Update: Nimbuzz PC gets wallpapers and N-World

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The latest Nimbuzz update for your PC is ready to download. For this new version our focus was to add cool personalization features!

Nimbuzz 1.5 for PC comes with:

  • Access to N-World – from where you can choose awesome avatars from over 11 categories
  • Custom chat screen wallpapers - to make your chats more fun and personal ;)

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To access N-World just click on the banner displayed in your Nimbuzz window or go to the toolbar and click on Nimbuzz > N-World.

If you want to change your wallpaper go to the toolbar menu and click on: Tools > Options > View > Change wallpaper.

Hope you will enjoy the new features and we welcome your feedback in the comment section below ;).

55 thoughts on “Update: Nimbuzz PC gets wallpapers and N-World

  1. where is the basics of any IM chat programme where is blocking contact or appear offline to this person where is friend online notification popup message where is customization which community to be first i am so disappointed chat rooms in next version is not so important like those above

  2. @Gcuchiha
    We do not have Chatrooms in this version.
    we will recosnider implementing Chatrooms in the future.
    Blocking and ignoring contact are expected to be implemented in the future.
    Thanks for your comments and feedback :)

  3. i am so happy to hear news that blocking contact is going to be implemented just please also do not forget friend online notification popup message or sound with it as an option then everything will be perfect.thanks queralt escrich

  4. @Ali
    We aim to support this feature in the future, thanks for your interest.
    @Alex Binger
    Please do report this issue directly to our support team via support@nimbuzz.com indictaing the device and nimbuzz version you use.
    Chatrooms are just available on Nimbuzz Mobile for Java and Symbian devices.

  5. Como faço pra instala esse nimbuzz no meu celulas ? C alguem sabe me responde no meu email é esse ai oh.. ;D

  6. i am installtion nimbuzz but he is working.when i try this erorr try recont plz help me and slove this prb.

  7. @Kamran ali
    Could you be more specific on your query?
    Which exact error message do you receive? when does it appear?
    Did you install the latest update? Make sure you have the latest version available and try again.

  8. Hey Nimbuzz,

    Would really like the chat rooms put in to next version.. is there any particular reason that you don’t have it now?? just wondering!

    anyways, apart from that, thanks for the service, ta very much!

  9. @bob
    The chatroom feature has been disabled on the PC client.

    Due to shifting priorities and more focus on improving the voice and IM (non-chatroom) experience we don’t have any plans on the short or mid term for chatrooms on the PC client.

    We will review the possibilities this year but for now there are no plans.

  10. yes i have rec eror some time and eror is try again reconect nimbuzz.some time login very fast plz solve my prb i cant use nimbuzz my id is kamoojan

  11. @kamran ali
    It this does not happen every time you try to login, we recommend you to check your network connection and make sure you always have a good connection.

  12. I recently upgraded from Nimbuzz 1.30 to 1.50 on Windows 7. However I am automatically disconnected after about a minute or two.

  13. @denine
    Did you already sent an email informing our Support team of it?
    Could you do that?

  14. I updated nimbuzz on my mobile and it has a problem, it disconnects and reconnects each time, in prevous version there was no problem, also it does not have chatroom , which is dissapointment for nimbuzz users.

    Please solve this problem

  15. @mukilan
    Sorry, we do not have plans to implement them in the near future.

  16. Hi there. I am still very noob in blog and the entire things about this industry. There are lots of terms I still can’t know. I’m not even sure I can blogging half decent to yours. I will read the whole site perhaps I will be able to grasp your blogging style a little.

  17. @ Velma Durham
    You can reply on the Russian blog, or apply via the links provided on the Russian blog ; russia.blog.nimbuzz.com
    Cheers !

  18. Just wating for chatroom in my laptop(windows7)and in my Android mobile and nimbuzz buzz a friend option was also best hope vll get that option on next update.And there are no notifications option in India when we are offline no online users can buzz or send us notifications on my mobile which make us fell bad and these features were the most imp why i join nimbuzz and sugessted my friends like buzz and chatroom option which are not avaliable dnt know why nimbuzz is doin so removing there best feature.Anyways but NIMBUZZ Rocks and hope it Add the chatroom option on pc and Android mobile even Buzz a friend so Nimbuzz can even rock in future n can invite our more friends to use Nimbuzz.

  19. using Nimbuzz around 5yrs……….i love it and want Admin to add the features above so can be with Nimbuzz for a many more years.

  20. @Prince Yash
    Thanks for your feedback and comments.
    We currently do not have plans in the near future to enable Chatrooms on PC.
    The Buzz feature is no longer available.

  21. @sainuppa
    We currently do support video calling for Nimbuzz PC and iPhone versions.
    We aim to support this feature on other platforms as well in the future.

  22. hi there. hw I can disable n-world in order to others couldn’t see my addlst? hw I can do this?

  23. @Azhar
    Which exact error message do you get when trying to open NWorld?
    Which device are you using? In which country are you located?
    Do you also get trouble when opening the nimbuzz site?
    Let us know.

  24. Assalam to all muslims..,
    when i’ve nimbuzz first i’ve in it option for templates but i don’t have it in new ver plz help me.

  25. @Goldenboylhr
    Indeed, we have had remove this feature, we do not have plans to enable it again in the future.

  26. @olumolufemi – Please remove the application from your device once and login to Facebook.com directly. After a few minutes re-install the application and add the facebook community again. In case you still face any issues please reach out to support@nimbuzz.com

  27. @Agbams – This is your handset feature to save the battery and unwanted use to wi-fi/3g package for internet. However, if someone sends you a message the device will give you prompt and the application will reopen. A lot of device have this feature including the iphone. Thanks!!

  28. @Nimbuzz What Nimbuckz is (even N-World)
    Can you please forward this problem to the right department?
    So they can fix it or give other solution.
    The point is only so I can buy Nimbuckz.

  29. @Bsb – Nimbuckz are credits which you can purchase to buy gifts for your Nimbuzz buddies. You can purchase Nimbuckz using your credit card via NWorld.

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