Nimbuzz says goodbye to AIM, ICQ, Myspace and Hyves

Yes, it’s true. ICQ, AIM, Myspace and Hyves will no longer be accessible via Nimbuzz starting today. Why? These networks were the least used networks on Nimbuzz, which can be rightly attributed to the evolution of the chat ecosystem in the world.  This has been really tough decision for us but we had to take this call so that we can focus more of the Networks, which you guys really look forward to like Facebook Chat, Yahoo, MSN, and Gtalk.

We have been really thankful to you guys for connecting to these networks via Nimbuzz.

But the show must go on …

So here is what we are doing to make things even better for you:

  • We’re offering you a 10% bonus credit to use on NimbuzzOut starting from Today. That’s 10% extra on top of the credits you want to purchase. To access the 10% bonus credit, go to and once logged-in, use this code EXTRA10FEB (valid until end of February 2012).
  • NimbuzzOut now lets you call mobile phones and landlines in 45 countries for only 2 cents per minute!
  • NimbuzzOut is supported on all Symbian 60 devices, all iPhone / iPod Touch, and all of the Android handsets
  • You can also access NimbuzzOut from your Desktop and Mac

So no matter whom you need to reach or how you need to reach them, you can do it with Nimbuzz.

Please let us know in the comment section below.

137 thoughts on “Nimbuzz says goodbye to AIM, ICQ, Myspace and Hyves

  1. No more ICQ? But MSN and Yahoo? So I have no more reasons to use nimbuzz on my phone. :-( For all other things I have whatsapp.

  2. It was getting kinda obvious. Giving support to near dead network isn’t really something most people would genuinly appreciate.

  3. I have contacts in USA and they prefer AIM. I need AIM feature. It’s actually a stupid decision. It means I have to use PC all the time or look for another alternative.

  4. @tanim
    we understand your point of view, but from now on it won’t be possible to use AIM via Nimbuzz.

  5. Waiting for the day Skype will be available on Nimbuzz as all other major chat groups and Twitter are already thaere

  6. block flood,it can be possible only if u apply verrified cell number rule on numbuzz accounts..maximum 2 or 3 accounts on 1 cell number , to get access to chatrooms and increase banlist limit..2000 isnt enuf cos full banlist making chatroom stuck :)and set limit on password try…so password crackers wont work anymore…

  7. How Ridiculous!

    The only reason I chose Nimbuzz is that I was able link in AIM, as the AOL AIM app is really unstable & couldn’t link in all messenger accounts. Unfortunately AOL AIM is my work’s recommended messenger app.

    Time to switch to something else.

    Bye Bye Nimbuzz. It was brief.

  8. Nimbuzz grew by supporting these networks.. Now they have their own userbase they’re trying to sell their NimbuzzOut credits. No wonder they pissed off Skype.. What a shame..

    I rather have an app will all possible (even rural) services instead of an app which lost their roots..

  9. Goodbye Nimbuzz.

    I am from Germany, started to use it 2.5 years ago when I got internet-flatrate for my mobile. You could do everything important with it: SchülerVZ (a then very sucessful social network among German students), Skype, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, Facebook

    There are only 2 networks left I use (I stopped using Yahoo Messenger a long time ago, cause nobody had it anymore)

    Just don’t mess with your customers too much.



  10. plz include Skype asap. . .
    Also we need more then one Facebook accounts to add in nimbuzz. . . Plzzzzzz update asap!

  11. I’m really disappointed to see the loss of AIM support as the reason I used Nimbuzz was because it allowed me to connect all my accounts into one program. With the loss of AIM support though my reason for using Nimbuzz is now gone. I’m going to be deleting Nimbuzz off my phone.

  12. I am very sad of ICQ, this is very bad for me. Many users will be search another aplication. Missing Skype, missing ICQ :-(

  13. In Russia ICQ is very popular and is almost the first place. Disabling ICQ, many stop using Nimbuzz in Russia. And he liked us so …

  14. Times are changing, look the ICQs, Hyves and the other two were hot networks at one time but now they are getting cold, who knows tomorrow it might be facebook’s turn to face the axe. I say lets loose the baggage.

  15. No more Skype, no more ICQ, I guess it’s time for IM+ as they seem to be able to do the job? Soon Nimbuzz will just be another VoIP app I guess and you can only message/call Nimbuzz users like the Vonage app.

