Say More with Stickers on Nimbuzz for iPhone

iPhone sticker

They are bright, they are vibrant, they let you express better and now they are a part of Nimbuzz on iPhone.

Yes, that’s right; Nimbuzz has introduced Stickers on iPhone so that the next time you want to greet your friend with a huge rose or say bye with a hug, you can actually do it. Nimbuzz users can send stickers in:

  • One to one chats,
  • group chats
  • community chats.

Right now, Nworld in buzzing with some really exciting sticker designs. While, most of the stickers are free to use, we have also added some premium designs that can be bought using Nimbuckz, the in-app currency.

Nimbuzz Download

We introduced stickers on our Android and desktop clients recently and ever since, Nimbuzzers across the world have been sending us some awesome messages expressing their delight. Stickers are changing the way people communicate with each other. No longer do you need to type long sentences to express the way you feel about something or someone. One sticker and your Nimbuzz connection anywhere in the world knows how you feel.

In addition to stickers, the latest Nimbuzz update also carries some bug fixes to make your Nimbuzz experience more seamless and enjoyable.

We can’t wait for you to update to the latest Nimbuzz version available on the App Store and tell us what you think of this new messaging revolution.

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