Now enjoy Nimbuzz Chatrooms on your Blackberry device

Now enjoy Nimbuzz Chatrooms on your Blackberry device

Hi All,

Yes, we heard you loud and clear. We are excited to announce the introduction of Chat rooms in Nimbuzz on BlackBerry client – 3.0.0. Nimbuzz now becomes first free app in the blackberry eco-system to offer fully functional chat room service through a battery optimized client. The app is designed keeping in mind that users should be able need to communicate through nimbuzz for long hours.

What’s new in this update?

  • Now you would be able to connect with a community of 150 million+ users through chat rooms. It is a first for the blackberry ecosystem.
  • We have further improved chatting interface by improving on bubble chats
  • Now you would be able to invite friends through scanning QR codes.
  • We noticed that file sharing forms an important part of interactions on Nimbuzz. As a part of the ongoing file/picture sharing improvements, we have further improved the file transfer management.
  • Nimbuzz is now deeply integrated with the blackberry platform. You can now start the nimbuzz app to connect with your friends from anywhere in blackberry through ‘Compose Via Nimbuzz’ menu option.


Chat rooms

You can now do a host of things with the introduction of chat rooms on your favorite nimbuzz for blackberry

  • You can now create chat rooms and invite friends to join it.
  •  In order for you to manage rooms easily we have:
    • Active Chat rooms            : Rooms you have successfully joined.
    • Recent Chat Rooms          : Rooms you recently left or were kicked out.
    • Favorite Chat Rooms      : You could now mark a chat room as favorite and it would be listed separately for easy navigation
  • Popular Chat Rooms                    : Rooms, those are currently popular in the nimbuzz community at any point of time
  • You can now start searching for a chat room, by just typing on the chat room listing. If you want to search a chat room for a location or language, you could set the filter accordingly and narrow down the search results.
  • You can create a password protected chat room, which you want only select people to come and join. This provides group chat functionality to the nimbuzz users on blackberry.
  • You can easily navigate between private chats and chat room through the improved chat screen.
  • You can also send and receive gifts by using chat room commands in the chat room.
  • As an owner of a chat room, you can ban, kick, ignore users and give moderation rights to the participants.
  • In case you have been privileged to be a moderator of a chat room, you could moderate the room by banning or kicking users.

Feel free to reach out to me at jasjit @ in case you have any feedback to share.


32 thoughts on “Now enjoy Nimbuzz Chatrooms on your Blackberry device

  1. Hello! I have Blackberry Bold 9780. And after upgrading to the new version 3.0 its not opening the app :( Please fix it!

  2. Hi!!! I hav a blackberry curve 9320 and i trying to create an account with nimbbuzz but an error is occuring when i am creating the password.. I’v tri all possibl combinaison.. Can u plz help??

  3. Hi I have top up my account with $ 10 yesterday but there is no $ in my acount today. where they gone?is there any help line ?????

  4. @methebutt – We request you to send your query directly to with your account details since, this issue requires further follow ups. We will respond back to your query within 48 business hours.

  5. @Bourn23 – Chatrooms are only available on Symbian, Java, Android and PC for now. We are already working on your request however, we are unable to fix a date.

    Note – You can do a group chat on iPhone. Click on Chats>>Star Group Chat

  6. Can nimbuzz customer call another nimbuzz customer?
    Does calling works from any mobile platform to any other mobile platform?
    Is there any extra steps required to enabling calling between nimbuz customers other than creating account and downloading and installing nimbuzz on mobile phone?

    thanks for the support

  7. @kp – Calling feature is available on Symbian, Android, iPhone and PC. You can make free calls from Nimbuzz to Nimbuzz. if you wish to make mobile and landline calls then subscribe to our NimbuzzOut service which is available on lower rates.

    You can download the updated version of Nimbuzz from the attached link:

    PC –

    Mobile –

    Signup –

  8. When you are going to give us a new version of nimbuzz for iOS 7 of iphone? The older version does not match with new iOS 7 keyboard.

  9. @Pratik – If you want to remove your Nimbuzz Account please note beforehand that by doing that:

    • Your username will be deactivated and it won’t be possible to reactivate

    • Your friends will not be able to reach you on Nimbuzz anymore

    • You will not receive our Newsletter

    If you agree with that, please follow the instructions on and you will be able to remove the account by yourself.

  10. when someone send URL to me on chat rooms doesn’t shown on me phone (Samsung Galaxy Grand) and there’s a message coming:

    Send gifts to any Nimbuzz user in chat rooms. Type /vg l for gifts list. Type /vg to send the gift.

    What can I do to solve this problem?

  11. we can free voice calls on nimbzz id to nimbuzz id with mobile blackbarry z10
    plz reyply me on my email id
    thank you

  12. @Noor mohd – Due to current technical limitations free calling is not available on blackberry and java devices. However, we are continuously working towards the same. It shall be available soon.

  13. Can i use nimbuzz chatrooms on blackberry curve 9360, blackberry OS 7 ??? if yes, then tell me how, where i find ???

  14. @Ahmad Nasir – Due to current technical limitations, chatrooms are not available on Blackberry. However, we are continuously working to launch it on Blackberry version. It shall be available soon.

  15. @toyins – Due to current technical limitations Nimbuzz is not available for Blackberry devices with OS 10 or higher. However, we are continuously working towards the same. It shall be available in our subsequent releases.

  16. When I can get version for my blackberry z10. I switched from android to blackberry recently and I can’t have nimbuzz on my phone.plz make one version for BlackBerry 10 also..

  17. @Jvalit – Nimbuzz is currently not available for your device. Unfortunately, you will not be able to install it for now. However, we are continuously working towards the same.

  18. @Moji – Nimbuzz is currently not available for your device. Unfortunately, you will not be able to install it for now. However, we are continuously working towards the same.

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