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Welcome back everybody for our weekly top iPhone apps blog post series.

We previously wrote about the Best iPhone Photo Apps, Best iPhone Social Apps and Best iPhone Movie Apps. This time is all about the  best iPhone music apps.

After long discussions we decided that the music apps space is divided in 3 categories: Streaming music, creating music and discovering music.

Doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 :)  these apps will definitely improve the way you experience music. So let’s start with our first category…

Apps for listening to music on the iPhone

  • Spotify – is a brilliant app to stream music on your iPhone.

You can organize your music into lists, see what friends are listening to, see trends and popular artists or play an artist radio. Spotify has a huge data base and you will find almost everything here. The beauty of it is that you can also download the playlists you made to your phone so you can listen to your music even when you don’t have an active internet connection.

The bad part about it is that is available in only a few selected countries in Europe, but soon to be available in the US. Even though it’s a free app you will need to buy a monthly subscription which is 9.9 Euros per month. If you have the budget this is is a must have app!

  • Pandora – is a free personalized radio for your iPhone or iPod touch.

The app is super easy to use and intuitive, You need type the name of one of your favorite artists, songs or classical composers and Pandora will create a “station” that plays their music and more music like it. The algorithm they use to find music you might like works like a charm and you will be surprised to discover a lot of cool new music.

This is a great free resource to listen to music on your phone. You can choose to listen to one of the hundred live radio stations or you can search in the saved podcasts. I used it for the awesome Jazz concerts which were pretty hard to find anywhere else.

The only downside is that some radios are donation supported so they will talk a lot about that.

  • LastFM – can be included in the listening music category as well as discovering music.

LastFM it’s subscription based music app that will help you organize your favorite tracks in playlists and and help you discover new songs based on existent playlists or listening habits. The app is available all over the world and the first 50 tracks are free. After that you can upgrade your account for 3$ monthly fee.

  • Rdio – is a social music service that allows you to follow your friends and other people with great musical taste, and find new music to listen to.

Once you sign in you can choose from a library of over 8 million tracks, which I think will cover most of your demands.  You can also hook up your Facebook and Twitter accounts to see what you friends are listening to. If you are looking for new tracks Rdio will give you awesome recommendations.

  • TuneIn Radio – allows you to listen to and record over 40,000 radio stations including thousands of AM/FM local stations.

This apps comes with some really nice features like: record any station for playback later, browse local stations with GPS or WiFi location, pause live streams for up to 30 minute and much more ;). The app costs $0.99 but you get a lot more in return :D.

  • Vevo – it’s a great app to listen and watch the latest music video clips in High Definition quality.

If you also want to see the video clips of your favorite bands you can get Vevo for your iPhone. The apps also offers a top most popular artists, top most popular video clips, exclusive premieres  and new hot songs. All the video clips are in HD so it will look great on your retina display if you have and iPhone 4 :D.

  • SoundCloud – the app lets you easily access, browse and listen to the sounds shared to you while you’re on the road and away from your computer.

Initially created to share original sounds with the world, as any brilliant idea, this app developed thanks to the users and now you can find popular singers, bands, top DJ’s and recording studios promoting their last hits on SoundCloud. You can the app subscribe to your favorite artist, listen to their music, add comment on the songs they publish and get updates.

  • NPR music – it’s mix between an online radio,  music news, music blogs and concert recordings.

The free music app is only available in the US store but it should definitely be available world wide. This is great resource for quality music and I recommend it to everybody.

  • Shoutcast – it’s a radio directory that features over 32,000 professional and community programmed radio stations from around the globe.

Remember Winamp and it’s huge resource of online radios? Well, this is exactly what you get. The app offers a great range of music from Rock, Alternative, Jazz, Electronica, Bollywood, Latin to Zouk across a broad set of languages including French, German, Swahili and Portugese.

Bonus apps:

Sonos controller – it a great addition to any Sonos speakers.

I’m in love with the idea of streaming music wireless from my iPhone to my speakers. No wires, no pain, just pure satisfaction. If you get your hands on the Sonos speakers this app will add the “supreme” in  your “supreme experience”.

Nimbuzz – is a must have app for anyone with an iPhone,  one of the best social apps for your iPhone. With Nimbuzz you can call and chat for free with all your Nimbuzz friends, and even add other IM communities like Facebook, MSN or Yahoo!

Stay tuned for next week when we will talk about the best apps to create music on your iPhone.


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8 thoughts on “Top Apps – iPhone music apps

  1. Here is another awesome music app…

    PairShare is a newly released iPhone app that allows users to select music on their iPhone, iPad or iPod device and stream it live with a nearby friend’s iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch using Bluetooth.


    PairShare was engineered for reliability and ease of use and allows users to share music in near perfect harmony.

    How does it work
    Create a music “Sharelist” and stream it to a friends iPhone, iPad or iPodTouch. Search for nearby users and request to hear their music or have them listen to yours. View the sharelist and album art of the music being played. With a swipe of your finger, switch back and forth between listening to your music or theirs. Turn on “Remote Control” and users can select and change the songs being played on the remote Sharelist in real time using on screen or headset controls. The “Auto Reconnect” feature ensures continued enjoyment should users go in and out of range and bluetooth technology allows for connectivity up to 300 feet.

    View a video or download the application by following this link:

    Whether on a hike, on a bike, at the gym, at the library, or just hanging out, PairShare is a great way to enjoy listening to the same music with a friend.

    Key features of the PairShare Music Share Application:
    – Select a music ShareList for you and your friend to listen to.
    – Auto-scan to connect with nearby friends.
    – Connects over Bluetooth up to 300 feet.
    – View a friend’s ShareList, album art, song title, album and artist.
    – Auto-play (Shuffle or Loop) your music ShareList once connected.
    – Swipe to switch back and forth between listening to your music or your friends.
    – Remote control allows listeners to select and switch to playing other songs on the remote ShareList.
    – Headset control allows for stop, start, volume and click to advance to the next song.
    – Auto reconnect ensures continued enjoyment.
    – Coming soon: chat, intercom, share shuffle and more.

    “Free” version allows playing of one song at a time, with unlimited listening to a friend’s stream.
    “Unlock Continuous ShareList Play” with an in app purchase for only $2.99.

    – iPhone (3G or newer), iPod Touch (2nd gen or newer)
    – iPad (1st gen or newer)
    – iOS 4.1 or later
    – Bluetooth enabled
    – Other device must have PairShare installed

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