Free Mobile and Landline calling to Nepal using NimbuzzOut


We at Nimbuzz have decided to do our bit for the people affected by the massive earthquake in Nepal. Being a calling app, we have decided to make all calls to Nepal free – from anywhere in the World.

If you have a friend or a relative in Nepal whom you want to talk to….download Nimbuzz, buy some credits and start making free calls.

This is a small gesture from us to help connect people in Nepal with rest of the World. We sincerely hope that this move will help you reach out to those in need during these tragic times.

To start calling Nepal for FREE, please visit

10 Minutes of Free Calling to the US with USA10

nimbuzz ip

Nimbuzz users in India are always up for surprises especially when those surprises help them connect with their loved ones overseas at absolutely no cost. To keep the excitement going, we have introduced a limited period offer that lets you call friends and family in the United States of America for free.

All you need to do to redeem this offer is to follow the link, which would guide you through the entire process. Once this is done, 10 minutes of free calling to the US would be credited to your account which you must exhaust within a limited time frame. USA10 is available for Nimbuzz users in India only.

Hello ip is Nimbuzz’s international calling platform that lets you call international destinations at extremely affordable prices. With the service, you can be assured that cost would no longer be a barrier between you and your loved ones abroad.

Have anything to share about our international calling service, let us know in the comments section below.

Nimbuzz and LG Get together to provide 100 Minutes of Free Calling to the US

lg 100

Do you have friends and relatives in the US who you don’t speak to as often as you would want to because of the exorbitant calling rates? Well, that’s not a concern that haunts only you but a large part of the Indian population who is forced to compromise on its relationships because of the huge costs attached to it.

With the intent to make international calling affordable, Nimbuzz recently partnered handset major, LG to pre-install the application on all LG devices starting with the L 70 & L 90. This isn’t just a regular pre-install but one that adds definite value to the lives of users. All new LG customers would get 100 minutes of free international calling to the US via the Nimbuzz app. This offer is valid for LG users in India for now.


The wait is over – Now enjoy Free Calling on your Windows Phone 8 devices!

Voice Calls Nimbuzz Windows Phone

We have some great news for all Nimbuzz users on Windows Phone 8.

In our latest update (1.1.4), we have added unlimited Voice Calling to ensure Nimbuzz users on the platform stay connected with their friends and family all over the world at absolutely no cost. Voice calling has been long awaited on Windows Phone 8 and we are excited to bring this service to our users who have showed faith in our belief of making communication free.



We have 10 free invites to Teens In Tech 2011! Want one?

  • Do you live in the San Francisco area or plan to be there on 5th of August?
  • Do you want to go to an awesome conference that brings together youth, entrepreneurship, startups, the web and technology?
  • Do you want a free ticket?

Yes, Yes and Yes?

Awesome :D, because we have 10 free tickets for the 2011 Teens In Tech conference . We will give the tickets away to the first ten of you who will leave a comment below saying why do you want to attend the event. (make sure you you fill in your email address so we can contact you).

You can find more information about the Teens In Tech conference of their official web page.

Good luck everybody.

Freebie Friday – Nimbuzz s60v3 Theme

As promised last week, we’re back with a Nimbuzz Theme for Nokia Symbian phones that run on s60v3.  You can get it here.

As you might already know there are two screen formats available for s60v3, the tall format – 240X320 – like on Nokia e51 and the wide format – 320X240 – like one Nokia E71-72-73. This means you need to install the right theme format on your phone to look good ;).

The themes are bundled together in a .zip file, so you need to extract them before you install them.

To install it on your phone you can either transfer it via Bluetooth or via the Nokia PC Suite. Once installed you can activate it from Themes menu. You can find the Themes menu by going to Menu>Control Panel>Themes.

We hope you will like this theme. If you have any idea for the next Freebie Friday let us know in the comments ;).

Freebie Friday – Nimbuzz s60v5 Theme

As promised last week, we have designed a brand new fancy Nimbuzz theme for all our Nokia Symbian fans. You can get it from here.

To install it on your phone you can either transfer it via Bluetooth or via the Nokia PC Suite. Once installed you can activate it from Themes menu.

Hope you will like it! :D :D

If you have any suggestion for next week please  let us know.

Freebie Friday – Nimbuzz Desktop Wallpapers

This week was awesome. The Nimbuzz community just reached 50 Million users worldwide :D and we also launched a super cool update for Nokia Symbian phones :D .

To make it even more awesome we are giving away a very stylish Nimbuzz desktop Wallpaper. We have optimized this for six different screen resolutions and you can download it here. We hope you like it.

Next week, we will  make something for our Symbian users ;) so stay tuned!

Freebie Friday – Nimbuzz Chrome Themes

For all you Google Chrome fans we have a nice surprise. We designed two cool looking Nimbuzz branded themes that you can install and use with your favorite browser. (Click on the above image to see it in full size).

How to install Google Chrome themes?

  1. Save the files on your computer
  2. Unzip the files
  3. Pick the right version for you (Mac or Windows)
  4. Drag the file in Chrome
  5. Click Continue (bottom left)
  6. Done – you can enjoy the brand new themes.

We hope you will like them and use them as your default theme :D.

Do you have any ideas for Freebie Friday? Do you want any custom Nimbuzz graphics? Let us know in the comment section below!

PS: The brand new Nimbuzz Webchat is already available in the Chrome Store. Check it out.

Freebie Friday – Nimbuzz iPhone Wallpapers

This week for Freebie Friday we are giving away a really awesome Nimbuzz iPhone wallpaper.

This comes in 20 versions, each customized to fit the a different app position. With this wallpaper no matter where you place the Nimbuzz icon on your screen it will always shine :D. You can get them from here.

We hope you will enjoy it!

PS: I already have it on my iPhone and love the fact that Nimbuzz shines even when I open the task bar :D. Take a look: