Nimbuzz for Android updated to 2.3.0. Download now!

Hi All,
We are excited to announce the release of our latest Android client – 2.3.0.

What’s new in this update?

  • Popular & Recent Chatrooms
  • Invisible presence
  • Copy & Paste messages
  • Easy NimbuzzOut Calling via Dialer
  • Feedback Form

Below are the details about this update:

Now you can browse through the list of Popular Chatrooms globally and join the ones you are interested in. Go ahead, explore, communicate and connect!

Another important feature we have introduced in this release is the Recent Chatrooms. Now leave a room and join it back easily, without needing to search for the room again.

Along with the above features, we have also made a bunch of improvements in existing Chatrooms features.

You asked for it, and we have it! Now go Invisible on Nimbuzz whenever you want and avoid getting into unwanted chats :) To make it even more convenient, you can login as Invisible too.

Ever faced a situation where you wanted to share a chat message from someone with somebody else? And found it irritating having to type it all over again? No need to do all that now, as you can now easily Copy-Paste chats. Just long tap on a chat message and copy.

We have made calling your phonebook contacts with NimbuzzOut a lot simpler now by providing the Phonebook button in the Dialer. Click on that and pick up the contact you want to call, and you are there!

We have fixed a bunch of chat notification related issues. Now land up at the right screens from the notifications all the time!

We value your feedback on Nimbuzz, and now we have made it easier to reach out to us. You can find the Feedback Form from the Settings screen.

Feel free to write back to me at in case you have any specific feedback to share.

Mukesh Tanwani [Product Manager, Android]

131 thoughts on “Nimbuzz for Android updated to 2.3.0. Download now!

  1. Thnx so much for this update spcly for invisible presence option n copy paste chat.. But if you introduce few more things like group chat , location viewing n sharing of nimbuzz contacts and finally profile pictures in chat rooms then nimbuzz for android will be simply awesome .. Thnx :)

  2. @nayan – Thanks for your interest, Video Calling is supported on Nimbuzz PC version 2.3.1 and iPhone 2.5. It is on our roadmap, to provide this feature to other platforms as well, but unfortunately we cannot provide you with a fix date for it to be implemented. We will announce it as soon as it is available. Stay tuned to our Blog for more related news.

  3. @Rahul – Hai friend…try the alternate method to get nimbuckz through your mobile number…..thanks..!

  4. dis s great bt 1 more thing needs to be done and dats showing pics in chat rums and making it nt boring anymore…

  5. when i connect to nimbuzz android, my id sign in but i can’t do anything but when i use another id , i can do every jobs. can you help me to fix this problem?

  6. @saeed – Can you please reach out to with the following details?
    – What is your username?
    – What device model and Nimbuzz version are you using?
    – What type of connection are you using?
    – What is the provider/operator?
    – Do you get any error message?
    – When does this error message exactly appear?
    – Are you using an specific feature?
    – From which site did you download the application?
    – In which country are you located?

  7. @Dani – Thanks for your feedback. We will consider this to be implemented in Android Version in future. Thanks!!

  8. It’s a great update 2.3.1 for Android platform. But expect more features like
    1) split screen for tablet UI
    2) fast msg delivery.
    3) profile picture in chat rooms
    4) Also delivery when ever the connection active.
    5) User friendly like WhatsApp.

    Feedback of the latest version
    1) connection lost when ever a small fluctuation in coverage
    2) reconnecting is not working properly.
    3) Connectivity lost after showing reconnecting when still on network coverage area.
    4) Not automatically reconnecting after showing connection lost.

