Superstars of Nimbuzz- Ranking as on 15 June, 2016

Here we are! Presenting you the leader board of June month. In this leader board we have users who are leading in respective categories and they might be turned out to be winners also. You too can be the winner. Just buy and spent lots of Nimbuckz.

  • Rank Nimbuzz ID Nimbuckz Consumed
    1 a__a* 163400
    2 usmaη 152566
    3 آلـمـ♥̉▓أحمـ»♠̉█☻̃█♠̉»ـد▓♥̉ـلـگ 99935
    4 *habib_123* 91847
    5 gelly4290 78750
    6 anokha_nirala 70565
    7 f.!1 67787
    8 nafratzada 67500
    9 flirts 64146
    10 9! 62500
  • Rank Nimbuzz ID Money Spent on Nimbuckz (in Euros)
    1 a__a* 176
    2 *habib_123* 91
    3 ^awesome^ 77
    4 f.!1 76
    5 36r505 74
    6 flirts 64
    7 9! 62
    8 invincible-lunatic 60
    9 عـــيـــ♪•°◦.♥.◦°•♪ـــســـے 59
    10 علــــــــ♥ــــــــي 58
  • Rank Nimbuzz ID Boost Commands Used
    1 a__a* 124
    2 usmaη 118
    3 *habib_123* 73
    4 gelly4290 63
    5 f.!1 54
    6 nafratzada 54
    7 anokha_nirala 53
    8 flirts 51
    9 9! 50
    10 علــــــــ♥ــــــــي 48
  • Rank Nimbuzz ID Gifts worth in Nimbuckz
    1 sllwan 10890
    2 gift*2 10000
    3 9f! 9542
    4 booster..11 8000
    5 $~al-kaaaaaassssser~$14 6526
    6 bmkg 5203
    7 alig 4082
    8 boost.r 3933
    9 bo0zine 3758
    10 tere.liye.) 3636

Introducing Trending chatrooms, disabling Private Chats & more

We have improved chatrooms even further so that your chatroom experience gets better and better. The three latest features to go live are Trending Chatrooms, ability to disable Private Chat and the ability to swipe and move between active chatrooms


Trending Chatrooms

The moment you reach the Chatrooms tab you will be greeted by Trending Chatrooms. These are the hottest chatrooms on Nimbuzz and are rated from one to twenty five. We have introduced Trending Chatrooms so that even with a single boost command your Chatroom can gain visibility within Nimbuzz. When your chatroom is high up in the Trending list, you as the owner also gain popularity.

To get your room to the top of Trending Chatrooms list, all you need to do is send a Boost Command. Right now this feature is available for Android users only but soon we will introduce it for our iPhone users as well.

Enable/disable Private Chats

We have given you the power of enabling/disabling private chats while you are active in Nimbuzz chatrooms.
This is especially beneficial for our female users’ because it would allow them to spend time in a chatroom without the constant, nagging private messages of other users. Since they can enable private chat whenever they want, it is well within their control.

It is a pretty simple feature, and you can activate it in two ways.
Method 1: Visit Settings > Chat Settings > Enable/Disable Private Chat
Method 2: While you are chatting within any room, just tap on drop down options in top right corner to Enable or Disable Private Chat

Enhanced navigation between multiple chatrooms

Now users can swipe between one active chatroom to another. A lot of users who spend time in multiple chatrooms at the same time have been asking for this feature for a while now. Primary objective of this feature is to allow users be active in more than one chatroom at the same time and yet not miss a single message. Right now this feature is available for Android users only but soon we will introduce it for our iPhone users as well.

If you have any feedback, please leave a comment or email me at

Personalize your Nimbuzz with Themes and Colored Texts

Change is inevitable and sometimes it can be colorful too!
With our latest release, we bring a colorful Nimbuzz to your mobile. The two colorful features being introduced with our latest Android release are:

Colorful Themes

You can now change the color of your Nimbuzz app. Everything becomes boring if it doesn’t change, so keep personalizing your favourite chat app according to your mood. Just tap on the navigation drawer of your Android client, tap on ‘Themes’ and choose the color of your choice.

There are lot more colors in the palette.


Color and formatting for text messages

Now you can send chat messages to your friends in any color you want. All you need to do is go to the navigation drawer of your Nimbuzz app and click on ‘Text Color’ to choose your favorite color. On this screen you will also see  options to bold or italicize your text messages. Do note that your friend also needs to be on the latest version of Android to see your colorful messages.

You can choose your desired color.



What are you waiting for? Go ahead, upgrade to the latest Android client for the never-before Nimbuzz experience.

Important: If you use Nimbuzz on iPhone, you should know that our iPhone team is working hard to ensure these features reach you soon.

Super Kick: Now everyone can Kick!

Super Kick is a super awesome feature which gives you the power to kick any user(except owner and moderator) from a Chatroom. As long as you have Super Kicks with you, you need not be a moderator or an owner of a Chatroom to kick a participant out. You can earn, buy and use Super Kicks quite easily.


How to earn Super Kick

  • You can earn one Super kick every 6 hours. All you have to do is be in Chatrooms once every 6 hours & you will earn a free Super Kick. This enables you to earn 4 Super Kicks every day simply by just chatting in Chatrooms.
  • When a user in a chatroom Super Kicks you, you again earn a Super Kick in return. (This is not applicable if you were kicked by the owner or moderator of a Chatroom). So go ahead, indulge in a fight and earn Super Kicks!

How to buy Super Kick

  • If you don’t have the patience, you can also buy Super Kicks by sending the command /superkick when you are inside a chatroom. You will get 10 Super Kicks for just 250 Nimbuckz

How to use Super Kick

  • To Super Kick a user, enter a chatroom and type /kick <username> and send it. The user will be kicked from the room immediately.
  • To check how many Super Kicks you have left, just type /superkick b

Happy kicking folks!