Then and Now: Nimbuzz evolution

30 months have past since we first started blogging, and after all this time we are proud to demonstrate the evolution of Nimbuzz.

Today Nimbuzz has:

  • 30+ million users in every country of the world
  • 200+ million downloads
  • 3,65 billion calls a year
  • 3000+ supported devices

Let’s take a few steps back in time and show you how Nimbuzz evolved since we launched our very first app back in May 2008.

Below is a side by side comparison with the first Nimbuzz version on the left side and the current version on the right side. To enlarge any of the image simply click on them.

Nimbuzz for Java feature phones (launched May 2008)

Nimbuzz for Nokia Symbian phones (launched May 2008)

Nimbuzz for iPhone (launched November 2008)

Nimbuzz for Android (launched August 2009)

Nimbuzz for Blackberry (launched December 2009)

Nimbuzz for PC (launched May 2008)

Nimbuzz for Mac (launched July 2009)

Have you tried (or seen) all of them?

Maybe one of you has :D ?  Would be great to get everyone’s feedback :).

49 thoughts on “Then and Now: Nimbuzz evolution

  1. In the very first pic on the top left, about the java client, i saw the skype contact logo on the picture, reminded me how much i miss the skype calls feature in nimbuzz, i know it’s not nimbuzz’s fault but still, it was a good feature, sad :(

  2. If only nimbuzz could have an pc app that acept calls from cell-Nimbuzz based app I could stop using Skype, now I start hate Skype

  3. oK I See nimbuzz growing at the same time there is no attemp to improve major important features that is basics in any IM provider like friends online notififcation, blocking contact, find your friends easily (it is only easy by suggestion in first registeration after that u can not find them)video call because skype is not in nimbuzz sharing screen on both computers like skype thumbnoil is not working for msn contact and i talked many times about that previously the problem nimbuzz i feel it should take feedback seriously because my friends that i invite them to nimbuzz compare it with other IM and told me nimbuzz has a lot of missing features that they need in chatting one of it like make voice when friend sign in.

  4. i have used this application since the the previous 2 version befor the current one. Indeed there has been a lot of improvement. I use it on an e90, but i think it still drains the battery quite a bit. Otherwise i think its the best IM application

  5. I’m still waiting for the linux client for nimbuzz and wondering why it take nimbuzz so long??

    If Nimbuzz developing the symbian^3 nimbuzz with QT, the client for Linux is just a compiler away…. i.e. nimbuzz programmer don’t need to do any coding at all. just recompile it for linux.

  6. I love this app but it takes 61 seconds to show me who is online! I am on a Nokia E71.
    Anyways i LoVe this cool app!

  7. az si isteglih nimbuzz i nqmam abonati nemoga da gi namerq ne6to neraboti dobre pokazva 4e sam na liniq no abonatite gi nqma

  8. Good work Nimbuzz team! Keep it up!

    The first screen reminds me when I had installed Java version on my SE W850i. As it didn’t support calling, I didn’t use it for long. But now on my E71, its the best. Easy & fun. Top of all, everything under one roof.

    Keep going!

  9. I bought my Nokia 5700 XpressMusic on december 22, 2007. I love this mobile, never regret it. Nimbuzz Java, was the first social app i installed on my mobile, through I wanted an application with chatrooms, which gives you the possibility to make new friends. Nimbuzz was mind blowing and still is. Had wonderful time with java, i experience every upgrades but still love both java and symbian version. In the old days, the main issue was flooders, now it is the opposite. The room search engine, display, lock users in chatroom, long character rooms name and so on, are kind of trouble. Hopefully developers are working on it. I met many people, got so many friends, this is thanks to nimbuzz.
    Thanks Nimbuzz

  10. @hmb
    We aim to have Chatrooms on the PC version in future but we cannot fix a date to have it implemented yet.

  11. @Dilshod Mukhtarov
    Due to focus on other priorities we don’t have plans to implement a Linux version in near future. We recommend you to use the Nimbuzz Webchat from your PC’s browser.
    Other alternative although not officially supported, is to try Nimbuzz via Wine. ;)

  12. @Praveendt4
    Thanks for your comment.
    We have this solved for the next version that we aim to release soon.

  13. @cycnus
    Due to focus on other priorities, a Linux client is not yet in our roadmap.
    You can use the Nimbuzz webchat from your PC’s browser at

    What happens exactly?
    Do you have issues to sign in?
    Do you get any error message?

  15. @William
    Thanks for your comment.
    We are working on alternatives to help on saving battery while using the app.

  16. @Josnelihurt
    Could you please be more specific on your comment?
    On Nimbuzz you can make free VoIP calls to your IM buddies,from your PC or mobile, and you can call to landlines and mobile lines using your SIP or NimbuzzOut.

  17. pls help me out: the number of contacts i ve in my yahoo/nimbuzz is not much compare wth my yahoo chat on my mailbox. In my nimbuzz i ve only 18 contact while @yahoo 125 contacts. And all of them are yahoo contacts.
    Pls is there any way to import them 2 my nimbuzz contact?. Im using nokia e72

  18. @saniubah
    which device and Nimbuzz version are you using?
    do you have the feature “do not show offline contacts” enabled?
    which status do the contacts that do not appear have? are they online/offline ?
    Let us know

  19. hello i am from syria and i just want to ask why nimbuzz doesn’t work in syria is there any problem please answer me as soon as possible

  20. thanx 4 evrythng u r doing 4 us 2 enjoy our chatting experience. I have 1 question, though regarding the new version of nimbuzz for symbian phones. where can i find my inbox or sent items?????? I am using Nokia N95-8GB. It was easier to use the previous version coz everythng was easily accessible. Plz help.

  21. @justin
    We already have a compatible version for BlackBerry 5.0
    Are you gacing any issue with Nimbuzz? Let us know so we can improve.

  22. @ruby94
    We have removed the Inbox from the symbian version.
    You can still check your receivced files going to the chat tab> options> received files.

  23. hi
    i have a problem and need help plz
    i was on yahoo messenger last nite and my webcam was on and i didnt on my cam since and in the morning i went online for few mins and left, i came back online in the afternoon and my wife was on nimbuzz and we talked for a while and suddenly she told me my cam was on while it was off and then 2 mins later she said my cam went off, is it possible its a problem from nimbuzz that happened and that it showed my webcam on and then off witout it ever being on
    thank you
    i am sorry i didnt know where else to post :(

  24. why nimbuzz not work in Syria
    Rumors say that the web site before you Confidential because of the political ban on Syria!!!!!!!!!!!1

  25. Hi,Nimbuzz is de best,but u guys ( Developers) still need to upgrade Nimbuzz so dat it can workwith new Java phones properly. i e, Nokia C3-00.keep it up.

  26. @yaor peters
    We do support your device. Have you tried it out? Let us know if you have any suggestion, so we can improve!

  27. @layth
    As mentioned previously, everything is working fine on our end.
    We strongly recommend you to check directly with your network provider about this issue.

  28. @ Tesin
    Thanks for letting us know your issue, could you please try to put the theme on your phone again ? If it doesn’t work, could you let us know ?
    In regards of the issue with your Live ID ; could you please tell us what exactly happens ? Could you tell us which type of connection and the number of Nimbuzz version are you using ? Do you receive an error message ? If so, what does this error message say?
    In which country are you located ?

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