    Device : Samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0 GT-3100
    Network : BSNL kerala
    Internet Connection : HSDPA 3.5G

  9. I’ve been using nimbuzz for a long time now, on my symbian, my android tablet and now PC :) I think there are still 2 major drawbacks that you should start working on:

    1. When you log in as invisible, or turn your status into invisible, I think that this is supposed to be your “last seen at –:–” moment, for example, if i am online at 5 pm and go invisible then signout at 5.30 pm, every one sees that I was last seen at 5.30 i.e when i signed out, but it’s better if it’s last seen at 5 i.e the moment i went invisible :)

    2. I think you should start saving chat history from all devices online, I want to see messages on all my devices and from 2 months ago not just the last chat I’ve had. I mean you should make it like facebook; one big chat history accessible from all devices :)

  10. Question: One of my friends on nimbuzz doesnt show as a green online sign but a green half moon sign what does this mean? And on the profile it also shows the half moon and is written “availible (notification)”

  11. @sherif – Thanks a lot for your feedback. Points taken for our future release. Stay tuned for related info on Thanks!!

  12. @henk – The half moon sign denotes the user is not online. However, he/she has enabled the notifications on their device and in case you send them any message they will receive a notification of your message and they can directly revert to you on your message. Thanks!!

  13. hi, sorry my quztion belong to video call is dat avilable in sumsung galaxy y andriod system, if no plz creat a version dat have ths request

  14. @kipcian – The chat history gets saved on your device and not on the servers. Hence the same cannot be retrieved from different clients. Thanks!!

  15. Hi,tnx 4 ur nice job nd a nice app.
    Here’s some suggestion as copy messages in chat room(or quote them),so I think this is really important
    -Sign in automatically option
    -Sharing files in chat room(txt,jpg,etc.)
    -What abt new more cool emoticons?:-D
    For now:-D
    All the best

  16. @ghazwan – Thanks for your interest, Video Calling is only supported on Nimbuzz PC version 2.4.0 and iPhone 2.5.2

    It is on our roadmap, to provide this feature to other platforms as well, but unfortunately we cannot provide you with a fix date for it to be implemented.

  17. @deedar – Thanks for your interest, Video Calling is supported on Nimbuzz PC version 2.4.0 and iPhone 2.5.2. It is on our roadmap, to provide this feature to other platforms as well, but unfortunately we cannot provide you with a fix date for it to be implemented. We will announce it as soon as it is available. Stay tuned to our Blog for more related news.

  18. Hi guys,

    Can you help me to understand following issue.
    Nimbuzz can`t use the mic on SE Experia X10 mini (x10a).
    Before it everything was OK but now nothing (nor I can hear nobody neither people can`t hear me).
    Meanwhile, everything is OK with Skype and usual calls by phone but when Nimbuzz is logged in, I can receive usual call by mobile but mic doesn`t work. If I logout from Nimbuzz, everything is OK and mic starts to work perfectly.
    I was trying to find solution but without any success.
    Please can you comment or help to solve this situation?

  19. @Anatoly – VoIpAudioSrv for Nimbuzz comes with version 1.00 and the other social network applications like Skype in your case comes with VoIpAudioSrv Version 2.0. The problem with it is If you install some other app at first time and Nimbuzz after that, Nimbuzz works without any problem and other app troubles without audio. In other words Nimbuzz doesn’t work efficiently if you have any other IM’s installed on your device since, there is a compatibility mismatch along with other IM applications.

  20. Thanks for reply.
    And finally, to understand the situation:
    1. I have to uninstall all IMs from the device (Skype, Viber etc)
    2. Leave Nimbuzz only.


    1. Uninstall all IMs including Nimbuzz
    2. Install all IMs again (excluding Nimbuzz) and then install Nimbuzz (above). And this will solved the issue.

    What solution is right?

  21. hey guys it has been updated now with most awaiting group chat feature…….now users can chat with the contact in a single click from their contact list……don’t fail to update it from android app store…..

  22. @anoop >> You can follow these steps to signout of your Nimbuzz account from your Android device:
    Options>>Settings>>My Nimbuzz Account>>Sign Out

  23. @hinhokoolet – We are working on introducing this feature in Nimbuzzz iphone. However, we cannot fix up a date for its release. Stay tuned for more news on Thanks!!

  24. M using android now but. I want you update the next version with more feature look like symbian . Plz make it simply look like on symbian . As well as profile picture in chatroom ettc. Hope u make it.

