HD voice calls for all iPhones and iPod Touches

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Last week we saw the arrival of HD voice calls for Android phones.  Now we are bridging the gap and are launching HD voice calls for your iPhone/iPod!

After serving 3.65 billion VoIP minutes since October 2009 we are introducing the next generation of Nimbuzz to Nimbuzz calls to the iOS family.

The new Nimbuzz 2.0.4 is available to download now [iTunes link].

The new version comes packed with:

  • HD voice call quality on Nimbuzz to Nimbuzz calls
  • Go Offline
  • New contact list and profile layout
  • Multiple contact sorting options
  • Stability improvements

Let’s explore the features in detail.

HD calls on iPhone
The new update allows you to make HD quality calls to your Nimbuzz friends that are also using an iPhone or iPod Touch (or iPad). It is possible due to our new peer to peer calling system which doesn’t route the call through our servers but makes a direct connection between the two mobile devices. Now your calls will be connected faster, the calling quality will be crystal clear, and the probability of dropped calls enormously reduced.

Nimbuzz auto-detects when you have a suitable connection (3G or WiFi) for HD calls and then displays an HD indicator in the calling screen in real time.

For now HD quality calls are available only for iPhone and Android users but we are working on making it available on  Symbian, PC and Mac as well.

We also added the long requested “Go offline” functionality so you can always be in charge of  your online presence. With Go Offline, you can use Nimbuzz without appearing online/away/busy to your friends. They will simply see you as offline.

A highly requested feature was to sort contacts by account and status. Well, it’s finally here so go ahead and sort as much as you desire.

Nimbuzz sort contactsOn top of all that we have redesigned the contact list layout to improve usability. Now you will see the presence icons (available, busy, away) on the right side and the community icons are placed over the display images of your contacts, in the bottom left corner, which cleans up the interface.

We also fixed the annoying bugs you discovered. Thanks a lot for letting us know guys!!

Enough talk, it’s time to test the new app so get busy with it :D!


45 thoughts on “HD voice calls for all iPhones and iPod Touches

  1. @manu
    Which type of call? calling an IM contact? If yes, from which community?
    Or do you refer to a NimbuzzOut call? or from another SIP provider?
    Do you get any error message? Which one? When does it exactly appear.


  2. @ali
    We will research the possibilities of implementing this feature on other platforms.
    Stay tuned to our blog for more related info.

  3. When Yahoo Messenger issues will be fixed? On iPhone, I got messages from my contacts, but they don’t get mine. On web, neither… I have messaged support and no answer so far. =(

  4. Hi
    I have in fact delete the application and re install it and now it works fine.

    However how to have an hd call ? I am doing nimbuzz to nimbuzz to friends but never saw any hd sign? Whatever I am on 3G or wifi.
    Any specifications for obtaining the hd call ? Wifi to wifi or any countries ?

    Also any video calls coming ?

  5. Since upgrading I cannot make any nimbuzzout calls on my iOS 4 device. VoIP settings let me tick nimbuzzout but the tick doesn’t stay there…. A real pain cause I can’t downgrade!

  6. Left the app running in the background and it seems to have eventually recognized my nimbuzzout….. Not as quickly as normal though.

  7. You guys should create a small team to work on just the desktop version of Nimbuzz, it lacks so many features :(

  8. Hi dude, We r anxiously waiting 2 get HD VOIP in sambian mobile. Plz arrange this ASAP. Thnx 4 for giving us such type of mob application which is really fantastic 4 us.

  9. Also it is said that the HD calls are between nimbuzz to nimbuzz. However in the picture showing an hd call it is shown a phone number at a rate at 0.01cents !! How come ?

    Just tried again I have a 30Mbits connection on wifi and my friend has 20mbits but no Hd sign at all ? and the voice quality is not bad but nothing compare to Skype . How tonexperience the hd call ?

  10. @anoop
    Which exact error message do you receive when trying to place a call?
    Have you already reported this to our NimbuzzOut Support? If yes, which ticket number did you get? let us know so we can track the issue and inform you of the status.

  11. @anoop

    I had the same issue. Was impossible to call. You have to delete the program and re install it.


    Do you have a feedback on my questions ? Still no HD call at all ? And I have a huge broadband wifi and my friends as well !

    Thanks for your revert

  12. @Ali
    Which exact error message do you get?
    When does it appear?
    Have you tried register your FB account on my.nimbuzz.com and try login to your Nimbuzz account on Mobile.
    Thanks for your comment, we will research the possibilities to implement this in other platforms like symbian in the future.
    Thanks for your suggestion, are there any specifics features you would like to see implemented? Suggestions are welcome! :)
    In regards of NimbuzzOut, could you be more specific, what does happen when you try to place a call using NimbuzzOut?
    Could you descroibe the issue so we can reproduce it at our offices?
    Any error message?

    Thanks for the update.
    For you to have Hd calling both you and your contact have to be using Nimbuzz in 3g or Wi-Fi network
    In regards of video calling, we aim to support it soon, stay tuned to our blog for more related news.
    Could you be more specific on your query?
    Do your friends not receive your chat messages? which device and Nimbuzz version are you using?
    Since when do you face this issue?
    Which status do your contacts show when this happen?
    Let us know.

