Ramadan Special: Call Pakistan & Bangladesh at 2 Cents a Minute


The festivities of Ramadan are here and there is no way that Nimbuzz would be left out from them. In an ode to maximize the festive excitement, NimbuzzOut has launched special Ramadan calling rates that allows users to call the mobile phones of their loved ones in Pakistan and Bangladesh for just 2 cents a minute.

This offer is valid for NimbuzzOut users across the world only during the period of Ramadan. Start calling and celebrate the festivities with NimbuzzOut.

Express yourself Better with Stickers on Nimbuzz Desktop

Nimbuzz PC Stickers

Ques: What’s the cool thing that has Nimbuzz users on Android all excited?

Ans: Stickers!!!

Ques: What’s the cool thing that will have Nimbuzz users on the desktop all excited?

Ans: Stickers!!!

The past week has been extremely exciting for all of us at Nimbuzz after we introduced our version of the popular stickers on the Nimbuzz for Android. The number of stickers being used every day is sky rocketing and now we plan to take this power of expression to our desktop version.

Nimbuzz users on desktop will now be able to explore the exciting world of expressions and share it with their connections in one on one and group chats. While, a wide variety of stickers are available for free download, we have include some premium stickers packs that can be bought rather cheap using Nimbuckz, our in app currency.

Nimbuzz Download


Celebrate Valentine’s Day a Little Extra with NimbuzzOut


The season to celebrate the power of oneness is finally here. Valentine’s Day is all about translating your emotions and thoughts for your loved one into actions and words.

Nimbuzz has always been about bringing your loved ones closer to you. There was no way that we were going to be left out in this season of teddies, flowers and everything else that showcases your love for the one closest to you. So, if you live alone miles away from your beloved and international calling bills make you not want to speak to him or her, Nimbuzz has the perfect Valentines celebration for you.



Celebrate Nimbuzz Greetings Day with the ones who matter the most!


Hey Nimbuzzers,

When was the last time you called home and said you miss them? When was the last time you called your childhood friend and connected with them?

Nimbuzz understands that the last time you got a message saying ‘I miss you,’ it brought the biggest smile to your face; brightened up your whole day. Spread that smile, spread that love, and spread it through Nimbuzz.
We bring to you Nimbuzz Greeting Day where all you need to do is Nimbuzz your loved ones and tell them how much they mean to you.

Spend your day catching up with friends and family; and relive those old memories, all starting with a greeting. Pick up your phone and connect with the person you love right now, because we don’t remember days, we remember moments.

It’s all about the connections we make today that last us a lifetime.

Stay Connected.