NEW: Nimbuzz for iPhone with phonebook integration

This brand new version of Nimbuzz for your iPhone and iPod touch (2.2) comes packed with an awesome phonebook integration.

This gives you fast and easy access to all the phone numbers in your address book.  It even shows you which of your contacts are already on Nimbuzz so you can call them for free!

Other cool features you will enjoy with Nimbuzz 2.2 for iPhone and iPod touch are:

  • Last Seen Online - shows you the last time your friend was seen on Nimbuzz.
  • Less data consumption – thanks our new data compression system.
  • Free avatars – choose new and exciting avatars for your profile picture from N-World
  • New Ringtone – for Nimbuzz calls and push notifications :D

We also added a new Notifiable icon. This blue icon with a check mark in the middle stands for ‘Notifiable and it is used only for Nimbuzz contacts that closed Nimbuzz app but can still receive push messages (on the iPhone)  or  Ping notifications (on the Java and Symbian phones).

Last but not least we have fixed several bugs.

We would love to hear what you think about the new version so if you like it or have any suggestions please let us know.

67 thoughts on “NEW: Nimbuzz for iPhone with phonebook integration

  1. I have an iphone and just did the update. When I tried to delete chats I clicked on “edit”, touched the red minus sign, touched “delete”, and nothing happened. The chat will not delete. Not sure if it’s a glitch but I don’t like leaving old chat histories on my phone.

  2. @Memo
    Thanks for your feedback.
    At the moment we do not have plans to implement Chatrooms on iPhone in the near future.
    @Mary Shade
    There should not be a problem deleting chat messages, we will try to reproduce the issue, thanks.

  3. Is already fixed nimbuzz out credits in this new version? I’m in mexico and i would like to know if it works perfectly in this country (world calls) Thanks!!

  4. Nimbuzz great job but not for this version 2.2 because of number of issues i noticed:
    1). some of my nimbuzz contacts shows gray color sign indication available while those contacts are not online.
    2). it takes more clicks now to delete chat msgs in the chat history unlike in the previous version where one will slide the finger in the horizontal direction to reveal “Delete” button.
    3). The worst! getting charged by my network provider for inviting friends to Nimbuzz ‘cos the texts msg seems to be routed via my carrier rather than Nimbuzz as in the previous version. Hence, it does not wort inviting friends to join nimbuzz as in the case of previous version (free of charge)
    Lastly, I would like to switch back to the previous version>

  5. I cannot find the option to stay online also if the app is closed.Before was under push notification and i could have been online up to 4hrs. I got a 3G iphone so i cannot use it in multitask.

  6. Hi. 4 questions :)

    -Is it possible to have an option to revert back to the old ringtones? i miss them already :( (or at least have an optiono for custom tones)
    -Will saving videos be an option anytime soon?
    -Can you allow for us to copy sent text? at the moment i have to take a screenshot when my nimbuzz fails to send a message to show the person my txt msgs i had sent them.
    -Will it ever be possible to extract/backup conversations?

    thanks :)

  7. I updated my Nimbuzz on my iPhone4 two days ago. But now it disconnects when I send it to the background. Any suggestion?

  8. @JanJan
    Which iOS version do you use?
    And which Nimbuzz version are you running?
    Since when do you face this issue?
    Have you already contacted our Support team? Please do,

  9. @Dany
    If you have iOS 4.0 or above on your device you can run the app in the background.
    If you aren’ you won’t be able to download the latest Nimbuzz update for iPhone, and with the previous one, you can still use the Push notiications as previously.

  10. @Queralt,

    Although NimbuzzOut is back, there still exist some issues, For example, I can call Spain (landline and mobile) without any issue and also can call India landline but not India mobile. Can you please check?.

    I have the latest versions of Nimbuzz and iOS4.3.2 (3GS).

    Have already reported the issue through online support but as it is related to the “NimbuzzOut is temporarily unavailable” wanted to post there but unfortunately the string has been removed.

  11. @Don
    Thanks for your feedback, in regards of the issues repored:
    1. which Nimbuzz version are your contacts using? Maybe they are not shown as online but pushable, which means that they can still receive your messages on Push notifications?
    2. We will check that
    3. Thanks for reporting, our tema is on that.


