Introducing a new feature: Badges

Nimbuzz has launched exciting new feature called “Badges” to make you look  even cooler. If you have been a regular Nimbuzz Chatroom user we have already gifted you a free Badge so that you can start showing off to your chatroom friends.  If the Badge we have given you isn’t want you wanted, head out to NWorld and buy a new one.


Your Badge will appear before your name in every message you send within a chatroom. You will look unique and stand out in the crowd, that’s for sure.


Right now these badges are for 30 days but soon we will launch badges for 7, 15, 30, and 90 days. So watch out!

3 thoughts on “Introducing a new feature: Badges

  1. Hi,

    The badges feature is not visible on my phone… it’s nexus 5.
    And update is also not available… pls help


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