenger

    Nimbuzz you still have a lot of work to do first look ino skype then say it is alternative to skype.

  26. @escrich. 10q so much. D my.nimbuzz workd. I neva even knew dat dere is a PC Version. I wl dload it ASAP. U guys r doin gr8. Bt cn dere b an online Nimbuzz asistance,whr by Nimbuz users,once loggd in,cn get help,wen dere is any? Like a 24/7 thing. Mostly on d mobile version. Pls let me knw if any

  27. Nimbuzz is perfect on iphone , but I hope the call between nimbuzz accounts for the blackberry users will be available soon and for the international call also , thank u ;)

  28. @miss_bb
    Thanks for your comment.
    As mentioned previously we do not support calling on Java and BlackBerry devices.

  29. can u help us why nimbuzz is not working on mobile in united arab emirates.we were using it for pakistan from is ringing but not connecting the other side kindly solve our problem.kindly send the answer on my email also.

  30. @khanzada66

    We are aware of VoIP blocking in UAE, which is an initiative from the
    government together with the Telecommunications Authorities.
    Unfortunately due to these reasons we cannot guarantee that VoIP
    calling will work for you. We recommend you to try to call using other
    network to test if it helps.

    Thanks & Regards.

  31. escrich thanks 4 d oda day. Nw,i even gt 2 read odas fb’s whatz on ur mind. Bt i cnt write mine on FB. How cn i do dat? Also,i nid d link/ steps on au 2 dload Nimbuzz 4 Nokia c3. 4 my sister

  32. @dotun
    You can see your friends updates on FB (personal message) but it is not possible to update yours yet, we are considering implementing this in the future.

  33. @NAIM
    That is because your device runs the Nimbuzz Java version in which we do not support VoIP calling.

  34. There is no more call option (yahoo and nimbuzz buddies) for S60 3rd Edition FP1
    Nimbuzz v 3.0.0 rev 3859

  35. @Nokia e63 user
    Please make sure you are using the latest Nimbuzz version available 3.0.1
    Then unregister and register your Yahoo account and try again
    Let us know if the issue persist.

  36. hello queralt escrich
    thank you so much for been there at all time,but this time around, i don’t believe that I cannot fixed this. it’s the FACEBOOK not connecting on NIMBUZZ mobile version. you don’t even get to see it on the settings panel. i am on net now to check, this is my third time in 3 days, yet, the FACEBOOK link is not showing. my friends are all complaining to me , cos i told them about NIMBUZZ. what can I do to help solve that problem.

  37. @mntsr
    It is currently not possible to place a conference call via Nimbuzz.

  38. my nimbuzz have not any call option program. My device is lg ku 990 mobile phone. I want to call all of my Gtalk friends from the ninbuzz. Please help me that problem. Please send to my gmail account. Please what should i do ?

  39. @ko zaw
    Your device is using a Java version of Nimbuzz which does not support calling, hence you cannot call neither receive calls via Nimbuzz.

  40. @ichu
    Your device uses a Java version of Nimbuzz which due to technical limitations does not support calling.

  41. @jaleel – Thanks for your interest. Unfortunately, we do not support Skype on Nimbuzz. Nimbuzz only supports Facebook, Gtalk, Yahoo and MSN.

  42. Is Nimbuzz support Nokia Lumia 520.
    How to install Nimbuzz in Nokia Lumia 520.
    Please share the experience.

  43. Sir, is nimbuzz avilible for cherry mobile tab ( jeallybean 4.1)
    pls give download link. :D
    Can’t get frm official site :C

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