  12. @juicy
    Thanks for your feedback.
    1. If you do not have this option available on settings, No.
    2. If you receive those videos or files via Nimbuzz, you should be able to download and/or save them.
    3. We will consider it
    Kind Regards

  13. @sunil
    We have received your email, and our team is investigating if there is an issue ith those phone numbers specifically or on the account itself.
    Thanks for the patience and understanding

  14. I get charged by my network provider for inviting friends to Nimbuzz ‘cos the texts msg seems to be routed via my carrier rather than Nimbuzz as in the previous version. Hence, it does not wort inviting friends to join nimbuzz as in the case of previous version (free of charge) I use version 2.2 on 3GS
    Lastly, I would like to switch back to the previous version> how possible is it?

  15. I upgraded yesterday to the latest version and having huge problem. I am unable to connect. In the contact screen it just shows me offline and says connecting… but does not connect. I can read my msgs but not get new msgs.
    Any HELP would be appreciated.

  16. Hello Queralt. I heard that Nimbuzzout is back up, but 2 issues remain:

    1) Why were we not informed by email that it was back up and running? We were told that an email would be sent to us when Nimbuzzout was back online.

    2) I just installed the latest Nimbuzz app (2.2) for the iphone, and when I went to make a call with Nimbuzzout, it said that all of my credit was gone! I know I had credit remaining before Nimbuzzout went down.

    Thank you for your help.

  17. What is it about this version that means it can not be used under an version earlier then iOS 4? When will an update with the bug fixes be available for users who do not wish to slow their 3G down any further by moving away from iOS 3?

  18. @Biomorph
    Indeed this version is for iOS 4 and above, we recommend you to update your device OS.

  19. HELP!!! In the same condition of Ragmack Don: unable to connect! Probably I’ll switch back to the previous version.. :-( thanx

  20. @MArcoC
    Are you unable to login on iPhone latest version?
    Could we contact you directly to the email address you have provided on this comment in order to investigate further about this issue?

  21. How to download and back up my chat conversations in a Nokia Symbian60v3 ? where i can find the file and download in my computer?

  22. @ Bluzel
    What exactly is your issue ? Do you have connectivity issues ? Or have you forgotten your password ?
    Let us know.

  23. Nimbuzz at times takes lots of time to connect to my Sip Server — Generic_Voip This is irritating.
    ( Even Nimbuzz site goes down simultaneously – Related?? )
    One huge request, Please Please implement the Bluetooth (Handsfree) headset support for Iphones. Bria and Groundwire have that
    Also When i put the app in the background, i dont get any popups + Sound (Push) on Chat Messages received.
    Fring has this feature.
    Your Voice quality Rocksss.. Better than Bria and Groundwire ( I have used and discarded both :) )
    Nimbizz Version 2.1 , iOS 4.1

  24. @Sohan
    In regards to your first question, we recommend you to upgrade to latest nimbuzz version 2.2
    Nimbuzz support iLBC, G711 and ISAC Codecs. The selection will also depend on your SIP Provider preference and availability.

  25. I just did.. Upgraded to 2.2 .. Same issue persists :( .. At times Takes Considerable time to connect to my Allvoi Sip Server ..
    Sometimes it connects in seconds.. but at times it just wont connect for hours.. Its not a network issue bcoz my bria and ground wire work fine at that time.. but its irritating to start nimbuzz and wait for so much time n find its not working..
    Regarding my 2 Questions :-
    1> Of Support for Bluetooth Stack.
    2> Also When i put the app in the background, i dont get any popups + Sound (Push) on im Chat Messages received.
    Fring has this feature.
    Seems you just ignored those questions? No Plans for implementation of that?

  26. @ Sohan

    We’re look into your connection issue
    1. If your device supports the Bluetooth handsfree headset then Nimbuzz should support this as well. If this is not the case, let us know the model of the device/handset you’re using and we will look into it.
    2. About Could you go to Settings > Push notifications > On to see if it works ?


  27. Yasmin,
    Are you saying if my Bluetooth headset is connected, My Voip / Sip calls should be heard in my Bluetooth headset?
    I am not sure if that is correct!
    I am Using Iphone 3GS iOS 4.1 ,
    Headset Model Samsung | WEP 490.

