Nimbuzz rated best among popular apps – Nielsen

Nimbuzz rated best among popular app - Nielsen

Let me take this opportunity to share this great news with you!
The recent survey by Nielsen India Consumer Ranking has shown Nimbuzz among the top 4 most used apps. We would also like to highlight the fact Nimbuzz is the top 4 consumer brands in India even ahead of Facebook messenger, YouTube and Gmail :-)
Please find below the online link to the findings:
More pictures of how we celebrated this feat @ our Gurgaon Headquarters.
Nimbuzz employees opening Champagne
Nimbuzz Celebration Cake
Champagne in coffe cups @nimbuzzNimbuzz 100 Million Celebrations
The top 10 applications has also shown a unique consumer behaviour trend – most of the the applications are inclined towards communication, entertainment and information. Nimbuzz, being the only application which has all these capabilities, ensuring a better performance for the users.
This corroborates that the level of engagement is the toughest part, downloads can be had by paid promos and which is why Nimbuzz has been able to reach this feat being the only application from India to reach global benchmarks.
Nimbuzz always ensures a smooth performance process and avoids any issues regarding battery drainage, memory blockage etc.
This is indeed a proud moment for us and I would like to thank you for all your support extended to Nimbuzz.
Shahnawaz Karim
Head – Marketing

11 Responses to “Nimbuzz rated best among popular apps – Nielsen”

  1. I love nimbuzz b’cos it is vry fst

    Sandeep revankar February 23rd, 2013
  2. One of the best apps around,thumbs up guys

    Muhammad Msinjewe February 23rd, 2013
  3. Great job guys!

    Marc February 23rd, 2013
  4. ummmm

    khuram_imtiaz February 25th, 2013
  5. we love nimbuzz
    best mobile and desktop messenger

    congratulations NIMBUZZ WHOLE TEAM!

    vinod5632 February 25th, 2013
  6. I love nibuzz b/c it’s very fast. & have free call, free video & free video

    Tajudin Hassan February 25th, 2013
  7. need chatroom option for nimbuzz iphone

    saima0001 February 26th, 2013
  8. @saima0001 – The chatroom feature is currently available only on PC, Android, Symbian and Java devices. We are already working on introducing this feature on other devices in our future releases. However, we can not fix up a date for its release. Stay tuned for related info on

    Nimbuzz February 27th, 2013
  9. sir, when i previously make my nimbuzz account, i doesnot given my mobile no. on account creat area.
    so, can my friends able to search my nimbuzz id(by friends suggetion feature).
    plz tell

    amit February 27th, 2013
  10. @amit – Your friends can still search you if they enter correct username, email or name. Thanks!!

    Nimbuzz February 28th, 2013
  11. Nimbuzz is good and fast to chat group

    Asma.khan March 11th, 2013

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