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Call India at just 1.59 Cents a Minute

November 11th, 2013

Call India_NimbuzzOut

We at Nimbuzz work day in and day out to connect our users to their loved ones across the world. In an endeavour to minimize the cost associated with the special bonds you share with your friends and family, Nimbuzz has slashed its NimbuzzOut calling rates by as much as 50%.

NimbuzzOut is a VoIP calling platform that allows Nimbuzz users to call India at prices far below conventional rates. With this move, all Pay As You Go (PAYG) calls will be charged at 1.59 cents per minute irrespective of whether they are calling a mobile or a landline number.


Nimbuzz is India’s Fourth Most Attractive Internet Brand

November 6th, 2013

Nimbuzz Thank You!

The Trust Research Advisory (TRA) recently launched its report on India’s most attractive internet brands and the results were surely overwhelming. The Report rated Nimbuzz as the fourth most attractive brand in India ahead of Gmail, Zapak and Wikipedia.

Nimbuzz moved its headquarters to India only a few years back and to be already competing with brands that have been here for much longer is an honour. We would like to specially thank all Nimbuzz users across India who have made this achievement possible. Recognitions like these will only push us to work harder and faster in our endeavour to create an ecosystem that fosters a connected world.

Nimbuzz connects over 150 million users globally and over 25 million users in India adding almost 210,000 new registrations every single day. Our commitment to the conversation age is renewed and we sincerely hope that with Nimbuzz your world has come closer.

Nimbuzz and Spectranet make International calling affordable.

October 22nd, 2013

The exorbitant costs associated with international calling are forcing Indian’s to alter their communication lifestyles. In a global environment where territorial boundaries no longer bind conversations, it is imperative to build an ecosystem that supports the concept of a connected world both in intent and cost.

Driven by the belief that communication deserves to be free, we today announced our partnership with Spectranet to introduce Spectranet hello ip powered by Nimbuzz. This joint initiative will enable Nimbuzz users to make international calls at prices starting 1 paise/second. With Spectranet hello ip, Nimbuzz is all set to initiate a revolution in the international calling space that would drive the end value back to the customer. The magnitude of cost savings can be best exemplified by the comparisons below:

Destination Operator Rate (INR/min) Spectranet hello ip Rate (INR/min)
USA 6 .60
Canada 6 .60
United Kingdom 6 .60


Recovering your Nimbuzz Account

October 21st, 2013


At Nimbuzz, we take your privacy and account security very seriously. We make sure access to an account is provided only when we are sure that it actually belongs to you. The best way to take control of and safeguard your account is to make sure your Email address and Phone number is always updated and correct.

To provide us with your correct email ID and phone number log into Nimbuzz and visit Settings >> Nimbuzz Account or alternatively on N-World visit Settings >> Account.

Of late we had been getting a lot of support requests from our users who were unable to regain access to their Nimbuzz account. As a result we have gone live with a state-of the-art self-servicing Account Recovery feature.

Here’s a quick overview of what’s new:


Nimbuzz Introduction: Group Chat on Nimbuzz

October 3rd, 2013


Nimbuzz has always been about connecting its users to the ones they love. In an endeavor to create platform that addresses all communication needs, we constantly innovate to add new features that make interactions enriching and more convenient.

With an objective to familiarise all of you with the different offerings on Nimbuzz, we will run a series of posts introducing Nimbuzz innovations that make it easier for you to stay connected.


This week’s highlight is the Group Chat on Nimbuzz.


Nimbuzz Update (1.9.8) for your Java Phones available now.

July 15th, 2013

Hey Nimbuzzers!
We are happy to announce that a new and improved Nimbuzz version (1.9.8) for Java enabled mobiles is available on our website. You can get it from here or can visit from your mobile browser.