  25. hey again! :-)
    I just updated to nimbuzz 2.4.0 on my android (galaxy tab 2 10.1), and I was wondering: why isn’t nimbuzz showing in the status notification bar like the old version? And the other question is: how can I log out?!!!

  26. @sherif – Thanks for your feedback. We have removed this option from the latest version of Nimbuzz.
    For logging out of Nimbuzz Account you can follow these steps:
    Nimbuzz>>Options>>Settings>>My Nimbuzz Account>>Logout

  27. @saleha – You can logout of your account by following these steps:
    Nimbuzz>>Options>>Settings>>My Nimbuzz Account>>Signout

  28. Dear nimbuzz,
    Your new version of nimbuzz is so amazing and i like it so much, However i need to no hoe to sign out from the account please i need a repliment.
    Yor faithfully
    Mujtaba ezzaldin

  29. @man – You can follow these steps to sign out of your Nimbuzz Account on Android:
    Nimbuzz>>Options>>Settings>>My Nimbuzz Account>>Sign Out

  30. @jalallrockin – You need to make a few changes under the phone settings in order update your device. Here is the path: Settings>>Call Settings>>Recording Sample Rates
    Select the sample rate best compatible for your device. Note: For better sound quality we recommend to have a good internet connection.

  31. Its so boring without profile picture in chatroom. When it disconect ,the chatroom history doesoont store as java version.. anyway i love it .thx u nimbuzz team .i love u. Waiting for ur new version ..plz acpt my request and improve it ….note. the most important is profile pic in chatroom

  32. wanna download old version of nimbuzz.just previous then 2.4.1 I don’t like tbis new version..what should I do?how I download old one?help me plz

  33. suraj – Once a new version is released the old version is removed from our servers to be downloaded. Your feedback is important for us to make the product better. You can let us know which features you want us to introduce in Nimbuzz. Thanks!!

  34. i have installed new version of nimbuzz in sony ericssion x8,but hard to find out sign out menu.

  35. @aaryan – Video calling feature is only available on iPhone and PC for now. However, we are already working on such requests. Thanks!!

  36. @Ashish – In order to sign out from application please proceed with the mentioned steps. Settings>>My Nimbuzz Account>>Sign Out. Thanks!!

  37. Hello nimbuzz is great!!! I have been using it in my android for a while.. it works fine with wifi.. but i am not able to connect it with my 3G connection…
    please tell me the required connectivity settings for it…

  38. when i tried to call from nimbuss android using voip ,the dailpad will be big sounds…how to deactivate the dailer pad sound when i press a digit?\
    please suggest what to do….

  39. @Ansar – You can only disable the dial pad sound by putting your cellphone on silent mode while dialing. Thanks!!

  40. I have facing problem during call automatically disconect and connecting again between 1 to 3 min in at the time of calling. Mean on screen show that nimbuzz is connecting after the above time.

  41. dear frnd,
    how to check the current location of my nibuzz friend in nimbuzz android,i am using samsung galaxy ace..

  42. i’d spent lot of time on browsing how to sign out nimbuzz in my xperia! i took time reading on your post and gotcha!!! thank you so much.. :))

  43. @Ansar – Unfortunately, the mentioned feature is currently not available on Android version. However, we are continuously working towards the same. Thanks!!

  44. Hi
    I was used nimbuzz in nokia.
    But im useing now Samsung android phone.
    My problem is I cannot see the nimbuzz to nimbuzz call option. CNu help me?

  45. @shakil – Kindly send a mail to with your account and device details. We will get back to you within 48 business hours.

    Please note – You can only place a call to an Android, iPhone, Symbian or PC.

  46. I cant make nimuzz call to nimbzz friend clearly. Am using samsung grant . I dont knw why it happening.before getting this phone I used nokia e 72 and I hot clear nimbuzz call.what ahould I do for making call

  47. @arun – We request you to send your query directly to with your account and device details since, this issue requires further follow ups. We will respond to your query within 48 business hours.

  48. @Wasim – Please go to Chats icon at the top and you will find an option ”Start Group Chat”. Thanks!!

  49. HI there, I just got an iphone and downloaded nimbuzz on it but I can’t find out how to log out!!! Can anyone help me please?