  13. @escrich
    I am using nimbuzz to my nimbuzz friend on full broadband wifi around 30mbits !!! But no HD sign at all. There must have some restrictions to have it ? Or does it work ?

    How to have an HD call ? Or is it available only in some or between countries ?

  14. @queralt escrich I’ve always thought Video conferences, desktop/screen sharing with multiple people and HD voice would be cool on The desktop version, especially to bring people over from other voip providers. Having HD voice and screen sharing with more then 1 person would actually make Nimbuzz better then other voip’s.

  15. hay!
    i tried with my.nimbuzz.com all my facebook contact show me now as nimbuzz contact… what is that??
    still same error i am facing

  16. @FC360
    Thanks for sharing your suggestions, we aim to support video in the future :) Stay tuned to our blog for more related news.

  17. @Escrich

    Still impossible to have any HD calls. despite wifi on both side, and using nimbuzz on both. What are the restrictions to obtain it?

  18. Hi there

    I am trying to make hd calls with nimbuzz to nimbuzz on wifi on both side but no success . How to make an hd call ? Does it work everywhere ?

  19. @manu
    Nimbuzz checks the best Quality suitable for the network on both Clients (sides). So both WiFis needs to have a good connectivity and low latency in order to have HD enabled. That is done in order to preserve the quality of the call.

  20. Hi, I have a couple problems with the latest (04) version, such as:
    1. The “DTMF Mode” does not work when I am doing voip calls. It is important for me, since I have a lot of calls to offices and other places when I need to enter an extension number.The previous version did not have such problem.
    2. Mostly I am using voip calls.My Voip-Provider gave a DID-number using which my friends can reach me any time and in any place with very cheap calls. Now during the incoming call to this DID-number I am getting nothing from the Nimbuzz client (no sound, no vibration, no picture). It is very bad. And, again, the previous version was OK.
    3. Your main competitor (Fring) has a very low rates (2-3 times lower yours). When are you going to drop your rates to the same level (about 0.5-1.0 US cent/min)?

  21. @tapiwa brian mabiza
    The FB Connect registration is not yet available on the Nimbuzz Java version but we will have it implemented on the next release.
    Meanwhile we recommend you to connect your FB account from the PC.
    On your browser go to my.nimbuzz.com
    Login your Nimbuzz account there
    On the top right side of the page you will see a ‘Settings’ icon
    Click on it to go to IM accounts
    Select FB and connect your FB account
    After that you can leave the page and your FB account will be already connected on the phone.

  22. @slava
    Thanks for your comment, in regards of incoming calls, could you try again and let us know if the issue persists?
    If yes, which SIP provider are you using?
    In regards of the DTMF tones issue, which nimbuzz version are you using? In which device?
    About the prices, we will review the pricing list in upcoming year.
    Kind Regards

  23. Thank you for this respond.
    Here is the additional information you ask:
    1. Incoming calls – I did try again with the following results: I have a picture on the screen, sound and vibration, but without connection (no sound for both sides). No phone conversation is allowed. My voip provider is sipwg.voicenetwork.ca. I got the DID-number from them and it did work with the previous Nimbuzz version.
    2. DTMF mode – I am using iPhone-4 and Nimbuzz-04. Again, it did work before


  24. @slava
    1. Regarding sound problems: We do not proxy SIP Voice Streams, which means that Nimbuzz just connects you to the SIP servers and the audio and voice portion of the call, is managed by your SIP provider.
    For assistance on this issue please contact your SIP Support Team and let them know.
    2. About the DTMF tones, we have been able to reproduce the issue and our team is working in order to have it fixed as soon as possible.
    Kind Regards

  25. Hi,

    1. Thank you about the DTMF mode – I hope you can find a good solution soon.
    2. About sound problems – I disagree with you because of the following:
    I did check how Nimbuzz is working (with the same Voip provider) on the Nokia 5800. The Nimbuzz version isv.3.0.0 rev 3866 for S60 5th Edition. On the Nokia Numbuzz is working without any problems (both for incoming and outgoing calls). So, my conclusion is that the problem with Nimbuzz v. 04 on the iPhone is in Numbuzz itself. And, again and again, it did work with the previous version. Please, help me.

    If you can not fix this issue, tell me how and where I can get the old version of the Nimbuzz.


  26. Hi,
    is it possible not to have Nimbuzz connect automatically when there is a wifi or 3G connection available? This is mainly to avoid high roaming costs when abroad? Thanks.

  27. @geert
    You can disable that functionality on your phone settings itself so you do not get connected on any wi-fi network.

  28. @Queralt: that’s not the problem. Nimbuzz connects even when the iphone isn’t connected to a wifi network. DO I have to disconnect the 3G to avoid Nimbuzz to connect? Thanks.

  29. @Geert
    You should get disconnected if you sign out your account and you have the notifications settings set to OFF, have you double checked that?

  30. Hello Everyone,

    Is there any way that i could Auto answer an incoming Voip call over the NIMBUZZ application ?

    Say , If i am calling from Yahoo messenger or Hotmail configured on my Nimbuzz account on phone, The incoming VOIP voice calls should be auto answered(Ofcourse based on certain criteria to answer and which calls not be Auto answered) as this will really help the users of this Great Application NIMBUZZ .

    Thanks for Your suggestion in advance !


  31. @Raj
    No we do not offer auto-answer calls option, we will discuss if it could be possible to be added in the future.

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