The Superstars of Nimbuzz- September, 2015

Here we are guys! Back with the most awaited list of Superstars of Nimbuzz for the month of September. All you users are very special for us whether you are in the list or not so, don’t feel bad, you still have plenty of time to buy a lot of Nimbuckz and to spend them and needless to say you still have time to be the winner till then let me present the winners of September.

Top Ten Nimbuckz Consumers: prince is the winner in this category because he has consumed 5,25,060 Nimbuckz in the month of September. Bravo prince! Keep it up!

Top Ten Richest Users: Winner of this category is xc, he has spent 274 Euros on Nimbuckz in September month. Awesome man!

Top Ten Boost Command Users: hdr has won this category by giving away boost command for 601 times which is maximum for this month.

Top Ten Buyers of Virtual Gifts: By giving away Virtual Gifts of worth 40200 Nimbuckz, shl.hoob1909 has won this category.

Click Here to see the complete list of winners.

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