Experience Emotions Like Never Before with Stickers on Nimbuzz Android

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Sometimes words are just not enough. Sometimes, I wish I could send my friend an image of a huge flower to tell her how I feel about her.
How often do all of us face such situations while chatting with her friends, parents, lovers or just random people we met recently?

It’s probably not that we can’t word our emotions properly but just that pictures are slightly cooler, slightly more fun and well a whole lot more expressive.

At Nimbuzz, we strongly believe that the communication needs like everything else of people evolve with time. Drawing from the users urge to emote in images and connect through expressions, we put our creativity to the test and came up our version of the very popular messaging feature, Stickers!!!

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Yes, that’s right; Nimbuzz has introduced Stickers on the Android platform so that the next time you want to greet your friend with a huge rose or say bye with a hug, you can actually do it. Nimbuzz users can send stickers in One to one chats, group chats and even community chats. Right now, Nworld in buzzing with some really exciting sticker designs. While, most of the stickers are free to use, we have also added some premium designs that can be bought at dirt cheap prices using Nimbuckz, the in-app currency.

Stickers are available as a part of our latest Android Update and it is only a matter of days that you would see the Nimbuzz Stickermania spreading to other Operating Systems as well. So, update to the latest Nimbuzz on Android and experience emotion like never before.

Please let us know your thoughts and comments in the comments section below.

22 thoughts on “Experience Emotions Like Never Before with Stickers on Nimbuzz Android

  1. Another thing , there are still bugs in chat room like in private chat we don’t get notification if the person has left the room or not & if we continue to joon a room from recent room list which is full, if it is not joined it vanishes from the recent room list also most of the time it shows unfortunately nimbuzz has stopped :( when can we expect display pictures in chat rooms?

  2. @Rahul – Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated. We are already working on the requested features. They shall be available soon.

  3. Nimbuzz latest version for android remembers the password after logging out account, is there any way to stop it? and the second issue why we can not swipe between two open chats?

  4. @Rasa – The auto sign-in feature is there to help you log-in to Nimbuzz quickly and without entering your credentials every time. If you log out of Nimbuzz then your friends will not be able to send messages to you. If you have any specific issue with respect to this behaviour, please do write in to us at support@nimbuzz.com.

    If for some reason you wish to log-in to Nimbuzz with a different id, then you can follow these steps-
    1. Go to Settings->My Nimbuzz Account->Log out.
    2. You will be shown Nimbuzz start up screen, where you can “Sign in” OR “Sign up”
    3. Without killing the app, you can click on Sign In and enter the new user id & password.

  5. @Parvathy – We do not support your device yet. We are constantly working on new releases that support more devices.

    Unfortunately we cannot fix a date for it to be done yet, we suggest you to check regularly our website to see if your phone is listed.

  6. nimbuzz not working properly while chatroom..it crashes frequently….the phone gets hang! its damn irritating…i love this app…bt this issue is testing ma patience…..:@

  7. @Ismail – We request you to please report the crash. Thereafter, please send us your user id, date and approximate time when you submitted the crash report. We will investigate it further for a quick resolution.

  8. Is there anyway to close nimbuzz android app v3.2 for preventing stay online? This is so disgusting so i wont b able to turn off my ID!

  9. @Amiropale – In order to sign out from your nimbuzz account, please go to More-Settings-My Nimbuzz account-Sign Out.

  10. yes but the new auto-sign in feature will keep account going online immediately! any way to disable this feature? if not please sold this out. Thank u

  11. @Amiropale – In order to sign out from your nimbuzz account, please go to More-Settings-My Nimbuzz account-Sign Out.

  12. I can download stickers but unable to send them.they are not visible in chat room.whats the problem?I’m using xpod phablet android version 4.2.2.plz guide me.

  13. Nimbuzz is not gud now
    Bcz u are using capcha in chat rooms
    So better than use msg filter
    If someones put same long msg again
    Again in a minute
    Than ban or delte id using filters

  14. @Jaspal – Thank you for sharing your feedback. We are looking into the key points you have suggested and we will strive to improve our services in subsequent releases.

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