70% less data consumption with Nimbuzz for Nokia Symbian

Get ready to consume up to 70% less data with the new Nimbuzz 3.0.1 for Nokia Symbian phones.

With the new update we have enabled a new way to compress the data packages using zlib encoding. We expect that on average you will consume 50% less data, and depending on how you use Nimbuzz, this could get save you an amazing 70% in data used.

Also your login speed will be faster :D.

Besides these amazing news we also have three additional features you should definitely check out:

  1. Invisible mode – so you can appear invisible to your Nimbuzz contacts.
  2. Allow chats only from friends – so you won’t be bothered by people that are not on your list.
  3. Updated status icons – for Online, Away, Busy and Offline modes.

And here is how to activate the new options:

To appear invisible to your Nimbuzz friends you need to click on your profile (top of the contact list),  then on your status (usually it’s online) and choose Invisible.

To allow chats only from your Nimbuzz contacts go to: Options > Settings > Nimbuzz account > Allow chats from: Contacts only.

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101 thoughts on “70% less data consumption with Nimbuzz for Nokia Symbian

  1. noo .>! one bitch hacked my account and my whole histry!!!.. with one tracer!…. :( :( nimbuzz plzz solve dat problem first!!

  2. just updated hoping it doesnt eat up my e90 battery the way it used to, as earlier i wud only imagine using nimbuz with a charger connected hopefuly now its not like that although i must add that nimbuzz is amazing and only problem is power consumption

  3. Happy new year and good evening. My phone model is 5310 nokia express music. Can i eligible for download this system means nimbuzz symbian ? Pls respond as soon as possible. Rumi

  4. Pls make nimbuzz for nokia n900.Its been long time since u made promise of making tht.Pls make it soon as possible

  5. Is there any updates on Video Calling in Nimbuzz? It will be higly appriciated if Nimbuzz Start Video Call. Skype Just dont care for Symbian User …..

    Would be Gr8 if someone 4m nimbuzz team give some answer.

  6. Did you guys fix sign out problem on windows live messenger? Occasionally, when I close the application, my wlive account still show that i am online until I open Desktop Live Messenger and click “sign out from everywhere”

  7. Will be monitoring its power consumption. Thats my only beef with Nimbuzz now that you have implemented better compression with zlib.

  8. I hope this one works as the older version just end up restarting my phone just before it finishes installing

  9. Great.. i just updated to new version, working better so far.

    there is a option to check for updates in Option > Settings > About. it always says “Great, your version of Nimbuzz is up-to-date!” while a update is available.

  10. This sounds good but I don’t get it. Does this means the battery would last longer? I think it’s normal for my N73 that if I use an internet application continously for about 3 hours.. even if I let it idle, it uses too much battery power.

  11. @Rumi2
    No, your device uses a Java version of Nimbuzz, so this new update is not compatible.
    @Hidayat khan
    Let us know what you think of the new update. Suggestions are always welcome! :)
    We aim to support video calling in the future, stay tuned to our blog for more news.
    Sorry, we do not offer this possibility, but we will consider it to be implemented.
    Note if you have someone blocked on MSN itself, should not appear on your Nimbuzz contact list.
    Thanks for your interest, as mentioned previously we have plans to implement a compatible version but we cannot provide you with a expected date for it to be released.
    Thanks for your suggestion, we will consider it :)
    No, we do not offer video calling yet. We aim to support it in the future, stay tuned to our blog for more news.
    Give it a try and let us know if the issue persist.
    This means that login will be faster and that the data traffic usage will be lower than in the previous versions.

  12. Hey,

    Why’d you guys disable custom jabber clients…we’re setting up an XMPP server for our University…and all other clients are SUCH trash….please please enable XMPP/Jabber………

    Thank you!!

  13. I hate nimbuzz because we cant see the picture profile form msn contacts and they cant see my picture
    this suck
    i love ebuddy!!!

  14. Mrs queralt whenever i ask u about buzz option u always says nimbuzz had removed the buzz option and giving me 1 link post of Mr kevin… I think queralt u didnt read that post that buzz is currently unavailable but in futre buzz option will be available hope so now u got that its not removed its unavailable right now

  15. @q8phantom
    The MSN avatar is a more difficult implementation than we had expected. Our team is working in order to have that fixed in the future.
    in regards of copy paste functionality we will consider this to be implemented.
    @Gopi A
    We do not have plans to enable Jabber back for the moment.
    However we will forward your request and will be considered as a suggestion.
    I think you are a bit confused, this option has been removed to be replaced by push notification in other devices, like on iPhone and Android.
    We do not have plans to re-enable it in the near future.
    We will consider to implement this in the future.