    Such a shame, been using Nimbuzz for years but I guess it’s time to move on.

  16. Hi,ya its seems the decision went as bad luck for some of people.anyway i didn’t use those much.but i feel nimbuzz will be great if skype chat (no need call service) would be added again.
    (could you tell me please skype server address and port number to do chat via xmpp)
    >jabber/xmpp option also you can added as if anyone can use any site’s chat via configuring xmpp server.
    >and fix some of issue as like we face difficulty to chat in facebook.sometimes text not showing to other when anyone put text to other.and java version sometime don’t work good in some of phone.and new version 1.9.5 takes much data (sent/recieved) but 1.9.2 version make it lighter and effective.please think about deeply and take proper action.

  17. Personally, I’m a bit annoyed. Nimbuzz was a nice swiss army knife of chatter. Not everyone wants to change chat systems every couple of years. Nimbuzz says goodbye to AIM and I say goodbye to NImbuzz.

  18. will u also say goodbye to yahoo msn or gtalk i think most us nowadays uses facebook chat most than the others…

  19. Its better if you could make the video call support for the symbian belle and to begin the symbian future with nimbuzz :)

  20. @maswin
    which exact issue do you face when trying to login to Nimbuzz?
    Have you tried to use the same credentials to login to another Nimbuzz client? did then work?
    Let us know!
    Chatrooms are just supported on Nimbuzz Mobile for Symbian and Java devices. we do not have plans to implement it in other platforms in the near future.
    We no longer support Skype, you can find more info about it here:
    We currently do not have plans to translate Nimbuzz into Tibetan.
    Yes, our team is working in order to improve the moderating tools on chatrooms.
    @A-M L
    We understand your concern, unfortunately we do not have plans to enable AUM back.
    we no longer support Skype, you cna find more info about it here:
    Regarding we do not have plans to add it in the near future.

  21. @Nipoon07
    Sorry, we no longer support XMPP and we cannot provide you Skype server’s info.
    Sorry to hear that, we will continue working in order to provide a good service.
    @Gustavo Puente
    We no longer support WM devices, and we do not have plans to develop Windows Phone OS for the moment.
    @dinesh man
    We do not have plans to remove those communities.
    We aim to support video calling in more platforms in the future, stay tuned to our Blog, we will announce it here as soon as it is available.

  22. hy u making nimbuzz bad and bad day by day .. plzz do something good by adding skype in nimbuzz again …
    and other very bad think is that the add’s coming in nimbuzz free version ..

    show much goo on but with something goood not with bad thinks ..

  23. queralt escrich; bad desicion imo. You automatically kicked off lots of your fans. I loved NB for its ability to provide calls, icq and other clients in one app. I invited to nimbuzz so many ppl and now they are contacting me and asking – hey, what’s wrong with your favorite app? Bad bad bad.

  24. well, time to say goodbye to what was the best app i’ve ever had on my phone. this was a hugely poor decision on your behalf and i’m sure your users (myself included) would have preferred some kind of diplomatic poll to see which chat services were most frequently used. can’t believe you simply removed them with no prior warning. rude and unprofessional in my opinion.

  25. Good morning everyone!
    Nimbuzz is actually a very good software, much better than fring own which I used before, but I believe that Nimbuzz is losing many customers to the system Palringo. My question is as follows:
    Is Nimbuzz no intention to create a system of Push to Talk? This seriously good addition to surely win many customers who are now using Skype and Palringo.
    Is a tip.

  26. @whitehawk @Toreador @jay
    As mentioned previously we will not enable Skype back, and regarding the communities switched off this week it has been a difficult decision but necessary in order to provide more focus on other features of our app.
    Thanks for your understanding.

  27. I had Nimbuzz on my Nokia 6110 Navigator, on my 5800 XM and on my 701.

    I remember the best times when Nimbuzz was the only mobile client to support Gadu Gadu. But then you removed it…

    I remember the good times when it was the best IM for Symbian with ICQ. But now you removed it…

    And from now I will remember Nimbuzz as a client that was good, but made worse and worse by the developers with deleting more and more services.

