Making a global statement in 140 characters

Twitter_Bird_tweets Twitter has received the spectrum of responses from the public – some hate it, some love it, some are obsessed, others irritated…. but it’s still growing.

Although no one is really clear on the future monetization of Twitter as a company, it’s impressive to see the dramatic usage uptake for things like Psychology experiments via Twitter, and marketing promotions to tweeters that RT. For Nimbuzz, monitoring Twitter-like services allows us to engage and maintain happy customers (we try).

Why do we encourage the usage of it, and what’s in it for you?


Ambassador Spotlight


We received an overwhelming response from all over the world to the Nimbuzz Ambassador Program invitation. Thank you for your interest, trust, and choice to support and promote Nimbuzz!

Among the new motivated, inspiring Ambassadors, we gathered two that we wanted to share with the rest of the community. They shared with us what attracted them to Nimbuzz, and how they plan to promote Nimbuzz in their countries, please welcome in the comments section: Mark from Australia (left) and András from Hungary (on right).


Nimbuzz Rocket launch successful!


In March’s Ambassador Spotlight, we showcased Roger from USA, who loved the Nimbuzz’s location feature on his Nokia N95. He recently sent us a project that we had to share with you – combining 2 engines, a parachute, and a Nimbuzz-equipped mobile phone!

Yes, a rocket! Roger’s goal with the amateur rocket was to combine his favorite phone & hobby. Pushing technology to the limit by estimating the altitude and velocity with  Nokia Sports Tracker, recording the launch 1st hand with Nokia N95’s integrated video camcorder, and utilizing the Nimbuzz Mobile’s location feature (with the help of Nimbuzz buddies/users) to locate and retrieve his phone and rocket!  Talk about staying connecting anywhere in the world! Watch the YouTube video here. He was able to retrieve a few pieces (as you can see below).


Nimbuzz Ambassador Spotlight

ambassador-spotlight_may-candidatesMay’s Ambassador Spotlight is here! 2009 is flying by, and we’re happy to present the 2 Nimbuzz Ambassadors to highlight to the rest of the global Nimbuzz community: Please welcome Thomas, from Germany, and Bagus, from Indonesia!

Visit Thomas’ XING profile (in German and English) to read how he’s become an expert in international mobile telecommunication and in avoiding roaming fees.

Bagus is an active moderator for a large Nimbuzz fan community in Indonesia with a forum (in Indonesian and English) called, going strong with over 1,500 members.

We asked Nimbuzz Ambassadors Thomas and Bagus to explain how Nimbuzz saves them money. Here is what they had to say: (more…)