    I have found only 2 Sip Clients which Support Bluetooth headset till now, Bria and Groundwire.

  28. @ queralt escrich:
    with the latest version i’m unable to login on my “old” iPhone 3G.. even in wi-fi mode, the app tries to connect but with no result :-( Sure you can contact me to the provided email address, and if you have good news about my problem.. thanx a lot!!

  29. @Sohan
    Thanks for informing of the model, we will check if there is no compatibility.

  30. @ MarcoC
    Thanks for your response. Could you perhaps try to reinstall Nimbuzz on your iPhone, try again and let us know if the issue persists ?
    You could send us a more detailed description to as well.

  31. After this newest update i’ve been disappointed with the number of nimbuzz crashes…the app just whoop! dies many times a day. When I restart, my nimubzz contacts are missing. I have to log out and log in for them to reappear. Very frustrating. As of late, pictures will not download. I can see the thumbnail within the chat, but when I click on them to view the full pic it just sticks ‘loading’. I’m on iphone4 and nimbuzz 2.2.0. and yes I sent a msg to support. Just hope it gets fixed as I really like this app. It has such great features and used to work great with very minor issues.

  32. @ Yasmin Sebba:
    WONDERFUL, thanks!! I followed your tip and completely reinstalled the app. Now it works, and the connection is OK. Simply, I removed definitively the previous app version from my iPhone 3G; then installed the new one and magically.. The connection is stable! Last times I just upgraded the installed version and it never had worked.

  33. @ MyDarlin
    Thanks for reporting, we will check this and reply your email. We are aware that of issue with pictures. This will be solved in the upcoming release.
    As for your crash issue ; when does it exactly crashes ? Can you provide us with a step-by-step description of what exactly happens and if you get any error messages ?

  34. Dear Sirs,

    I have iphone 4 V. 4.3.1 not getting connect to Bluetooth Headset need your support if there are any setting to connect Nimbuzz to BT Headset plssssssssss.

  35. @Faisal
    We do not officially work with Bluetooth headset, if it works with the device normally, it should also work when you use Nimbuzz as well.


  36. @Faisal: I tried very hard with Nimbuzz but BT Headset is not supported at all. Try Xlite or Groundwire for BT headset support.
    If your Device is jail broken there is an app on Cydia, Bluetooth Mono Addon.
    Install this and u can hear every thing on BT headset.
    Calls, Skype, Music from iPod.. Its lovely..

  37. Need help!! Have i phone 4, nimbuzz ver 2.2.1. How can i save or print or port the chats?? Second question is can i access the deleted chats to print them?? As well?

  38. @ Tom
    No, we do not offer this option. If you have removed a chat, it is removed permanently.

  39. @James John Mngodo
    If those are messages you received while offline or notifiable, you should be able to see them once you log in again.

  40. @fairrose – You can view the previous chat messages by clicking show more messages which is at the top in the chat screen itself. Once you have deleted the chat history you can not retrieve the same as we do not store the chats on our servers.

  41. I have an iPhone and just did the update
    And who I got a 3G iPhone 3 so I cannot use it in muititask
    Where I can find the file and download in my iPhone 3p

  42. @Dulla – To download Nimbuzz into your iPhone/iPod is required to have version iOS 4.0 and above. If your device does not run this version we recommend you to update.

  43. Hi.
    First of al its a good app.
    Wish there is an option to delete selected messages in the chat,like in “whats app” .
    Would be a great app with that option included.hope u look forward into it.

  44. @mahan – We currently do not support removal of this feature from your Nimbuzz account. However, thanks for your interest we will consider this to be implemented in our future releases. Thanks!!

  45. How to delete recent chat in nimbuzz..after updating I am unable to delete recent chat with my contacts.. I am using HTC ONE V

  46. @sandeep – You can remove the chats from Nimbuzz application by following these steps:

    Nimbuzz Home Screen>>Chats>>Options>>Delete Chats

  47. @Sam – The issue you’re facing requires further follow ups. We request you to please send us an email with your account and device details at for assistance.

  48. How to forward or save videos and pictures which are sent by my frnds on I phone 4. I didn’t find any option on nimbuzz.

  49. @Arnav – Whenever you receive a picture, please click on it. Once it is enlarged you need to tap on the icon available in center, right below the picture to save.

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