    Nimbuzz was an oldrounder. One app for a dozen of services, where all your friends were in one app on one screen. Like Jan Ole Suhr is doing this in his Gravity Twitter-client by implementing more and more clients better and better, like now YouTube…

    But now there’s no reason why I should Nimbuzz anymore. MSN is nearly dead, Yahoo is dead since years and for chatting via Facebook I’m using a Facebook-client.

    So I thank you for all you did and I wish you a good and successful future, but without me. And a thousand other ex-Nimbuzz-users…

  28. Maybe it´s a good decision, but the only reason I chose Nimbuzz is that I was able link in AIM. Chatroom allow in my work. Bye, bye Nimbuzz!

  29. wow really?!? only reason i had NIMBUZZ was for AIM!, now i have no other app i can use on my phone for this, not satisfied at all! seriously disappointed!

  30. Yup, pretty disappointed – I will be moving to IM+ (which does not hold a candle to the Nimbuzz interface by the way).

    Understandable though, if AIM was used very little overall then why would you want to through money away to continue supporting it.

  31. @escrich: thanks for the reply and also can you please tell me that could you please convert nimbuzz for symbian belle into a qml version…!
    Thanks :)

  32. Dear Nimbuzz team,

    Consider this as a your obituary or a kind advice from one of your loyal admirers, whatever you want. To tell you the truth, the main reason why most mobile user took to Nimbuzz was the fact that Nimbuzz brought in access to so many of the major networks & communities even in some of the most basic platforms like Java phones! But unfortunately, your think tank couldn’t understood this simple fact about market dynamics even after being so wise. Or maybe you people have a different plan altogether? But make no mistake, none of the other facilities provided by you made what you are today. There are plenty of better desktop clients for all platform as well as IP calling apps. freely available in the web. And your rates for calling mobiles/phones is also not the most competitive! So, by deleting those very important services like ICQ/AIM/Myspace and terming them “Obsolete”, you started nailing your own coffin! Do realize this as soon as possible for your own good to exist in the market, or in a few months, you would be doomed! Besides, who are you to judge whether networks like ICQ/AIM are far less used? Go to Russia and try to find how many people even heard of G-talk there, with ICQ being the single most popular client for year! Or in the USA where many people relies on AIM more than anything else. Instant Messaging for most busy people is nothing like shifting to newer platforms when the other is getting older with the invent of newest ones! It’s simply not possible to inform and add people every now and then, in modern day when there are so many worries and things to take care of. So, with the deletion of AIM/ICQ/My Space I am also deleting you from my systems. And please people tell us which other client is still continuing to provide us flawless access to most of the major communities in Java as well as Symbian and Android phones?

    Thanking you for your service
    Good Bye!!

  33. Thats a good decision i think.
    Nimbuzz should really focus on making their app more stable on qualities were great when it worked but i was so fed up with its too many force closesthat i ripped the official rom and installed a custom rom to be able to use the native Gtalk with voice and Force closes anymore and clear audio video. hope someday i can get back to nimbuzz without the old problems.

  34. Aim is used my many and so it would be better to retain the same… It would be an added advantage if you guys could have qq messenger in Nimbuzz… Tensent provides only a Chinese version as mobile application so far.. I think no other of your competitors have qq in their list…

    Good luck.

  35. Consider me another displeased customer. I bought the ad-free version because it was the best experience for combining my AIM and Yahoo accounts. I don’t use any social networking, so Facebook is worthless to me, and I’m closing my Google account soon so GTalk is also pointless. Nimbuzz has now been reduced to a Yahoo client for me. Thankfully I only paid 3 dollars, but I never expected the app to be gutted the way it has. I have no intention of using the VoIP parts of Nimbuzz, or buying credits. This move will only alienate customers and prevent your userbase from expanding.

    I may just switch to Android after I get more cash and use a more functional application. I urge you guys to reconsider.

  36. Well thats the point where I have to uninstall the best ICQ Client from my iPhone. Bye Bye Nimbuzz, hello IM+ -.-

  37. Add the option to block the contact, because there are many people that is troubling and function block contact could help prevent nuisances.