  16. am i the only one still having problems with facebook chat?
    -some FB friends never appear online even though they are..this is strange.
    -FB status stops updating after a random period of phone inactivity.
    -triggering of unusual/suspicious login attempts (really really annoying). can’t nimbuzz work this one out with FB? Get your servers whitelisted or something? Why do I have to always authorize and click on “This is ok” for this Rotterdam nimbuzz server all the time?

    everything was kind of working last week, after authorizing facebook connection only via wap.nimbuzz.com and ignoring “Reauthorize…” message that appears in nimbuzz app’s Accounts page. But this method no longer works.

    maybe worth mentioning that i’m also logged on to FB simultaneously on my pc.


  17. Good good… It works very fast compare to the older version. Thought invisible mode and chat with friends only, hmmm might make new friendship little bit hard… Somehow thanx for this version

  18. i noted just now 1 thing is very bad in this version. now there is no option of “message”
    now with this version we can’t send message to nimbuzz user that’s very bad.. :-(

  19. You must add Facebook just the way twitter is added….please do something…this application is great but it can be amazing with Facebook addition

  20. Its lo’so again.
    Your latest version is slightly better, but the facebook connection has gotten worse man.
    I have to re-authorise my account everyday…. Not cool.
    Please fix this asap. Q.E
    thanks. ;-)

  21. @admin can you reply me of mu question “i noted just now 1 thing is very bad in this version. now there is no option of “message”
    now with this version we can’t send message to nimbuzz user that’s very bad.. :-(“

  22. After upgrade I cannot see contacts other then Nimbuzz registered… When they initiate chat, it works, but they are not in the list…

  23. The Low Data Usage is great news. I was so disappointed in the increase data usage from your 2.03 version to later ones. The whole point of using Nimbuzz is the low cost due to low data usage.

    Keep up the good work you guys are back on the right track.

  24. @loso87
    Thanks for your feedback, try checking your privacy settings on FB itself and allow the possibility of loging in from third party apps, after that try Nimbuzz again, let us know if you still have to re-authorize the account each time.

  25. @maximnz19596
    Do you mean search for other users?
    We would like to implement that feature in the future.
    This option was already removed in the previous symbian release.
    You can still check your received files going to chat tab>options>received files
    Thanks for your feedback and suggestion, we will take it into account.

  26. @meda
    Could you be more specific on your query?
    Are your contacts not loading? or do they appear but showing with a wrong status?
    Which device and Nimbuzz version are you using?
    Which status are you displaying when this happens?

  27. I love the invisible Feature .. great job nimbuzz team ^_*
    I’ve heard rumours that the next version is going
    to have BubblesChat !! Like on iphone

    if it’s true That is a baaaaaaad idea..
    Don’t do it .. we like the chat layout just the way it is

    thank you @};-

  28. With the last version of Nimbuzz everything is fine, but the system that proposes friends should have some problems…
    I’m Italian and i was proposed to add friends from Arabia, Iran , Netherlands… and obviously i don’t know anyone of them

  29. @Aseel Nussier
    Thanks for your feedback.
    In regards of the next release, we cannot give you any sneak peak yet, stay tuned to our blog for more related news:)

  30. @Ferruccio
    Please check if you have the Buzz Number saved on your phonebook (+313131) if yes, please remove it and try again to use Nimbuzz, do you still receive those friend suggestions?
    Let us know

  31. Hi, I’d like to login my Skype account into Nimbuzz but couldn’t find a way. Could anybody help me? Tks

  32. hi.i have a problem.when i receive message in persian language i cant read them.the received message not in persian font.im using nimbuzz 3.01 for symbian in my nokia 5700.this problem was started from today.

  33. Hi
    whats up with the new update ?! I just keep receiving my offline messags curabued unreadable txt both in english & arabic sending or receiving as offline messag+Error (unknown server error occurred) both online&offline when sending a photo messag.
    Evere time i login i got suggested friend from nimbuzz&for phone contacts .so ist a bug or what ??
    My mobile Nokia E50 and my friend mobile Nokia 6710s

  34. And i cant us sip+gtalk calls on nokia E50 befor they worked fore me after the last 3 updates i even cant see the callkey in my gmail contacts and cant see sip settings


  35. @ali
    Could you update the version to the latest avaialable (3.0.2) and let us know if the issue persist.
    If it does, does it happen when chatting with Nimbuzz contacts or contacts from other IM communities?
    Let us know

  36. @Aseel
    Thanks for your comment and suggestion, we are cosnidering implementing the search option.
    How would you like to see it implemented? Let us know your ideas so we can take them into account for future improvements :)
    Kind Regards

