SnapKeys Si Invisible Keyboard: an alternative to QWERTY

Now that touch screen has become a standard feature in most of the tablets and the cellphones, the concept of the touch screen QWERTY keyboard is being questioned. More efficient texting options are being explored by developers in the industry. One such developer is the startup company SnapKeys which has redesigned the touch screen keyboard for touch screen tablets and cellphones.
SnapKeys has developed the new touch screen keyboard building upon ‘predictive text’ which is widely used in touch screen phones. The application launched by SnapKeys attempts to revamp the typing experience for the users and uses only four buttons with three letters each and an invisible spacebar and backspace.
After becoming acquainted with the location of the 12 letters on the 4 visible keys, the user can type without looking at the keypad and the rest is taken care of by SnapKeys Si. The new keyboard is styled on the basis of the fact that the utility of the keys not displayed on the keyboard is about 18 percent.
Thus, through predictive texting, the new keyboard has cleared up a lot of space on the screen enabling more space for surfing and screen view. Also, once the users get used to the new keyboard, the entire set of keys can be set to invisible for a complete view of the screen. (more…)

NEW: Nimbuzz for Java with invisible mode, faster login & less data consumption!

We are happy to let you know that a new version of Nimbuzz (1.9.2) is ready for download on your Java enabled mobile phone.

The new version is packed with useful features that will help you manage better your online presence.

Here are the new features:

  • Invisible mode – to appear invisible to your Nimbuzz contacts while you are actually online.
  • New Notifiable icon - for contacts that have the app closed but are available via push notification or Ping.
  • Mandatory phone number verification for chat-rooms
  • Faster login
  • Less data consumption We expect that on average you will consume 50% less data, and depending on how you use Nimbuzz, this could get save you an amazing 70% in data used.

Now let’s talk a bit more about the new features:


NEW: Nimbuzz PC gets YouTube and Invisible mode

Pretty exciting news. The new Nimbuzz for PC comes with two useful features:

  • Invisible mode
  • YouTube video player

I think the YouTube video player is great addition and will save a lot of time. Instead of opening a new browser window and waiting for it to load, you just press play and watch the Youtube video your friend sent inside the chat window :D.

The update also fixes a lot of bugs your reported and we thank you very much for the feedback.

If you find anything you like or things to be improved, please leave send us an email at support at nimbuzz . com.

Choose to see, and NOT be seen – “Invisible” status

At times, we can all sympathize with the author, Danielle Steel’s quote, “It’s hard being visible, so I’ve made myself invisible.” In case you ever want to be there (from a distance), and just observe, Nimbuzz understands.

With the new “Appear Offline/Invisible” login option, your status will be changed to offline/away automatically, without any extra clicking.