Say More with Stickers on Nimbuzz for iPhone

iPhone sticker

They are bright, they are vibrant, they let you express better and now they are a part of Nimbuzz on iPhone.

Yes, that’s right; Nimbuzz has introduced Stickers on iPhone so that the next time you want to greet your friend with a huge rose or say bye with a hug, you can actually do it. Nimbuzz users can send stickers in:

  • One to one chats,
  • group chats
  • community chats.

Right now, Nworld in buzzing with some really exciting sticker designs. While, most of the stickers are free to use, we have also added some premium designs that can be bought using Nimbuckz, the in-app currency.

Nimbuzz Download


Announcing Cross Platform Group Chats!

Nimbuzz Cross platform Group chat
Hey there !
We are very glad to announce that the new for iPhone, Android client and Symbian Client have been updated!
This update brings Group Chats along with loads of other goodies which makes your communication even more fun & efficient.
Here is a quick look at the new Nimbuzz update on Iphone client –
  • Group Chat: – Introducing Group Chat feature on Nimbuzz. With Group Chat, now you can-
    • You can create & join up to 25 group chats, so you can have a group for Family, Friends, Office & still many more based on your needs
    • Invite up to 25 buddies in a single group chat. Get as many friends as you want – plan a movie or an outing on the go with Nimbuzz
    • All your group chats saved & available anytime
    • Customise your Group Chat with wallpapers

Below are the list of other other updates on Android, iPhone and Symbian:


New iPhone update with Friend Search on Nimbuzz

Hi Everyone,

We are proud to present the new version (2.5.1) of Nimbuzz for iPhone!

This version introduces a close integration of ‘Friend Search’ functionality within the Nimbuzz app. Now you can search for your friends in the 100 million strong Nimbuzz community worldwide with just a click of a button. Search Explore and Expand your friend network on Nimbuzz.


BlackBerry Tablet in Works

BlackBerry Tablet

While we were looking at iPad alternatives last week, this week BGR has an exclusive lead on a new device, the BlackBerry tablet.

Will this be a game changer? Could very well be, since RIM dominates the business smartphone segment and the new tablet could be a complementary device for your smartphone, designed to increase your productivity. To be honest I am curios to see if they will position themselves in the business category or if they will choose to enter into Apple’s consumer space.

Although we are pretty enthusiastic about this,  we must remember it’s just a rumor so far.

And from all the rumors we heard read here are the expected features of the  BlackBerry tablet: