Latest Update(3.1.0) for Nimbuzz on iPhone

Hi folks !

We are very happy to roll out the latest update for our iPhone users. This update packs new features & lots of improvements & bug fixes.


Here is quick walkthrough on what has changed in Nimbuzz 3.1.0 for iPhone.

• Phone number verification for account security & better friend suggestions – By introducing Phone Number Verification, we have ensured that you get auto–connected to all the your phone book contacts who are on Nimbuzz, so you can Chat & Call them for Free ! Not only this, we will be now able to provide better friend recommendations or suggestions to you.

• File sharing made faster and uses low bandwidth. – We have improved the file sharing experience considerably in this release.
File transfer has been optimized so that now it’s easier & faster to upload as well as download them. It also results in less usage of mobile data thus cutting the costs significantly.

• With this new update, we have ensured that your Facebook contacts are reachable even when they are offline on Facebook. You can keep sending them messages and we will make sure the messages get delivered even when the person is not online on Facebook.


• Avatar improvements – Avatars used to take some time to show up and were not shown while creating a Group Chat. This has been fixed now.

Along with these, there are many other bug fixes and improvements that have been bundled along with this update.

So download the latest update of Nimbuzz and get connected with your friends & family!

Facebook for Nimbuzz is back!

Hey guys, thank you so much for the support and the prompt update about Facebook not connecting on Nimbuzz. We experienced some technical issue where Facebook connectivity underwent an overhaul. we got in touch with Facebook on this issue.

The good good news is – Facebook is Back!

We really appreciate the promptness of you in reporting this to us.

Happy Nimbuzzing! You guys rock!

In case you are still experiencing some issue, you can mail us back on or write down in the comments section below.

UPDATE: Nimbuzz now with official Facebook Connect API support [Java 1.9]

Nimbuzz 1.9 for Java powered feature phones is available for download.

This update comes with a fix  for our Facebook solution. With the implementation of the official Facebook Connect APIs,  you can now login to your Facebook account right from inside the app, no need for any extra steps.

We also added a very special feature for our Indonesian Telkomsel users: Free text (SMS) notifications via Nimbuzz Ping.


Facebook Connnect redirect on java Feature phones

We said we will stay away from the blog, but we can’t :P.

We have a short announcement for our users with Java feature phones. Starting from 31 of  December 2010 until 11 of January 2011, if you want to connect to Facebook on Nimbuzz, you will be redirected to,  to login into your FB account via your computer. Once done your Facebook friends will show up on your mobile.

This is a temporary solution until we can integrate Facebook Connect into our app. Please bare with us.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience!

Have a great New Year party :D ,
The Nimbuzz Team

5 Great iPhone apps to stay on top of your game


OK guys,  time for another Top Apps post, this time about the  5 great iPhone apps that get me trough the day.

Since I got my new iPhone 4 I have downloaded and tried a lot (and I mean a lot) of apps, but after a few weeks a couple of winners emerged. And by winner I mean apps that I use multiple times every day!

My top 5 iPhone apps are:


@nimbuzz – over 300,000 Followers on Twitter & Facebook

Nimbuzz Parade

We just crossed another milestone together with you!

Over 200,000 Twitter followers and more than 100,000 fans on Facebook – YAY!!  Thank you guys! (To see the above image in action, please check out the Nimbuzz Twitter Parade.)

200,000 followers, that’s a lot indeed.  How much?  Well think of it this way:

  • If we were to create a guest book to be printed with the names of all our Twitter followers, it would be 800 pages long!
  • There are 4 times as many Nimbuzz followers on Twitter as attendees at the Mobile World Congress!
  • Being a Dutch company, we are proud to be the third most popular Twitter user in the Netherlands.
  • The community of Nimbuzz fans on Twitter is 40 times bigger than the number of people attending the annual Google I/O conference.
  • All Nimbuzz followers would fill the 3 biggest football stadiums of the 2010 Fifa World Cup (Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban).

We have been tweeting for 2 years, 10 months and 2 days by now and got an excellent score for our tweets on Twitter Grader – 100/100  :).  Based on the follower numbers, we entered the Top 50 in Social Media and Tech, along with influential names such as @Mashable @Techcrunch @Scobleizer @Wired.

Not following Nimbuzz yet? Here is why you might want to:


Nimbuzz PC update: now with Facebook Connect

Nimbuzz PC Facebook Connect

Hey guys there is a new update for Nimbuzz PC and you can get it from here.

The most important addition to this version is Facebook Connect.

What does this mean for you?

What you need to remember?

Once you have installed the new Nimbuzz PC please go to Tools->Options->Communities and reconnect to Facebook to see all your friends online!


The Best HTC mobile is..

Htc on Facebook

the one you name yourself :P.

I don’t know about you,  but I love to contribute to cutting edge technology, even if it’s just by naming a new super exciting HTC mobile phone :D.

Thanks to the guys over at @TNW I found out that HTC are asking their Facebook fans to help them come up with a name for one of their new mobiles. They have created a Poll in one of their page tabs where we are invited to choose one of the 4 proposed names. The most voted name so far (which I also like best) is Wildfire, which collected 49%  of the total votes so far!

This is the second type of community involvement we have covered here on the Nimbuzz blog, the first being “Designed by Community” campaign launched by Nokia a few weeks ago.  Although not as big as Nokia’s campaign, which tries to establish the features of your ideal mobile phone, we like the fact that HTC involves the community in their creation process. We are also big fans of these kind of actions as you might recall the Nimbuzz Emoticontest :D!

Why do we choose to write about it?


Facebook surpasses 100M visitors in US


Going through my RSS reader today, I discovered that Facebook surpassed the 100 million visitors milestone in the US. As Brian Solis points out in his post, this is a great achievement,  reached by select Web properties including Google Sites, Yahoo! Sites, and Microsoft Sites.

According to the comScore data Facebook accounts for 5.5% of all time spent online in the U.S.  With 350 million active users world wide and 175 million active every day there is no doubt that Facebook has redefined the way we interact with each other and the way we make new friends/acquaintances. For most users the social network is not yet another way to spend some time online but rather a necessity to be updated with the latest news, see the latest photos and chat with their friends.


Facebook chat on Nimbuzz: work in progress…


Hey Nimbuzz users, just wanted to to let you know that due to some technical issues we have temporarily stopped the connectivity to Facebook via Nimbuzz.

Rest assured that we are working hard to fix the problem and we’ll announce the return of the Facebook functionality as soon as it’s available!

Sorry for the inconvenience – we also want to chat with our Facebook friends on Nimbuzz :D !

Please leave a comment if you have any urgent questions!