What’s New?
– Quick access to your contact list which loads online/notifiable contacts first and remaining contacts in the background.
– Phone number based registration introduced for quicker, safer password retrieval.
– Improved verification process to provide better chatroom experience.
– Chat with your FB friends even if they are offline/Notifiable. Nimbuzz now allows you to send Push Notifications/offline messages to them.
– Overall performance Improvements (Connectivity, Speed, Bug Fixes)
– Resolved memory issues for Lower End devices.
– Improved support for Nokia Full Touch and Touch & Type devices.

We really hope you enjoy this new update. For any questions, concerns, feedback or ideas, drop us an email at:

[Shailesh Soni, Product Manager – J2ME]

Driving Conversations for 150 Million Users Worldwide

March 21st, 2013


Many of you might already be aware that Nimbuzz recently hit the 150 million users mark. Adding 1 user every second, Nimbuzz is clearly at the helm of what we like to refer to as the ‘conversation revolution’. You guys across 200 countries have been extremely supportive of our innovations around making a ‘connected world’ possible.

It all starts with the urge to express our thoughts and emotions to the people around us. All of us have been programmed in a manner that communication forms that backbone of our busy lives. In the conversation age, where people continue to talk to their personal and professional connections all at the same time, the responsibility of the conversation enabler is extremely high.

Each year the number of users that trust the Nimbuzz platform to meet all their communication needs nearly doubles itself. According to a recent Nielsen survey on the most engaging smartphone apps, Nimbuzz ranked fourth above most social networking platforms. The level of engagement on Nimbuzz speaks volumes of our user’s confidence and loyalty towards the app.

With a presence across all major Operating Systems including Blackberry, iOS, Android, Symbian and Windows, the distance between you and your relationships is only a Nimbuzz away. The app also comes pre-installed on all major handsets making the Nimbuzz experience even more pleasurable.

Enabling conversations for close to 5 years, Nimbuzz powers more than 102 billion messages that are sent and received on a monthly basis. Over 1 Billion minutes of calling is initiated over Nimbuzz each month. Here’s an interesting infographic we put together to illustrate our success and journey over the years.


New Nimbuzz 1.9.7 for Java phones: Get it now!

December 7th, 2012

Hey folks!
We are happy to announce that a new and improved Nimbuzz version (1.9.7) for Java enabled mobiles is available on our website. You can get it here or can visit from your mobile browser.

What’s New?
– Location Send and Receive Feature for Nokia ASHA Series devices
– Invite Friends to Chatroom
– Close integration for searching Nimbuzz Friends
– Quick access to Group Chat / Group Message & Change Password
– Easier and Faster login to Nimbuzz
– Fixed a few bugs.
– Improved support for Nokia Full Touch and Touch & Type devices.
– Improved overall performance.


New Nimbuzz 1.9.6 for Java phones: Get it now!

August 28th, 2012

Hey folks!

As of today, a new and improved Nimbuzz version (1.9.6) for Java enabled mobiles is available on our website. You can get it here or can visit from your mobile browser.

What’s New?
– Connectivity Improvement and Optimization.
– Better Facebook experience.
– Search Nimbuzz Friends in N-World
– Fixed a few bugs.
– Scrolling Speed Improvement.
– Improved support for Nokia Full Touch and Touch & Type devices.
– Improved overall performance.

We really hope you enjoy this new update. Feel free to write your comments to in case of any issue.

That’s it for now. Stay tuned with us for next exciting update shortly :) !

[Shailesh Soni, Product Manager – J2ME]

New Nimbuzz for Java phones – Download now!

February 27th, 2012

Hey guys,

We are happy to inform you that a brand new Nimbuzz version(1.9.5) for Java enabled mobiles is available on our website. You can get it here.

You can also download the same via getjar as well.

What’s new?

  • Fixed a few bugs
  • Improved support for Nokia Touch & Type devices
  • Improved overall performance
  • Nimbuzz Ping phone Number Verification (PNV)
  • Better N-World Connectivity

Help us improve Nimbuzz further! If you experience any problem with the new version,please send us an email at support @ nimbuzz . com. We will do our best to fix it!