The All new Nimbuzz for iPhone is Here


Nimbuzz has always believed that it is essential to evolve the platform according to the changing communication needs of its users. The past few months have been extremely exciting for all of us. It all started with Nimbuzz on Android seeing a host of new features targeted at creating a more seamless communication experience. It’s now time take the party even further.

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Nimbuzz for iOS sees a complete over haul. A completely new UI, addition of some exciting new features and a whole lot of bug fixes that will ensure Nimbuzz feels and behaves completely differently on your favorite Apple device.

To start with, we promise you that Nimbuzz has never looked better. We took the effort of putting the application through a very stylish makeover and the results are just fantastic. Nimbuzz on iOS works and looks far better than most messaging apps in the app store today.

me- screen

Additionally, the wonderful world of videos courtesy nplayz is now a part of the new iOS version as well. No longer do you need to stream endless videos to arrive at the one that takes your breath away. Our team of nplayz editors at Nimbuzz do exactly that for you and custom select the ones that are worth your time and viewing effort. nplayz also gives users the option to share the videos they like with other Nimbuzzers.


As most of you are aware, communication for us isn’t just about a message you send or a call you make. It is very essential for all of us as users to share images of our dog jumping in the air or a video of our kid walk for the very first time. To ensure you don’t get stuck with file share errors that prompt you to pick a file that isn’t as big as the one you want to share, we decided to do away with size transfer limit…or rather take it to a limit very few can exhaust. So, with our latest iOS update, Nimbuzz users can send files up to a limit of 15 MB. (You have to admit that is pretty cool)
In addition, some serious VoIP bug fixing has been to ensure you no longer have to face call drops or annoying lags anymore.


Update to the latest Nimbuzz for iOS and tell us how awesome it makes your communication experience. If you think there are certain other changes that you would want to see us work on, leave your suggestions in the comments section below and we will have our team get to work on those as well.

4 thoughts on “The All new Nimbuzz for iPhone is Here

  1. @Saumu shafii – Kindly proceed with the mentioned path:


    Nimbuzz > More > Settings>Facebook

    Windows phone








  2. I have iphone and ios5 and i update my nimbuzz now i touch one of my contacts to start chat just an orange bar comes under the screan and i can’t chat with anybody
    Plz help me and notice my by email
    Thank u

  3. @Vahid – Please let us know the issue you are facing while you give it a try. You may drop us an email at for assistance. We will investigate and resolve it further with our technical team.

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