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Watching a good movie is one my favorite past time activities and as you can imagine, being the proud owner of an  iPhone4, I looked all over for the best movie apps available :D.

After countless articles and a lot of app reviewing I got enough apps to fill a folder, and since you are already here I bet you want to find out which apps made it into the top :P.

Well, here is the list with my favorite iPhone movie apps:

  • IMDb - is the official app for and brings it’s magic for you on the couch, in the movie theater or whenever you are on the go.

What I like: IMDb is one the biggest online movie data base available and the ratings are really reliable. I personally use it to check movie ratings, view trailers, find about upcoming movies and see when my favorite series air ( I am following these TV series:  How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, House and Californication :P, you ? ) . This is a must have app!

  • Movies from Flixter -  is another great app to watch movie trailers, find showtimes, get critic reviews from Rotten Tomatoes, and share movie ratings with your friends.

What i like: is the brilliant integration of Rotten Tomatoes reviews. With a quick glance you can see if a movie is worth watching or not.  Also you can check what’s no win the movie theaters, upcoming films an new DVD releases.  Next to IMDb this one of the best apps for movie reviews.

  • DailyMotion – it’s pretty similar to Youtube and gives you access to millions of videos anywhere and also you can upload your own and share them with your friends.

What i like: is the mix of original content provided by the regular users and the content provided by the pro users. I think it’s always a good alternative and when I don’t find something on Youtube I always check out DailyMotion.

  • Ustream –  is an app that let’s you watch live interactive videos or create your own live show.

Your favorite media stars also want to interact with you, so they go to Facebook, Twitter and of course Ustream.

Guys like Ashton Kutcher, Charlie Sheen or SnoopDog are already in there and you can join the conversation too, with the Ustream iPhone app.

  • IntoNow – is a nifty little app that will tell you what you are watching just by listening.  It can identify any previously aired content from the past five years :D really impressive!

What I like: well, the idea to begin with it’s pretty awesome, I would not say it’s super useful, but it’s definitely cool.  Most of the times I use it for fun! Another thing I like is the fact they have a list with the most watched TV shows. This can be an additional resource to get ideas for new movies and TV shows.

  • GetGlue – allows you to check-in whenever watching a  movie, reading a book,  playing a video games, listening to music and more.

What I like: based on your check-ins and your “Likes” GetGlue recommends you a ton of new ideas on what to watch, read or listen to and it works pretty good :D ! You can also get ideas from your friends simply by checking their stream. This is a must have app and it’s a lot of fun when you go to a movie and you see who else check-in with you at the same time :D .

For people living in the US, is also interesting to check these iPhone free movie apps: Netflix, MoviesNow, Fandango.

Bonus section

  • RunPee – this app lets you know which points in a movie you can safely run to the restroom without missing an important plot point in the movie.

What I like: Great idea, great app. You know when you got to the movies and you go for the extra large juice? Well, soon after you need to pay a visit to the restroom, but when? You don’t want to miss anything important.

This apps let’s you know when you can go and it also summarizes in 2 sentences what you missed. Simple and very useful.

  • VLC remote – lets you remotely control your VLC Media Player on your Mac or PC.

If you prefer to watch movies at home on your computer, or connect you laptop with your TV then you will appreciate this app. VLC remote lets you: Easily control VLC from your sofa, stop, play, pause, full DVD controls, control volume, position, next track and previous track and much much more.

This is a paid app, but the $4,99 you get some awesome features that will make you life simpler :D and there is also a free version ;).

  • Remote from Apple – let’s you control your iTunes account and your Apple TV using the iPhone/ iPod touch/iPad over your Wi-Fi network.

What I like : is the perfect integration with the other Apple products. If I hook up my laptop to my speakers I can remotely change the songs from the kitchen while the laptop is in the living room, or anywhere in the house. This apps gives you freedom of movement and control over your play list. Another cool thing is that you can use it as remote for your Apple TV so you can stream movies from your phone tp your TV, control your movie play list, play next movie and more.

  • A must have app for anyone with an iPhone  is Nimbuzz, one of the best social apps for your iPhone. With Nimbuzz you can call and chat for free with all your Nimbuzz friends, and even add other IM communities like Facebook, MSN or Yahoo!.

Do you use any good movie app I may have missed? Let me know your iPhone movie apps in the comment section below.

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