Nimbuzz now optimized for Android Tablets

All you Android fans out there are in luck, especially those of you who were waiting for an official Nimbuzz version optimized for big screen Android Tablets. A new Nimbuzz version just landed and looks gorgeous. You can get your hands on it from Android Market or directly from our website.

Here is what’s new:

  • Optimized graphics for tablets
  • New UI layout to maximize space usage on large screens
  • Deep integration with the Android native phonebook

Now let’s dive into more details:

The brand new 2.0.9 version looks stunning on the big screen. We have optimized the use of all the available space so you can have a better overview of your ongoing chats as well as of your active chat screen. This way you can easily switch between your conversations. The new contact list screen also looks amazing and offers you a super easy way to see who is online while also managing your online presence.

In addition all icons, buttons, tabs were optimized for the high resolution screens.

Click to enlarge

If you are already using Nimbuzz on your Android you should know that in the last update we added a new feature called Synchronize with device. If you choose to activate it, you see all your Nimbuzz friends in your phone’s contact list and you will be able to start a chat or a call with them, right from the native phone’s contact list. Now it gets even better! With this new update you can also start to chat and call with all your IM contacts (i.e.: Facebook,Yahoo) straight from the native Android Phonebook :D.

Download the new Nimbuzz version now and please let us know what you think in the comment section.

74 thoughts on “Nimbuzz now optimized for Android Tablets

  1. WHATTTT??????
    it havent chat roooms ,, i hate android nimbuzzz,,
    i have android tablet but nimbuzz for it doesnt have chat rooms , in india govt is going to gift 10 lac android tablet to indian student and if nimbuzz want to get installed there they should bring chat room feature for that otherwise some other jabber servers with chatrooms will leave it behind…..
    my self –

  2. @0to9to0
    Sorry, as mentioned previously on our blog we do not have plans to add Chatrooms on Android devices in the near future.

  3. @blue
    Yes, we are constantly working in order to provide more updates and improvements.
    Stay tuned to our Blog, we will announce it here as soon as it is available!

  4. @شهاب
    Thanks for your interest, however we do not support Chatrooms on Android devices and we do not have plans to impleemnt them in the near future.

  5. I have the latest for Nexus One android, Gingerbread. The Windows Live Messenger connection never ends. I heard previous Android Nimbuzz worked just fine. When would you expect to fix the problem? Or/And how can I get a previous version that actually works ?

    Another issue for Google talk on Nimbuzz: voice chats from another Google talk account on PC works fine. However, I also have Google voice number ringing my Google Talk —- when that happens, Nimbuzz rings fine, but there is no audio once I pick up the Google Talk call (which is actually somebody calling my Google voice number).

    Thanks a lot and please get back asap.

  6. @noble
    As mentioned previously Vide call is supported on nimbuzz for Pc and iPhone.
    We aim to support it as well on other platforms such us Symbian.
    Stay tuned to our Blog for more info, we will announce it here as soon as it is available.

  7. @Dan
    We faced some issues with connecting MSN accounts earlier this week, it should be working properly right now, could you please cancel the process and try again?

  8. Hi there. I have been using and enjoying Nimbuzz for a long time on my iPhone and now my iPad. However, the larger screen could be substantially better utilized (currently it is just a x2 zoom). Now that you have an Android tablet version, are you working on a specific iPad version? I believe the extra space is critical due to the fact that it plays to Nimbuzz’s advantage as a multi-chat platform.

  9. I have a new HCL ME Tablet. I am not able to download the Nimbuzz on my tablet please give me link. It shows that this device not connteced with android market.



  10. @Chirag
    You can download Nimbuzz directly from the Android Market.
    If you have trouble connecting to the Market please contact directly your network provider or Tablet manufacturer.

  11. please support video calling in android.
    In this time,oovoo and skype are better than nimbuzz.because they support video calling perfectly.

  12. @phen
    Thanks for your suggestion, we aim to support video call in the future.
    Stay tuned at our Blog we will announce it as soon as it is available.

  13. hi I forgot my password and hv been trying to reset it on my mobile but hv been unsuccessful. the supposed link on FAQ page does not work. I’m using a galaxy s2. please h

  14. @Lois Ann Walton
    Calling your IM contacts from Nimbuzz will have no extra cost.
    To call phone numbers you will require a SIP account or NimbuzzOut credits.

  15. well finally I after lot of work compiled samsung 877impression nimbuzz into android apk through wich nimbuzz users can chat in chat rooms on android.. qeralt being a 2 year nimbuzzer I wanna say that nimbuzz killed ebuddy just bec of chat rooms you should think again to bring chat rooms on worlds most popular mob plateform… other frnds can download a temp. solution from here . and behind my bad english is google translator…

  16. @anthony
    On your Nimbuzz application go to Options > Settings > SIP Accounts to register an account.

