Nimbuzz MeetUp in Patna, India [Pics]

Last month we organized our fist official Nimbuzz MeetUp in India and it was awesome. The event took place in Patna, India and we had the pleasure to meet face to face over 50 supportive fans and Nimbuzz Ambassadors.

Robert and Sumit were there to present the upcoming Nimbuzz features and get feedback directly from the people that use Nimbuzz all day, every day.

Below you can see the pictures from the Nimbuzz MeetUp.

At the end of meeting everybody got fancy caps, participation certificates and other cool schwag.

Special thanks go to Kunal, Prem and Akash for helping us out organizing the event ;).

P.S.: If you attend at the next Nimbuzz India MeetUp please send us an email at with your Nimbuzz ID and the city you live in.

40 thoughts on “Nimbuzz MeetUp in Patna, India [Pics]

  1. When will file sharing be available for Nimbuzz BlackBerry? Also, when are you guys coming to South Africa? :-)

  2. Nimbuzz id- Badmash-alex
    I’ve attended meeting held in patna. It was such a nice meetup. Everyone shared their experiences. I also attended the meeting held in Biratnagar(NEPAL) with Sumit and Kunal bro. Hope to meet again. Thanx Robert for coming Patna. Hope u enjoyed here.

  3. i have attended the party of nimbuzz in was gud,grt,successful party in patna…………………………………..i hope robert also enjoy…so it might be possible again to enjoy the party through NIMBUZZ……………….thamks

  4. my nimbuzz id prem.79 , (ambassador) friends i had also attended party of patna meetup , was great enjoyment with net friends in real , we hope we will participate in such events

  5. Hai all, i hav attend the nimbuzz party/meeting at patna, it was also good chance for me to meet my vertual friends. I want to thank sumit bro. Who orgnize this meeting also prem bhai. Every one user really enjoyd that party. We got there also as a gift – pen drive, cap, t-shirt,[mark with nimbuzz]. My nimbuzz i.d is vivek_mishra. I use it daily. Thanx.

  6. hi, i also attend the party in india it was amazing experince for me , i would like to special thanx to robert, sumit, prem , akash etc thankyou

  7. @Darshanie Moodley
    We do not have plans to implement this feature in the near future.
    Stay tuned to our Blog, for more related news.

  8. the time is very fast but net is very faster and use of net is most important in life now these days everyone use .thats why ve need the best information sites

  9. @ditillo
    Thanks for your comment, unfortunately we do not have plans for that yet.
    Stay tuned to our Blog and Tweets, we will announce it there as soon as there is any other meet &greet

  10. Hi, I am not able to connect my yahoo a/c with nimbuzz. few months ago it was working fine.
    My nimbuzz zccount is innocentnitin.

  11. @nitin jain
    Which exact error message do you receive when trying to register your Yahoo account on Nimbuzz?
    Since when do you face this issue?
    If you keep getting issues please do send a mail to

  12. if u don’t mind, i want a new feature in nimbuzz.
    i want record voice nd record video feature option…
    pls include hurry up……

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