Lumia 920 – The City Comes Alive With Augmented Reality Browser

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A while back Nokia announced their Windows 8 phone – Lumia 920. The device was announced at the manufacturer’s event in New York on 5th September, 2012. The Lumia 920 is powered by a dual-core 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 CPU (the same one that drives the current US supremos, the HTC One X and Galaxy S III).It also features a ‘better than HD’ 1,280 x 768 LCD display, PureView imaging (albeit with only 8 megapixels), NFC capabilities and a 2,000mAh battery with wireless charging. From the outside, it may appear as though not much has changed but with Windows 8 powering the very core of this device, there is a lot more to it-

The Lumia – 920 features ‘City Lens’ an augmented reality browser. This app is built up from the ground by Nokia to take exploration to the next level. It’s no more about scrolling through a list of places that are relatively close to you but it’s more about you making decisions based on relevant information that was made available to you. City Lens takes exploration to the next level!

Now it’s possible to know exactly what places are around you, like physically around you. It’s a geo-camera based app. Once you turn City Lens on, all you have to do is, pick a category and point the camera in the direction you’re heading in. In seconds the app throws out pop-ups displaying different restraunts, hotels, book-stores etc. depending on the category you pick.

If augmented reality isn’t your thing, then you can easily switch to a list view of the places near you. The list not only shows you the name and the star rating for the place but also the direction in which it is.

Flipping the phone to landscape mode brings up a map with the same places pinned out depending on their location. Say there are a cluster of restraunts next to each other, well just clicking the cluster will blow it up and display the names and star ratings for each restaurant.

What is City Lens about? It’s basically about getting accurate and relevant information about the places near you.
How helpful is it? Users will eventually answer this question.

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