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Nimbuzz Nokia Symbian Week – Meet the winner!

September 16th, 2009


And the winner of the Nimbuzz Nokia Symbian Week is…

But first :D , we would like to thank  our professional guest writers for sharing with us, a little bit of their knowledge, the tips and tricks on their favorite mobile phones(Nokia) and operating system(Symbian), on the Nimbuzz blog !

If you missed any of their blog posts, here is our guest list:


The Nokia BH-905 Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headset Hands-On

September 14th, 2009


This article was written by Micky from Nokiausers, one of the top Nokia/Symbian bloggers out there. Writing from the home land of Nokia, Finland, Micky keeps us up to date with the latest industry news.  So, if you want to read some of the best mobile reviews and get an opinion on the most interesting Symbian applications out there be sure you follow Micky on twitter and the Nokiausers team and visit his blog:

A few days a go Rita was was telling us about Nokia World 2009(NW09) and the Nokia Mixt Realty concept, today Micky continues the NW09 story with a review of great piece of technology from the NW09.

Article wrote for the Nimbuzz Nokia Symbian Week!

Whilst at Nokia World 2009, and walking around the Nokia Experience Lounge, I was amazed at the amount of Nokia Accessories, Services, and future technologies there were, from never heard of small bluetooth headsets, to 3D display devices that you can view in 3D without having to wear any special glasses.

Top 3 Social Media apps for Symbian

September 11th, 2009


This article was written by Mobile Jorge, one of the Top Nokia Bloggers and a real influencer in the Social Media Symbian world!  If you want find out the hottest Nokia/Symbian news we higly recommend to visit his blogs: Nokia Mobile Talk, Maemo Mobile Talk, Nokia-Tips and definitely follow him on twitter @nokiamobiletalk! Find out more about Nimbuzz Nokia Symbian Week! and win a Nokia N78!

We all know that Social Media is taking over our computers, but can you connect and update your friends straight from your mobile phone? Lets see what  Mobile Jorge suggests:

Social Media has become a viral phenomenon everyone is participating in this new social trend and Symbian is at its forefront. The Symbian operating system is so versatile that it can accommodate just about everyone’s taste from mobile chatting via my favorite instant messaging client Nimbuzz to Tweeting, Facebook and off course everyone favorite online photography storage – Flickr. One may say, “How social can one be,” well as social as you want to be, either way Symbian’s got your back.


Is Mixed Reality The Next Step For Instant Messaging?

September 9th, 2009


Our next Symbian expert comes straight from the very heart of France, Paris.  Rita El Khoury is one of the biggest Symbian  influencers on web and definitely a must follow on Twitter – @khouryrt . If you want to read the latest and greatest Nokia Symbian news around we recommend you read her pieces on  You can also find her personal blog at

Article wrote as part of Nimbuzz Nokia Symbian Week!

While browsing through the exposition floor at this year’s Nokia World which took place last week on the 2nd and 3rd of September in Stuttgart, I was drawn towards the new devices, software and solutions. It definitely was an eye-opening experience to talk to the people behind these different products and ask about some of the choices they made as well as their plans for the future. However, one demo from the Nokia Research Center struck me with its novelty, ambition, and absolute sci-fi factor. The team had some concept glasses which projected images and had an embedded tiny camera that detected your eye’s movement allowing you to browse through the pictures. A video to further explain the concept and show its true power can be found on this page under “Nokia Mixed Reality“.


Top 5 Preinstalled Applications on the Nokia E55

September 7th, 2009


This article was written by Gerry Moth, one of the Top Nokia Bloggers and a real influencer in the Symbian world, as part of the Nimbuzz Nokia Symbian Week!  If you want to stay connected to the hottest Nokia/Symbian news we highly recommend to visit his blog: NokiaAddict and definitely follow him on twitter @nokiAAddict!

What I find really interesting about this particular Nokia mobile is its half QWERTY keyboard. I must say,  I’m really curious to see how well I would get along with it and how fast I would type :D. But, before thinking about fast typing I think is better to listen to the expert, and see what makes this a good mobile:

The following are the 5 preinstalled applications which I think make the Nokia E55 a sure fire winner before you’ve even added all the superb 3rd party apps like Nimbuzz, Gravity, Mobbler.


Win a Nokia N78! Join the Nimbuzz Nokia Symbian Week!

September 4th, 2009


Welcome to the Nimbuzz Nokia Symbian Week!

If last week your were hooked on all the great news from Nokia World 2009 (NW09) next week (7-11 September) we would like to continue in a similar fashion, talking about Nokia and Symbian. That’s why we have invited some of the Top Nokia/ Symbian bloggers out there to share with us, a little bit of their knowledge, some tips and tricks on their favorite mobile phones and operating system, on the Nimbuzz blog !

Our professional guest writers are: Gerry from NokiaAddict, Mobile Jeorge from Nokia Mobile Talk, Rita from SymbianGuru and Micky from NokiaUsers.

To spread the NNSW love we are giving away a Nokia N78 mobile phone to a lucky winner. All you have to do is:


My perfect communication device

June 3rd, 2009


This blog post was written by our guest writer Arne Hulstein who describes himself as being passionate about people and relationships, active in marketing, sales, consultancy, innovation, entrepreneurship (Meetial founder) and evangelizing -Young Life!

If you want to know more about him you can connect with Arne on: Twitter – or Blog –

Arne was one of the first Nimbuzz Ambassadors in Netherlands and he always helped us improve our clients by offering valuable feedback. Last week, when going to Somesso he offered to demo Nimbuzz at the conference, so we lent him an iPod Touch with Nimbuzz installed. This post is about his experience there, and how Nimbuzz helped him stay connected!

As I walked through the club lounge of the gleaming Emirates Stadium in London, I grabbed my favorite communication device from my pocket. Though it would be an unusual choice for many, it was this device that had put my N95 on the backburner. I had been using an iPod Touch for the last couple of days for all my calls and I had been loving every minute of it. It had become my perfect communication device overnight without ever connecting to a mobile provider or using anything as mundane as a SIM card. All it took was Nimbuzz and Wi-Fi. (more…)