Introducing Nimbuzz Bots! Demand more from your mobile! #moremobile

You might not own a smartphone but with Nimbuzz it sure feels like your phone is smarter! Thanks to the new Nimbuzz bots, you can get the latest cricket news, see your daily astrology predictions or tweet without ever closing your Nimbuzz app and all that … with minimal data usage! Pretty awesome, right?  :D

How can you add Nimbuzz bots?

That’s easy. Simply look for N-World in your Nimbuzz app and go the “Bots” section. Here you will find:

  • Astrology bot – to see how your day will be based on daily astrological predictions
  • Cricket bot – to get the latest scores of your favorite Cricket team
  • Twitter Bot – to tweet right from within the chat window
  • Jimmy Testbot – to have funny conversations and test your mobile internet connection


Demand More from Your Mobile Phone: Part VI #moremobile


Continuing our Demand More from your Mobile Phone blog series, we want to let you know on which mobile devices you can use Nimbuzz and where can you get it.

From the very first day we launched, we always focused on making Nimbuzz available to everyone. That means Nimbuzz isn’t just available on smartphones, but on almost every mobile device that is roaming the planet.  Here is what we have accomplished to make Nimbuzz universally accessible – for everyone, everywhere:


Demand More from Your Mobile Phone: Part V #moremobile


So last week in our Demand More from your Mobile Phone blog series, we talked about how Nimbuzz gives you the power to extend your ability to talk to your friends and family (still for free) with instant messaging and chat.

This week we wanna talk about even more things you can squeeze out of your mobile phone with Nimbuzz. And folks, this week it’s all about sharing and interacting. No matter where you are, how old you are, everyone wants to share photos, videos, music, files and so on, and if you can do that for free, the better.

Dying to share that new Eve/Gwen Stefani music video, or just wanna show off your holiday photos from your week of surfing? Nimbuzz let’s you do that for free. And it comes in handy for your business needs as well!  How?

Find out after the jump.


Demand More from Your Mobile Phone: Part IV #moremobile

Nimbuzz Demand More Mobile

Last week in our Demand More from your Mobile Phone blog series, we talked about how Nimbuzz transforms your mobile into a messaging machine by allowing you to send unlimited text messages or SMS to your Nimbuzz friends for free and escape those pesky operator charges.

That’s a lot of pennies saved considering the 4.1 billion, yes billion!, messages sent every day in the first half of 2009 in the U.S. alone.

Believe it or not, it gets even better! In addition to texting/SMS, you can push your mobile messaging abilities even further on Nimbuzz with instant messaging and chat conversations. Also for free!