  38. that’s very good decision, I appreciate your effort to make your services better for these 5 hot places. Nimbuzz should focus on these 5 hot places, Facebook, Twitter, GTalk, Yahoo and MSN. Nimbuzz you need not to be worried about, you will not lose users because I understand it well that this is just blackmailing dialogue ‘goodbye nimbuzz’ the people who are saying that will never leave nimbuzz because they are using it more than one community. Moreover I bid it to say that the person who once uses nimbuzz, he can never leave or forget nimbuzz because all of us know that nimbuzz is best mobile client, it’s services, design, outlook, chat room design etc etc are the best n lovable so if the nimbuzz craze users like me have to use nimbuzz just for chatting with nimbuzz friends then we must use it. But please don’t remove even a one community from these Facebook, Twitter, GTalk, Yahoo and MSN because it will lose your market value. Moreover the hot apps such as Ebuddy and Mozat are also providing these 5 services, Facebook, Twitter, GTalk, Yahoo and MSN. Now-a-days Mozat is getting rapid popularity because they are providing a good plateform for Faceboo, Twitter, GTalk, Yahoo and MSN but personally I prefer Nimbuzz. Here’s one request that please add Skype to make your services more effective. Best of luck for providing best services on these 5 hot places, Facebook, Twitter, GTalk, Yahoo and MSN.

  39. Yea, well done Nimbuzz. AOL, ICQ & Hyves are bogus social networks, big up for takin’ this step! Cheerio!

  40. you have noting to lose, Nimbuzz inc.. just you add the AIM community, n its very large people use that in nimbuzz

  41. @Austin Martin
    Could you be more specific? How would you like to see Google+ implemented on Nimbuzz?
    Let us know and we will consider it.
    We currently only support the registration of one account per protocol.
    Our Team is studying the possibility of adding this in the future.
    Sorry, we do not have plans to convert the Symbian version to QT in the near future.
    we understand your concern and your point of view, however we have based this decision on global numbers and not just an specific country where one community is more popular than others.
    We want to use this opportunity to focus as well on Nimbuzz itself rather than low profile communities.
    Thanks for your understanding.
    Thanks for your comment, we do not have plans to add QQ as a supported community.
    @Eugenio Ribes
    Thanks for your suggestion, we plan to add this feature in future releases.

  42. @Sam
    Currently is not possible to chat with contacts who are offline on Facebook, not even on Facebook itself.
    @Mr. Chips
    Thanks for your support and understanding.
    Kind Regards

  43. I don’t care about this issue.
    please add Skype plus chat rooms to android version,am using LG GT540 optimus.

  44. @mastermind
    Please read previous comments, adding Skype is no longer possible.
    We do not have plans to add Chatrooms on Android in the near future.

  45. Really? AIM is a least used network? Almost every single business contact I have uses AIM, and it’s their preferred channel of communication instead of e-mail.

    Goodbye, nimbuzz.

  46. Well…there is no reason to use nimbuzz again. It’s main feature was that it supported a lot of protocols, even rare ones. ICQ still big in Russia, Italy and CIS countries, AIM is also big in some countries…And for msn and facebook there are other, more specialized messengers. I supoose that it is bad, not caring about customers decision and nimbuzz will get big drop of users because of it.

  47. Finally i found out why is icq not working.. Last time they stop ICQ i had to use different im, but when they got it back i returned…
    So long nimbuz.(And thanks for all the fish).

  48. How Ridiculous!
    The only reason I chose Nimbuzz is that I was able link in AIM.
    I need aim nimbuzz atleast fr next few months…u should keep an choice while downloading if people want some accounts let dem get those…

  49. ICQ is the only IM protocol my best friends use, other ICQ clients for Symbian suck, very sad!!!

  50. u mad?
    still using ICQ for Chat more than everything else.

    right, for -Chat-
    if i want to write someone over Facebook i just go to the page with Opera and write a mail. more practical, less battery consumption.

    without ICQ thats not a real “Multi Messenger” anymore
    sorry but… hello, eBuddy

  51. i just love how people keep on sayin’ goodbye nimbuzz thinking they could make a change or something. Stop f’ing moaning , nobody cares. Nimbuzz had all the numbers and statistical data to know how much a network was used. Nimbuzz took into consideration that it may loose it’s aim, icq users after the drop… So really nobody will cry if some of you will stop using nimbuzz.

  52. warum keine unterstützung mehr für icq und aim?

    da werde ich mich wohl (oder übel) nach einer anderen muliti-messenger-lösung umsehen müssen – leider :-(

  53. @bernd
    As mentioned on the post above we no longer support this community.

