Personalize your Nimbuzz with Themes and Colored Texts

Change is inevitable and sometimes it can be colorful too!
With our latest release, we bring a colorful Nimbuzz to your mobile. The two colorful features being introduced with our latest Android release are:

Colorful Themes

You can now change the color of your Nimbuzz app. Everything becomes boring if it doesn’t change, so keep personalizing your favourite chat app according to your mood. Just tap on the navigation drawer of your Android client, tap on ‘Themes’ and choose the color of your choice.

There are lot more colors in the palette.


Color and formatting for text messages

Now you can send chat messages to your friends in any color you want. All you need to do is go to the navigation drawer of your Nimbuzz app and click on ‘Text Color’ to choose your favorite color. On this screen you will also seeĀ  options to bold or italicize your text messages. Do note that your friend also needs to be on the latest version of Android to see your colorful messages.

You can choose your desired color.



What are you waiting for? Go ahead, upgrade to the latest Android client for the never-before Nimbuzz experience.

Important: If you use Nimbuzz on iPhone, you should know that our iPhone team is working hard to ensure these features reach you soon.

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