20% extra free calling credits on NimbuzzOut #happy2011

2011 it’s almost here and as every year, we want to be closer to our family and friends no matter where they are!

To celebrate the start of the New Year and to help you connect with your loved ones we are giving you 20% Extra NimbuzzOut credits for every time you purchase NimbuzzOut credits, until January 31, 2011.

We hope that this way you will be able to:

  • spend more time catching up with your friends and see what their party plans are ;)
  • reassuring your mom and dad you are ok  (parents always need to be super sure about that :D)
  • or even call abroad and make sure your hotel reservation is booked

And all this via NimbuzzOut calling which is the cheapest and most convenient way to call mobile phone numbers and landlines anywhere in the world.

How to get your 20% extra credit?

To get your  20% extra credits use “HAPPY2011” in the promo code field each time you purchase NimbuzzOut credits. We will automatically add 20% extra credits.

Get NimbuzzOut Credits!

This offer is available until the 31 of January 2011, so hurry.

With our NimbuzzOut rates you can call mobile phones and landlines in 45 countries for only $0.02/min! That’s almost one hour of talking for just $1!

Enough, get you credits now and start calling. Your family and friends will be supper happy to hear your voice!

40 thoughts on “20% extra free calling credits on NimbuzzOut #happy2011

  1. What device you use?
    Where did you download Nimbuzz from?
    Do you get any error message when trying to install the app?
    Where did you try to sign up for an account? On our website?
    What happened when you tried to create your account?

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  3. using nimbuzz on PC u can not search for friends, i don’t understand. but i am the only person in ghana who love using nimbuzz, the best site for chatting go for yours sony ericsson

  4. @emmanuel
    If you refer to search for new friends, we do not offer this possibility yet, but we do consider implementing it in the future.

  5. @bekkybaker
    Could you please be more specific on your query? Which kind of help/guidance do you need?

  6. I purchase a $10 credit after reading it provide HD clear voice, however, it does not really clear at all. I use it to call to Malaysia mobile and Singapore landline. Both with lots of noises at the receiver. Kind of disappointed.

  7. In my n70 mobile device nimbuzz is install but every time conection failed, also new account not create.

  8. @Vanjokeshab
    Could you be more specific on your query?
    Which exact error message are you receiving when this happen?
    Which type of connection and network provider do you use?
    Where are you located?
    Let us know

  9. @Xkiter
    Are you not able to see the rates?
    Could you please be more descriptive? If possible send us a screenshot of the issue indicating which phone browser are you using.

  10. hi
    i have a problem and need help plz
    i was on yahoo messenger last nite and my webcam was on and i didnt on my cam since and in the morning i went online for few mins and left, i came back online in the afternoon and my wife was on nimbuzz and we talked for a while and suddenly she told me my cam was on while it was off and then 2 mins later she said my cam went off, is it possible its a problem from nimbuzz that happened and that it showed my webcam on and then off witout it ever being on
    thank you
    i am sorry i didnt know where else to post :(

  11. hey i just bought nimbuzz out credit and after that i read this message. any posiblity to get 20 percent credit now.???

    –honest nimbuzz user

  12. @pradhishkumar
    To get the 20% extra credits you have to use the promo code while purchasing the credits, not afterwards.

  13. @krishi
    We have been informed by Facebook that they are dealing with capacity
    issues, which are causing problems when trying to connect to Facebook.

    They have also insured us that they are actively working on fixing
    this issue as soon as possible.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. In the
    menatime, try reaching your friends over Nimbuzz :)

    Kind Regards,

  14. Tried out… but it didn’t work… Error keeps saying the promo code doesnt work with this payment option… regardless of whatever payment option i chose

  15. Do have any promotion offers for us at the momoent? I missed last month’s 20% offer as I topped up my credit before that offer. I need to TopUp my credit now.

  16. @Shahab
    Thanks for interest, however we do not have a promotion or discount code at the moment, You will be informed via our Newsletter as soon as there is one.

  17. hi sir, please help me to recharge my credit for calls via nimbuzz. All payment mode is not available for me. I want different mode as> sms recharge deduce balance from my cell operator. Or try to available recharge coupon local area wise. Thank you . With love . Your user Dilshad

  18. @ Dilshad
    We do not have operator billing.
    At the moment, we just offer this kind of payment methods :

    1. VISA Credit
    2. VISA Debit
    3. VISA Electron
    4. V-Pay
    5. Carte Bleu
    6. Dankort (Visa)
    7. Mastercard
    8. Eurocard
    9. Maestro International
    10. JBC
    11. American Express
    12. PayPal
    13. CashU

    We will consider adding more payment methods in the future.

  19. @Ankush
    The use of a promo code is not mandatory to purchase credits.
    We do not have a promotion running at the moment, as soon as there is a new promo available you will receive it via email with our Newsletter.

  20. @jaleel
    Thanks for your interest, there is no promotion running at the moment, as soon as there is one you will receive the information with our Newsletter.

  21. in my my nimbuzz i added my my telephon number but it cannot be verified by the system
    my mobile is nokia x2
    plese advice to fix the problem

    thanks & regards

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