Introducing Trending chatrooms, disabling Private Chats & more

We have improved chatrooms even further so that your chatroom experience gets better and better. The three latest features to go live are Trending Chatrooms, ability to disable Private Chat and the ability to swipe and move between active chatrooms


Trending Chatrooms

The moment you reach the Chatrooms tab you will be greeted by Trending Chatrooms. These are the hottest chatrooms on Nimbuzz and are rated from one to twenty five. We have introduced Trending Chatrooms so that even with a single boost command your Chatroom can gain visibility within Nimbuzz. When your chatroom is high up in the Trending list, you as the owner also gain popularity.

To get your room to the top of Trending Chatrooms list, all you need to do is send a Boost Command. Right now this feature is available for Android users only but soon we will introduce it for our iPhone users as well.

Enable/disable Private Chats

We have given you the power of enabling/disabling private chats while you are active in Nimbuzz chatrooms.
This is especially beneficial for our female users’ because it would allow them to spend time in a chatroom without the constant, nagging private messages of other users. Since they can enable private chat whenever they want, it is well within their control.

It is a pretty simple feature, and you can activate it in two ways.
Method 1: Visit Settings > Chat Settings > Enable/Disable Private Chat
Method 2: While you are chatting within any room, just tap on drop down options in top right corner to Enable or Disable Private Chat

Enhanced navigation between multiple chatrooms

Now users can swipe between one active chatroom to another. A lot of users who spend time in multiple chatrooms at the same time have been asking for this feature for a while now. Primary objective of this feature is to allow users be active in more than one chatroom at the same time and yet not miss a single message. Right now this feature is available for Android users only but soon we will introduce it for our iPhone users as well.

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2 thoughts on “Introducing Trending chatrooms, disabling Private Chats & more

  1. Hy sir plz we want share nimbuckz option for every user not only for merchant bcuz there some people are poor they can’t buy nimbuckz frm merchant so plz put share nimbuckzz option in upcoming nimbuzz update..we wll b very enjoy dats feature..tnx sir and waiting 4 dat option

  2. @Shayan – Thank you for sharing your feedback. We are looking into the key points you have suggested and we will strive to improve our services in subsequent releases.

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