  54. Nimbuzz is very good but there is one problem. There is no chat rooms for smart fone users soo plz do some thing for chat

  55. consider that this is, in my opinion, the worst evolution of an application i’ve ever seen. I used it for years with icq, aim, skype, myspace, google and in the end with fb. now consider that my phone is with android. so I’ll have to install the fb chat and i’ll have all the services nimbuzz provides for me. what a pity! now I have say goodbye to nimbuzz with tears in my eyes ( ;-) ) because now this application became totaly senseless for me. was a great time with you. thank you for this. i’ll make a new registration when it is useful again, when it is an allrounder again.

    good bye

  56. I could understand ICQ & Myspace, But to keep Yahoo chat? and MSN over AIM? Not liking that move at all.

  57. @fiaz
    Chatrooms are available on Nimbuzz Mobile for Symbian and Java devices.
    We do not plan to add them in other platforms in the near future.

  58. Very less persentage using the deleted networks throgh nimbuzz hence we are sure that this will not affect the nimbuzz great popularity,

  59. I use AIM at my office and was very happy to connect fb & AIM through Nimbuz……
    I dnt knw abt ur reasons to remove AIM from nibuz but due to ur this decision i m very unhappy & hopeless coz i was really used to nimbuz n liked it very much but its like half part of nimbuz is gone for me…. its better i use fb chat instead of Nimbuz…..

  60. This is an outrage. How could you cut AIM off the list??? AIM still has more users worldwide than any other messaging service, comparable to MSN. PUT AIM BACK IMMEDIATELY YOU IDIOTS.

  61. @hishyar
    Thanks for your interest, however we do not have plans to develop a Maemo compatible version in the near future

  62. What a downer, I have been using Nimbuzz for some years now but as time has gone by with the loss of skype and now aim icq and yahoo it has become pointless. I now use an N900 which has all chat clients integrated into its contacts but my family are all on android, symbian S60 or windows mobile 6.5 So unfortunately its goodbye to Nimbuzz and hello to IM+ it may only support text but it has everything else, including skype (in the premium version) and has working versions for all the phones I need.. Thanks for the ride nimbuzz but you just dont cut it anymore, the app maybe nice to look at but functionality and compatability have reduced with time and the bloat of the app has gone up.. byeeee

  63. @Jay
    We do not have plans to develop a version for Maemo/MeeGo devices in the near future.

  64. No ICQ and AIM makes Nimbuzz unattractive for me as most my contacts are in these two communities.

    I like Nimbuzz a lot but regrettably, I will have to use something else now.

    Still, thanks for the service over the past two years, I hope the decisions taken will help improve Nimbuzz!

  65. queralt escrich: Do you plan to add twitter to nimbuzz on future? If yes, do you have a date planned?

  66. @Miguel
    Twitter is supported on Nimbuzz Mobile for Symbian, we do not have plans to add it in other platforms yet.

  67. Why sensors on my galaxy S are not working when talking to Nimbuzz ? That means durring calls the screen is always on. Is there an option to change that. Most of the programs like Viber or Skype have it. Well anyway I will be happy to find out how to do it if there is a way. Thank you in advance and keep up the good work.

  68. @Nimbuzz – You can find the list of compatible device and download the latest version of Nimbuzz from

  69. This is an outrage. How could you cut AIM off the list??? AIM still has more users worldwide than any other messaging service, comparable to MSN. PUT AIM BACK IMMEDIATELY YOU IDIOTS.

  70. I am looking for a new IM client and the fact that this does not support AIM is making me look elsewhere. Sorry Nimbuzz, but I need a client that can support both AIM and Gtalk.

  71. @almas – It has been a difficult decision for us to remove this community from our list. However, it was necessary in order to provide more focus on other features of our app. Thanks for your understanding.

  72. @superfragin8 – It has been a difficult decision for us to remove this community from our list. However, it was necessary in order to provide more focus on other features of our app. Thanks for your understanding.

  73. Killing AIM support, really? I wish I could use numbuzz but most of my clients and coworkers use AIM.

  74. @John – It has been a difficult decision for us to remove this community from our list. However, it was necessary in order to provide more focus on other features of our app. Thanks for your understanding.

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