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Nokia always enchanted us with good quality phone cameras and the expectations were raised once more, with the Nokia N8.

The 12MP camera takes amazing pictures and records crystal clear full HD movies :D, thanks to the Carl Zeiss lens. With an experience of over 80 years of pioneering in the optic industry, today Carl Zeiss produces some of the best lenses in the world and I dare to say that because of this partnership Nokia has some of the best camera phones out there.

With more and more 5MP/8MP/12MP phone cameras available I am happy we finally have an app similar to Instagram for Nokia, Molome.  Below you can find my my list of 8 useful apps that will help you to edit and share your photos faster and easier! So here it goes…

Best Nokia Apps

  • Nokia photo browser – is an experimental photo browser for Nokia touch screen devices that makes viewing your photos quick and fun. In a way it brings the “iPhone like” kind of usability to your Nokia phone with more intuitive UI and more user friendly controls.

  • HDR Photo Camera – this photo app allows you to create High Dynamic Range images. The application captures three successive frames at different exposure levels (bracketing). Then it uses the exposure fusion technique to select relevant elements and combine these frames resulting in an HDR image. Designed for Nokia N8, the application works also with other devices.
  • Molome – this Instagram like app for Nokia, is an easy and fun way to snap photos, add cool picture effects and share it with your friends. Even though it just launched yesterday,  it already has  5 star reviews :D.
  • Nokia Panorama – helps you create wide-angle high-resolution panoramic pictures with your N8 device. The app produces high-quality landscape panoramic images by automatically capturing and processing input images into a panorama, directly on your device :D . This photo app eliminates the complicated process of importing your pics on the PC and editing them yourself.
  • Noise AutoFix Trial – helps you automatically remove noise and correct exposure of your photos on the go.  Noise AutoFix offers intelligent grain, dust and noise reduction, producing clean and clear high-ISO images out of grainy snapshots.

  • PixelPipe – is a great photo uploading tool.  The application let’s you upload pictures to Flickr, Picasa, Facebook and a lot more with just a simple click.  If you want to share your photos with your friends this will help you a lot.

  • Flickr photo & video uploader – is a simpler version of PixelPipe that lets you upload your photos only on Flickr. This comes in handy when you use just Flickr to store your content and not any of the other web services, that PixelPipe offers.

  • Posterous Photo Uploader – is the easiest way to share photos from your Nokia phone to your Posterous blog.  If you own a Posterous photo-blog, you will definitely appreciate this app and how easy is to blog.


Nimbuzz – is a must have app for  any Nokia owner because this is one of the best social apps out there. With Nimbuzz you can call and chat for free with all your Nimbuzz friends, and even add other IM communities like Facebook, MSN or Yahoo!

Hope you will find useful my list of best Nokia apps for photography. Of course these N8 apps are available for most of SymbianS60 phones including: Nokia N8, Nokia 5320, Nokia 5800, Nokia 5230, Nokia X6, Nokia N97, Nokia E71, Nokia C7 and many, many more.

Do you have any preferred Nokia Social Networking app you can recommend us?

37 thoughts on “Best Nokia Apps #photography

  1. @shohag
    We do not have a compatible version for Maemo devices.
    You can try the wap version directly from your phone browser going to

  2. pls can u help me out, i login my nimbuzz application and there is not my facebook friend list there again even facebook is not in add contact again.what can i do?

  3. @Faj muy
    If you are using an older version of Nimbuzz (not the latest one) the Facebook community might not show up on the list, if this is teh case, we strongly recommend you to update to the latest version available on and try again.

    Kind Regards

  4. @Saurabh singh
    The latest version available is 3.02
    You can download it from

  5. It is very larg to be saved to my nokia 6080, pls if there is short bayet nimbuzz i need to get!

  6. @Ramme melka
    If you get “not enough memory” as an error, this might be cause some devices like yours sometimes do not have enough memory to run or support Nimbuzz application.

    We suggest you to try the wap version just pointing your mobile browser to

  7. @hamed
    We do not support the use of theird party apps to login to Nimbuzz

  8. Dear Sir,

    i change my mobile to nokia C7, i already install nimbuzz but when i call loud speaker option not showing in Nokia C7-00 mobile. please check

  9. @Shivaji
    Could you be more specific on your query?
    What exactly is not working? do you get any error message?
    Let us know!

  10. @Leticia serdan
    Which exact issue do you get when trying to download the latest version?
    Have you tried downloading from Nokia Ovi Store?
    Let us know

  11. @kimberly
    Sorry, nimbuzz does not work like instagram, it has different features.

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