Color IDs – now at a reduced price

Color IDs in Nimbuzz

We know that you have always wanted to stand out in Nimbuzz Chatrooms. Be different. Be cooler than the rest.

This is why, a month back we introduced Color IDs. Now we are making the deal even sweeter for chatroom lovers by reducing the price of these Color IDs.

Want to look unique and get all the eyeballs in Chatrooms? Get your Color ID today…choose form a range of vibrant colors such as hot Maroon, cool Cyan, cute Pink, royal Purple & many more.

To get your Color ID, simply go to N-World >> Color ID

Go ahead and add color to your Nimbuzz life!

10 thoughts on “Color IDs – now at a reduced price

  1. remove captcha from chatroom or make it easy captcha i got 20 kicks to visit 1 room. this is annoying and losing interest on chatrooms.

  2. @ek nimbuzzer – We have implemented captcha integration for added security in chatrooms. Also, to avoid flooding and spamming activities in order to maintain a pleasing chat environment. Unforutnately, it can not be removed.

  3. the pc version of nimbuzz is not work correctly on windows 8 and up please fix it also add smart emoji

  4. Hi i dont have n-world my phon is iphon..

    Can you help me i will give you my email sent for my email to givet to you

  5. @Hmood – This is a known issue and we are already working with our technical team to fix it soon.

  6. To block flood in chatrooms why don’t you use mac address blocking scheme.some bad users are now flooding rooms with auto captcha and auto ip changer tools and are wasting money of users who spent money on buckz to boost the room.

  7. @Ali Raza – Thank you for sharing your feedback. We are looking into the key points you have suggested and we will strive to improve our services in subsequent releases.

  8. plz help me ..sir i can’t create new nimbuzz id in my phone. The error message says invalid phone number,plz slove my problem

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