    After that you can place VoIP calls via the Phonebook.

  17. Where. Is the chat room option. Without. Chatroom Nimbuzz. Looking. Boare. Migg33. Having chat room facility for android. Ethnic why Nimbuzz. Not :-( lots of android Nimbuzz. Users. Leave. Nimbuzz bcoz of there. Is no chat room facility :-) plz once think. On. Chatroom. For android. Phones. :-)

  18. @x-loss
    Charooms are available on Nimbuzz Mobile for Symbian and Java devices.
    We will consider add this feature in other platforms.

  19. شهاب.
    U can use a jar file of nimbuzz that convert to apk file. And U must install j2me app on ur phone. Search in 4shared: andme_signed. And search: nimbuzz with chatroom.apk

  20. I am using nimbuzz on my htc sensation xl, at same time I wanna use my nokia Bluetooth headset bh608. However voice is not coming. Please help me

  21. I’m using 2.0.10 version on Galaxy Tab P1000,Ginger bread 2.3.3,but i don’t see the Tablet interface for nimbuzz, should i change any settings?
    Thank you for the great job

  22. I need a chat room option in my android, nimbuzz without chat rooms its like a shoe without soaks, can I know when you gonna launch new version of nimbuzz for android mobile phones, am just missing the one feature of chat rooms, and why I cant see my friend is typing?

  23. I want say fuck to u because all of user in this blog say. Please support chatroom video call and u do nothing because of this I wans say fuck to all of you tnx and have fun

  24. i have a java phone, i want to buy a Samsung Galaxy y, android system, does nimbuzz support voice/video calls in android?
    please tell me the features of nimbuzz on android 2.3.5
    thanks a billion

  25. @Jagdeep singh @hiden
    Thanks for our interest unfortunately we do not have plans to implement Chatrooms on Android devices in the near future.

    @Ali Aali
    Calling is supported on Android devices, however there is no Chatroom feature.

  26. @rahele
    Thanks for your interest we will consider it however we do not have plans for it in the near future.

  27. Tried version 2.0.8,2.0.9,2.0.10 on android 2.3.3 samsung galaxy tab p1000 and all of them force closed on voice calls to gtalk. uninstalled nimbuzz to get rid of it.
    thank you.

  28. @Nimbuzz User
    Could you let us know if the issue does also happen when calling a Nimbuzz contact?
    Let us know

  29. @Ad
    Video call is currently supported on Nimbuzz for Pc and iPhone, we aim to support this on more platforms in the future.

  30. I have 2 account on facebook but in nimbuzz I can add only one there any way to add more than one account?? but in ebuddy u can add more than one account.

  31. @kamran
    Thanks for your suggestion, we currently do not have plans to add this feature on Android devices.

  32. @Rishi Arora
    We currently only support the registration of one account per protocol.

    Our Team is studying the possibility of adding this in the future.

    We will keep you updated.

  33. Why cant you implement chatrooms on android devices? Whats the problem? And when are you going to show your face? :D

  34. why u keep saying ”we do not have plans to implement this feature”
    without chat room on android, nimbuzz is getting boring..

  35. nw most of the users hav gone in for andriod,iphone and bb phones and nt gettin chat rums is killin the usage of nimbuzz,users keep leavin cus they wanna try other IMs with chat rums on andriod,like me i just switched frm symbian to andriod and cn acess rums with bombus bt doesnt feel the exprience of saying dis is frm the african side of nimbuzz where we keep losing users each and everyday and nw left with abt 3 active rums.try making something better for andriods and see nimbuzz get bk to being the best IM

  36. maybe the so called nimbuzz team is too old fashioned and weak to implement a common chat rum for andriod OS which is now found on many phones.:-D shame on nimbuzz :D

  37. @nourhan – Currently the chatroom feature is available only on PC, Nimbuzz Mobile for Symbian and Java devices. We are already working on launching this feature for iphone in our future releases. Stay tuned for related new and updates on

  38. @genial – Currently the chatroom feature is available only on PC, Nimbuzz Mobile for Symbian and Java devices. We are already working on launching this feature for iphone and android in our future releases. Stay tuned for related new and updates on

  39. Thanks for your services and I pray grow more+, glow like a Star.

    I installed nimbuzz my Acer S100 (Android) its working but when make voice call its only one sided I can hear clearly but 2nd side cant hear.

    Plus when I end the call my phone is automatically restart.

    Thanks for your help and advise.


  40. @KinFiroz Devgn – Kindly try to make few changes under the phone settings path in Nimbuzz provided below: Settings>>Call Settings>>Recording Sample Rates

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