Free text notifications! Introducing: Nimbuzz Ping

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Not everyone owns a smartphone.

As a matter of fact, there are 4 billion “feature phones” in use today. But not every feature phone allows you to stay connected to your friends the same way smartphones do.

That’s why we launched Nimbuzz Ping!

Nimbuzz Ping let’s you receive free text notifications when Nimbuzz friends are trying to connect with you. You will appear online to your friends even if you have Nimbuzz turned off on your mobile phone.


Nimbuzz stories – Nimbuzzer communities in Indonesia

Our Nimbuzz fans from Indonesia are super cool!

For them Nimbuzz is THE communications app to have and they use it to meet new friends and build communities. Here our values of connecting, sharing and meeting are greatly appreciated.

To give you an example, we would like to present the Nimbuzz meetups in Indonesia that were born from pure passion.

A while ago our local voice in Indonesia, Meth, went to a Nimbuzz Meet and Greet, an event that more than 200 Nimbuzz users joined!

Yes, more than 200 Nimbuzz users from the Jawa Timur region came together to meet the faces behind the nicknames from the Nimbuzz chat-rooms in person. Everybody had their own custom made t-shirt with the name of the region or chat-room and the logo of their community :D . Awesome!

So are you wondering what people do at a Nimbuzz Meet and Greet event? Here it is:


Nimbuzz partners with Telkomsel!

I love Nimbuzz badges

Great news for our Indonesian users! Nimbuzz has just joined forces with Telkomsel, Indonesia’s largest mobile operator, and will be available to more than 82 million subscribers!!

Unlimited access to Nimbuzz is  available with a flat rate data plan so you don’t need to pay as you go (pay per MB). If you have the Telkomsel SIM card just send an SMS to 2520 with the text “Reg Nimbuzz Minggu” (Cost of the SMS 2000RP) for one week unlimited access  OR  “Reg Nimbuzz Bulan” for one month unlimited access (cost of the SMS 8000 RP) :) .


Nimbuzz Ambassador Spotlight

ambassador-spotlight_may-candidatesMay’s Ambassador Spotlight is here! 2009 is flying by, and we’re happy to present the 2 Nimbuzz Ambassadors to highlight to the rest of the global Nimbuzz community: Please welcome Thomas, from Germany, and Bagus, from Indonesia!

Visit Thomas’ XING profile (in German and English) to read how he’s become an expert in international mobile telecommunication and in avoiding roaming fees.

Bagus is an active moderator for a large Nimbuzz fan community in Indonesia with a forum (in Indonesian and English) called, going strong with over 1,500 members.

We asked Nimbuzz Ambassadors Thomas and Bagus to explain how Nimbuzz saves them money. Here is what they had to say: (more…)