  37. @mohm
    Note your gmail contacts can just receive calls if they are logged on Gtalk, or another third party app that allows them to receiev calls.
    In regards of SIP, which exact issue do you face when trying to place a call?
    Let us know

  38. @mohm
    Thanks for reporting, do you face this problem when checking your offline messages? or when chatting with Nimbuzz contacts?
    Let us know

  39. well thank you queralt , that would be cool
    ” How would you like to see it implemented? ”
    I don’t know thats for nimbuzz developers to figure it out :p , but how about a separate tab for search like the twitter tab.
    by the way I just knew that there is another version of nimbuzz from ur reply to ali !
    even when I check for new updates it says that I’m running the latest version of nimbuzz while there is another on !
    I went to get.nimbuzz.com and downloaded it .
    my phone is nokia e75.

  40. @queralt escrich
    Hi.thnx for your response.im install nimbuzz 3.02 in my nokia5700 but the problem not solved.this problem only appear with offline messages in my nimbuzz buddies.i can’t read persian offline messages.another message have no problem.I was resete my phone hardly also but the problem not solve.

  41. @queralt escrich
    Hi.thnx for your response.im install nimbuzz 3.02 in my nokia5700 but the problem not solved.this problem only appear with offline messages in my nimbuzz buddies.i can’t read persian offline messages.another message have no problem.I was reset my phone hardly also but the problem not solve.

  42. Hi
    Ya its the latest update and its with nimbuzz contacts when i checking my offline messages and my gmail contacts they are logged and they are on Nimbuzz too but they have a call option in nimbuzz but i dont but before the last 2 or 3 updates that option was on my nimbuzz and the SIP option too

  43. I am using Nokia E75, after the end of the installation my phone restarts and everytime i run the app it restarts. I have removed the app nimbuss but i really want to use it. What seems to be the problem? Any suggestion would be welcome. Thanks.

  44. Sup QE? Am having problems with sending files/uploading a new display picture. An error message comes up all the time…. What do I do?
    I am also using the 3.0.1 version, when I check for updates it displays…. Great! Your version is up to date….. Why?
    And lastly sup with ‘em smileys, you promised to add more bro.

  45. @papps
    Which device do you have?
    try to download the app from get.nimbuzz.com and let us know if the issue persist.

  46. @Loso
    The latest version is just uploaded on get.nimbuzz.com, try again and let us know.

  47. Just downloaded version 3.0.2, the profile picture upload has been fixed, but the sending of files still prompt the error message….and my facebook has gone all lady gaga on me…… Its unavailable and all that.

  48. @loso87
    Could you confirm when exactly does the error message appear?
    When sending files to which contacts?
    Which type of file is it? How big is it?
    In regards of FB, please be patient and try registering your account again.

  49. The error message is “unknown server error occured”.
    Its jpeg, about 82kb to my nimbuzz contact.
    The FB account is saying this service is temporarily unavailable and thats were most of my contacts are.

  50. @loso87
    Thanks for reporting, we are going to try to reproduce the issue and come back to you as soon as we have some more details.

  51. hi guys.i have the 3.0.2
    versi0n and pr0blem with
    sending files .cnt send
    anythng.it says unknown
    server err0r!what should i
    Every file sending have same err0r.and cnt see profile photos

  52. @ali.neon
    When does it happen?
    When sending files to a Nimbuzz contact or from another IM community? If yes, which one?
    In regards of the avatars not loading, Sometimes the avatars of your contacts take a bit longer to update.

    If you are sure your contact is online and is not displaying their
    avatar, try interacting with your contact, send them a chat mesage and
    the application will refresh and show their avatar in few seconds.

    We are aware of some issues loading MSN avatars and our team is
    working in order to fix that.


  53. i use a wireless high speed c0nnecti0n.and about what u said,n0 matter wh0m i send the file to,it got the same error.even to nimbuzz users.and no avatar shows after 5-6 hours being online.i had no problem with previous version.cn u guyz help me?

  54. I have just update from 3.0.1 to 3.0.2. Its working good but showing wrong status icon. Eg. Friends who are online, their status is reported as online, but status icon is like offline (x within a circle). and friends who are offline their status icon is showing as busy (red circle).
    I have re-installed the app on my mobile but the problem persist. I am using Nokia 5800 xpress music. Pls help.

  55. @Pradipta
    Could you let us know if this happens with Nimbuzz contacts? Or from another community? If yes, from which one?
    Could you send a screenshot to support@nimbuzz.com describing the issue?
    Could you be more specific on your query?
    Do you get any error message when openning or starting the app?
    Which one?
    When does it appear?
    Let us know

  56. @mushina
    Please try directly to download app from Nokia Ovi Store or from get.nimbuzz.com

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