Stickers in Chatrooms

Now you can use stickers in Nimbuzz Chatrooms. Yes folks! you read it right. Go ahead and spice up your chatroom conversations with these cool and funky stickers. If you are not able to spot the stickers within Chatrooms, visit Play Store to upgrade your Android version.


To give it a try, visit the Sticker Store and download some of our recent sticker packs such the Couples Pack, Girls Pack, Winter Pack, In Love pack etc. Using these stickers will ensure you get noticed within the chatrooms. We are busy creating more sticker packs for you but if you have interesting ideas, please leave comments here.

Note: We will shortly be introducing this feature on our iPhone version as well.

Nimbuzz ID Sale: Buy the Change

Bored of your existing Nimbuzz ID? Change is better! Nimbuzz stylish and unique IDs are back, and with a bang too!

In Nimbuzz, we believe in change and we are bringing it to you in the form of unique stylish Nimbuzz IDs i.e. Single digit IDs, Symbolic IDs, Special character IDs, Arabic IDs etc.

Here is the flow chart of how Stylish Nimbuzz ID sale works:


Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 4.41.19 PM


Click Here to Enlarge

Remember, you are unique don’t settle for less.

So what are you waiting for? Contact our Nimbuzz Merchant LACHCH right away.

Very Important: Nimbuzz doesn’t believe in blocking IDs of genuine users. If your ID has been blocked by mistake, please contact

Color IDs – now at a reduced price

Color IDs in Nimbuzz

We know that you have always wanted to stand out in Nimbuzz Chatrooms. Be different. Be cooler than the rest.

This is why, a month back we introduced Color IDs. Now we are making the deal even sweeter for chatroom lovers by reducing the price of these Color IDs.

Want to look unique and get all the eyeballs in Chatrooms? Get your Color ID today…choose form a range of vibrant colors such as hot Maroon, cool Cyan, cute Pink, royal Purple & many more.

To get your Color ID, simply go to N-World >> Color ID

Go ahead and add color to your Nimbuzz life!

Exciting new Nimbuzz for Windows Phone


Nimbuzz has updated its Windows Phone application to introduce some exciting new features. A refreshed User Interface will ensure convenient and simplistic navigation within the Nimbuzz platform.

The Windows Phone update also integrates the expressive world of Emojis. With a wide variety of fun and exciting emoticons, messaging on Nimbuzz will make conversations more enriching. We have also worked on making the Chat Room experience much better for all of you and ensured quicker access to your private chat.

With this new update, users can also record and share audio notes with Nimbuzz contacts. Certain bug fixes and improvements have been included so that you continue your exciting Nimbuzz journey.

Update to the latest Nimbuzz on Windows Phone and let us know your thoughts in the section below.