  50. HI Nimbuzz,i used this new version of nimbuzz in my new android tablet. But I Cant Sign Out from it. when I GO to —More— there is no –settings— option to sign out. PLEASE HELP!!!!!1

  51. @hasmukh – Unfortunately, this feature is not available in Android devices for now. However, we are continuously towards the same.

  52. @wasim – It is because group chat feature should be available on their device too. Since, we do not have group chat available on all devices.

  53. Error: The process android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.

    Help needed.

  54. Hii sir i m older user of nimbuzz using android mobile. recently i updated my nimbuzz 2.4.3 but after updation my phone contacts are not open. i uninstall numbuzz and reinstall again but problem are same i am fed up because i like nimbuzz massenger please do needful

  55. @Rajnish sethi – We request you to send your query directly to with your device details since, this issue requires further follow ups. We will respond to your query within 48 business hours.

  56. Hi i m facing android.process.acore error whenever i save, veiw contact because of nimbuzz . If i uninstall nimbuzz error automaticly get solve. What to do plz help.

  57. @durga – We request you to send your query directly to with your device details since, this issue requires further follow ups. We will respond to your query within 48 business hours.

  58. Hi guys from nimbuzz …i m using nimbuzz from 2011 and i like this apps so much. But from today that is 03/08/2013 I am unable to login in my two different ids of nimbuzz…suddenly my nimbuzz logout automatically in both of the case,

    a message appears from nimbuzz…as hi…from bigbuzz…after tht nimbuzz logged out and never logged in two of my different ids…

    I m feeling helpless as I m linked from nimbuzz from 2 years and hv no of frnds due to this…. so pls help me out….


  59. I am unable to login in any of my nimbuzz ids as my password and username are correct for my 4 nimbuzz ids.
    Please help me out.

  60. @manssor – The requested feature is currently not available wherein, display pics of users are available while you’re in chatroom. It shall be available soon.

  61. @Masooda – The auto sign-in feature is there to help you log-in to Nimbuzz quickly and without entering your credentials every time. If you log out of Nimbuzz then your friends will not be able to send messages to you. If you have any specific issue with respect to this behaviour, please do write in to us at

    If for some reason you wish to log-in to Nimbuzz with a different id, then you can follow these steps-
    1. Go to Settings->My Nimbuzz Account->Log out.
    2. You will be shown Nimbuzz start up screen, where you can “Sign in” OR “Sign up”
    3. Without killing the app, you can click on Sign In and enter the new user id & password.

  62. Dear I Am using Nimbuzz In Android With 3G Network.
    But Its Automatically Sign Out Several Times When Ever I Am Going To Sign In Its Sign Out Automatically After 1 or 2 Seconds.
    Please Help Me ASAP :(

  63. @Be_khof – Once we implement a new version of Nimbuzz we remove the old version from our database to be downloaded because the new version is more stable.

  64. @Abuzar Shaheen – The mentioned feature has been removed due to some technical reasons. Thank you for sharing your feedback. We will try to implement it in our subsequent releases.

  65. hi i am a usaing a nimbizz i face a problem i call a pakistan vice is not good aney time problem i am using widi 5 mb internet please help me

  66. hello nb ,
    i hav been using nb in my samsung galaxy mini wid older worked gud ,but wen i installed da new version of nb ,i cant able to send fotos..wen im going to gallery for selection its going to offline nd i cant able to send a foto or is getting exit by itself ..plzz help me out of it..old version was very gud me but da new 1 is not working properly.plz respond quickly.thankq

  67. Hi i got samsung galaxy grand prime i m unable to sign in my id there on nimbuzz it shows no contacts in your buddy list on 3g network and wifi both i have downloaded the latest nimbuzz version from google play store give solution please

  68. when i open my nimbuzz account.. unfortunately nimbuzz has stopped is written…help me plz.. facing this problm…

  69. @Abrar – Certainly, you can log out and login back again. In order to sign out from your nimbuzz account, please go to More-Settings-My Nimbuzz account-Sign Out.

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