Update to a Cooler Nimbuzz Experience on Android

Nimbuzz Android Updated

We spend a lot of time at Nimbuzz thinking of how we can make your communication experience more exciting and refreshing. Our commitment has always been to bring you and your loved ones closer irrespective of the several miles that may separate your relationship. In our latest endeavor to make Nimbuzz just that much more awesome, we rolled out our latest update packed with some exciting new additions and a whole lot of bug fixes to make the experience far more seamless than ever before.

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If we were to point out the greatest feature addition in this update, it has to be nplayz. With nplayz, you no longer need to exhaust your energy, patience or internet bandwidth to find that cool video that could potentially make your day. Our team of editors spend endless hours viewing videos to bring the very best to you. nplayz can be accessed only on android and iOS for now but will surely make its way to other Operating System sooner than you can imagine.


As most of you are aware, communication for us isn’t just about a message you send or a call you make. It is very essential for all of us as users to share images of our dog jumping in the air or a video of our kid walk for the very first time. To ensure you don’t get stuck with file share errors that prompt you to pick a file that isn’t as big as the one you want to share, we decided to do away with size transfer limit…or rather take it to a limit very few can exhaust. So, with our latest Android update, Nimbuzz users can send files up to a limit of 15 MB. (You have to admit that is pretty cool)

Raise your hand if your are an ardent chat room buff! Ok, we agree we can’t see you put your hand up but we sure can feel your smile once you are done reading the next few lines. Chat rooms on Nimbuzz have gone through a sort off makeover. We have brought the option to search or create a chat room upfront to ensure you don’t waste precious time away from other Nimbuzzers. We have also introduced a tabbed segregation of Popular, Recent and Active chat rooms, making it easy for you to pick a chat room you might want to enter. Admin messages in a chat room will be identified with a separate colour to make ownership more prominent. Are you smiling yet?


If not, the very cool Stranger Buddy that allows you to get connected with unknown people on Nimbuzz through 1-1 chat has been brought to the more section. Also, Nimbuzz has over 150 million users across the world and we certainly don’t expect you to like all of them. So, with the new Nimbuzz for Android, you can block contacts you have no intention to connect with.
In addition, some serious VoIP bug fixing has been to ensure you no longer have to face call drops or annoying lags anymore.


Update to the latest Nimbuzz 2.9 for Android and tell us how awesome it makes your communication experience. If you think there are certain other changes that you would want to see us work on, leave your suggestions in the comments section below and we will have our team get to work on those as well.

2 thoughts on “Update to a Cooler Nimbuzz Experience on Android

  1. the chat wallpaper function is real’ exciting, I’m having a hard time getting audio from (NimbuzzOut) calls and the second parties say the same…#android
    And I get no sound at all on my other phone… #WP6.5

  2. @Jbaga1211 – We apologize for the inconvenience which you may have faced. The calling voice issue you’re facing requires further follow ups. We request you to please send us an email at nimbuzzout-support@nimbuzz.com for assistance.

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