Experience Emotions Like Never Before with Stickers on Nimbuzz Android

Sticker Nimbuzz

Sometimes words are just not enough. Sometimes, I wish I could send my friend an image of a huge flower to tell her how I feel about her.
How often do all of us face such situations while chatting with her friends, parents, lovers or just random people we met recently?

It’s probably not that we can’t word our emotions properly but just that pictures are slightly cooler, slightly more fun and well a whole lot more expressive.

At Nimbuzz, we strongly believe that the communication needs like everything else of people evolve with time. Drawing from the users urge to emote in images and connect through expressions, we put our creativity to the test and came up our version of the very popular messaging feature, Stickers!!!

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Choose your custom ringtone with Nimbuzz for Android

Nimbuzz chat optionsGood news for the all the Android users, we have just released a brand new update for you :D [Download link].

Here is the list of brand new features waiting for you:

  • Custom ringtone – chose a custom ringtone for the Nimbuzz incoming calls
  • Voicemail support – not available for the call? no problem, now your friends can leave you a message  :)
  • Permanent notification – choose if you want to see the Nimbuzz icon in the notification bar while the app it’s running.