ICQ support returns on Nimbuzz

Yes!  ICQ is back on Nimbuzz :D .

Though last year we had to pull the plug on ICQ, it didn’t stop us from looking into ways of collaboration.

After further discussions ICQ agreed to let us continue to offer support.  This is especially handy for Nokia Symbian and Blackberry users for which ICQ does not provide a mobile version.

We know for sure our friends from Russia and Germany will be really happy to have ICQ back again!

Thank you all for sticking with Nimbuzz even when we couldn’t offer ICQ and thanks for your support via blog posts, comments and Twitter.

Please tweet the post and spread the good news to all your friends :D !

42 thoughts on “ICQ support returns on Nimbuzz

  1. That really are good news! I myself am user of a Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and the only purpose I saw in Nimbuzz when both, Skype and ICQ support were dropped, was to use it as client for MSN/WLM, as Microsoft (or any other equivalent developer) doesn’t offer a proper program for this phone. Then after not having installed Nimbuzz on my phone for some time because I didn’t feel the need to be online on MSN/WLM when on the move, I just wanted to check who’s online. When I then logged in I was surprised to see that I also was logged into ICQ, so I checked the blog and was happy to read that just today support for ICQ could be picked up again. So I now can use Nimbuzz again to be online on both networks without having to use the rather bad, official ICQ J2ME client :).

    So, congratulations for this achievement and thanks for your work on it.


  2. Hopefully skype is back to service
    i wish nimbuzz do not surrender with skype
    try nimbuzz collaboration with skype even if they said they do not want to support 3rd parties make us smile and happy by revover this service i know nimbuzz have their way to make skype eventually agree (induce them by ads anything) for nimbuzz user happiness
    waiting skype back to service
    Yes Nimbuzz Yes Nimbuzz Yes Nimbuzz

  3. @all
    Thanks for your comments, glad you enjoy using ICQ back on Nimbuzz.
    In regards of Skype, we do not have plans to reenable it, for those who want to read more about why we no longer support Skype you can find the info here:
    Have you already contacted our Support Team?
    If not you can do it directly here: http://www.nimbuzz.com/en/nimbuzzout/contact

  4. hi! Couldnt find appropriate topic… I have samsung f480i and java client istalled on it. Can this application receive voice calls? there is option of calling to me, but nothing is happened on my phone. Thanx for reply!

  5. I’m glad ICQ is back with Nimbuzz. Even better good to see ICQ has come to their senses, in bed with Nimbuzz can only help their protocol take current. As for Skype, who needs them? NimbuzzOut really sounds better on my mobile than Skype. NimbuzzOut needs to create some cool monthly plans. I’m getting more and more of my people off Skype and on to NimbuzzOut! It just sounds better.

  6. Please, don’t make me laugh.

    Jabber/XMPP (the bigger network protocol) is still banned from your side.

    ICQ really matters ? How many users are there ?

    Best wishes.

    ps: And remember, if we cant help, what do you expect from a doctor? or an engineer? Do you expect to recommend you the best? or what they increase his incomes ? :)

  7. queralt escrich, could you contact with me by email? I have some suggestions, but it’s not very convenient to discuss them in blog on various topics.

    For example. I’m going to buy Plantronics dect/bluetooth headset. It supports more than 20 soft-phones. But doesn’t support Nimbuzz. So I can this headset for example with Skype, but can’t use it with Nimbuzz.

    Could your colleagues contact with them and provide compatibility?

  8. hi,
    i have installed nimbuzz on my device nokia n8, but it’s not working what should i do to make it work?

  9. @Igor
    We have sent you a mail directly from the support team.
    Suggestions are always welcome :)
    In order to help you we need some extra information, which version do you use, from which site did you download the app, which exact issue are you facing? do you get any error message?
    You can report all this directly to our support team via support@nimbuzz.com
    @Laile S. Sanlocan
    Could you be more specific on your query?
    We do have a mobile version, is your device not listed?
    Let us know

  10. @Игорь Парфиненко
    thanks for the comment and the link with the info.
    We do not have plans at the moment to support this type of softphones but we will forward this info to our Product Manager in order to look into the issue and decide if it can and will be supported.

  11. Queralt Escrich, you didn’t understand. I ask you to provide Nimbuzz support for Plantronics headsets (they’re wirless, dect-based).

    1) First example. When I use Skype I can operate the skype just pressing buttons on the headset. It means that Plantronics supports Skype.

    2) Second example. When I use Nimbuzz I can operate it only via the computer, not headset. So I should return to the computer every time somebody calls me.

    Is it clear now? :)

  12. @Игорь Парфиненко
    The idea was understood already in the first comment, but it is something that needs to be discussed by our Management Team.
    As mentioned in my previous reply, it will be forwaded to the person /persons in charge and considered.

  13. @Игорь Парфиненко
    We will announce it on our Blog as soon as there is a new update.
    We cannot provide you with an estimate date of when it will be released since it is still underdevelopment.

  14. @saniubah75
    We do not have plans for that community, but we will consider it, thanks for the suggestion! :)

  15. hi, i have been trying to login with my id sandy_don but whenever i try to login it says invalid username or password even though i enter the correct username and password so please try to fix my problem as soon as possible.

  16. Hi i cant login in using my id sandy_don even though i enter the correct username and password it says invalid username or password. so plz fix this problem

  17. @sandeep
    Have you tried to retrieve your password?
    What is your Nimbuzz id? since when do you face this issue?
    Let us know

  18. @sandeep
    Thanks for informing us, we will double check the status of your account.

  19. hi ia farooq this my 5th mail for you. I have nimbuzz id but cat login that id last few days.login time it show your user name & password not valid.that time i reset the password.it show this user name not found our data base.what can i do.i have lots of friends thst id .i alredy send complind many time but you dont respondede pls help me immidiatly my id (ufarooq786)

  20. @farooq
    As mentioned previuosly, our team will look into your issue, please be patient.

  21. @suman
    Could you please be more specific on your query?
    What exactly is not working? Do you get any error message? Which one? When does it appear?
    Since when do you face this issue?
    Are you able to login on wap.nimbuzz.com on your phone browser?
    Let us know

  22. @Manoj
    Could you please be more specific on your query?
    Which exact issue do you face? do you get any error message? When does it appear?
    Let us know

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